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Pressure Plates[1] colloquially known as Pressure Sensors, are objects found while exploring the world of Teyvat. They have various functions once activated, such as spawning chests or creating Wind Currents. All of the locations can be found in the Teyvat Interactive Map.

There are multiple ways to activate the plates: one is having a character step on them, but some plates require creating a construct or summoning creatures to apply the pressure while the player performs another task.

There are currently two types of sensors: small plates which require a single character to activate, and larger ones that require two characters (only possible in Co-Op Mode) or certain constructs to activate.

Activates Large Plates

Character Talent Duration
Albedo Albedo Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma 30s
Ganyu Ganyu Trail of the Qilin Trail of the Qilin 6s*
Klee Klee Jumpy Dumpty Jumpy Dumpty 15s
Ningguang Ningguang Jade Screen Jade Screen 15s
Traveler (Geo) Traveler (Geo) Starfell Sword Starfell Sword 30-40s*
Yanfei Yanfei Seal of Approval Seal of Approval ?s*
Zhongli Zhongli Dominus Lapidis Dominus Lapidis 30s


  • Ganyu can activate large pressure plates by using two Trail of the Qilin charges which can only be done if the constellation The Auspicious is unlocked.
  • Geo Traveler: On unlocked constellation.
  • Yanfei can activate large pressure plates, for example by using two Charged Attacks in succession on the center.
  • Mona's water phantom alone will not activate a large pressure plate (but will make part of it light up). But if one uses Mona's water phantom on a large plate and also stands on it at the same time, then the plate will activate. This suggests that large plates require two times the weight of small plates.

Activates Small Plates

Character Talent Duration
All Characters Stepping on it Indefinite
Amber Amber Explosive Puppet Explosive Puppet 8s
Fischl Fischl Nightrider Nightrider ?s*
Ganyu Ganyu Trail of the Qilin Trail of the Qilin 6s
Mona Mona Mirror Reflection of Doom Mirror Reflection of Doom 5s
Yanfei Yanfei Seal of Approval Seal of Approval ?s


  • Fischl needs to be ascended to level 20 for the passive talent Stellar Predator to be activated. Pressure plate will activate once you shoot Oz with charged shot.
  • Mona's water phantoms from her skill can activate the plate (but her Charged Attacks will not).
  • Using Yanfei's Charged Attack can drop a Pyro weight that can activate the plate.

Objects that Cannot Activate Plates

The following constructs or creatures seem like they should activate pressure plates but do not.

Character Talent Duration
Rosaria Rosaria Rites of Termination Rites of Termination 8s
Xiangling Xiangling Guoba Attack Guoba Attack 8s
Sayu Sayu Yoohoo Art: Mujina Flurry Yoohoo Art: Mujina Flurry 12s

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.6

Version 1.0

  • Pressure Plate was released.


  1. As named in the official Teyvat Interactive Map.