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Duration: July 26, 2021 12:00:00 AM – January 05, 2022 11:59:59 PM
Enrich your adventures with various in-game items through our offer for Prime members only.

Prime Gaming is an event where members of Amazon Prime can obtain codes to claim rewards from drops.


2021-07-26 – 2022-01-05


  • Amazon Prime membership
  • Adventure Rank 2 to be able to claim the reward from your in-game inbox, but can already be redeemed at Adventure Rank 1.


Drop Claimable period* Redeemable until** Rewards
1 2021-07-26 – 2021-08-11 2021-08-18
2 2021-08-11 – 2021-09-01 2021-09-08
Item Mora.png 20,000 Mora
3 2021-09-01 – 2021-09-20 2021-09-27
4 September 2021 2021-10-20
Item Mora.png 40,000 Mora
5 TBA - October 2021
6 TBA - November 2021
7 TBA - November 2021
8 TBA - December 2021

* Period during which Travelers can claim a code for that month's Prime Gaming Bundle.
** Date until when a claimed code is valid for redemption in-game or on the Code Redemption page. For instance: Prime Gaming Bundle #2 could be claimed on Amazon Prime until 1 September 2021, but a code claimed before that date could be redeemed until 8 September 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is included in this offer?
    • Genshin Impact will feature 8 drops running from 26 July 2021 - 5 January 2022, including powerful items and in-game content to help you in your journey.
    • Genshin Impact codes have an expiration. Please reference FAQ 5 for expirations dates for each code.
  2. Where can I get Genshin Impact?
    • Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Mobile. It can be found at the following stores:
      • Genshin Impact's Official Website
      • The App Store on iOS & iPadOS
      • Google Play Store
      • Sony PlayStation Store
      • Epic Games Store
  3. How do I redeem my code?
    • (Recommend) How to redeem your code offer within the game (Android, PC, PS4, PS5)
      1. Launch Genshin Impact, login, and enter the game's world.
      2. Open the Paimon menu in the upper left corner.
      3. Open the settings menu by clicking the gear icon.
      4. In the setting's menu enter Account, Redeem Code, Exchange.
      5. After redeeming a code, you will receive the redeemed items via in-game mail.
      How to redeem your code offer through Genshin Impact's website (Android, PC)
      1. Go to Genshin Impact's official website through
      2. Click the Redeem Code tab
      3. Login using your miHoYo pass or Facebook/Twitter account
      4. Follow the instructions presented on screen
      5. After redeeming a code, you will receive the redeemed items via in-game mail.
      The in-game mail will appear once you reach AR2.
  4. I claimed the offer and redeemed my code but I don't see my content in my Inventory.
    • After redeeming a code, you will receive the redeemed item(s) via in-game mail.
      For redemption-related problems, please reach out to:
  5. Do the Prime Gaming Genshin Impact Codes expire?
    • Yes, the codes expire at the end of the associated drop.
      • Prime Gaming Bundle #1 must be redeemed by August 11, 2021; otherwise, it will expire.
      • Prime Gaming Bundle #2 must be redeemed by September 8, 2021; otherwise, it will expire.
      • Prime Gaming Bundle #3 must be redeemed by September 27, 2021; otherwise, it will expire.
      • Prime Gaming Bundle #4 must be redeemed by October 20, 2021; otherwise, it will expire.
  6. I play Genshin Impact on multiple platforms (PlayStation, Xbox*, and PC). Can I access my content on each platform?
    • Yes. Content is available across all platforms where you've enabled cross play with the same account in which you've redeemed the in-game content.
  7. I redeemed my code on the wrong account. What can I do?
    • It is not possible to transfer or reclaim the redeemed in-game content in a different account, so please pay close attention to the account and server on which you choose to redeem your code.
  8. Is this content available in all regions?
    • This offer is available in all regions where Genshin Impact is distributed, excluding Mainland China.**

Corrections on FAQ

The above Frequently Asked Questions are a copy-paste from the Prime Gaming page. The following information requires correction:

* Genshin Impact is actually not available on Xbox.

** This content is also unavailable in regions where Amazon Prime Gaming is not available.


Change History

Released in Version 2.0