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Plaustrite Platforms are interactable objects, which can be seen in Liyue. They are used for transportation.

These platforms can be spotted in multiple locations, most often for the needs of puzzles, quests or timed challenges, such as at Qingyun Peak, Qingce Village, Guyun Stone Forest or near the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain.

The Statue of The Seven in Jueyun Karst, the "Dwelling in the Clouds" above Qingyun Peak and some large platforms in adepti abodes sit larger plaustrite platforms.


  • Ningguang's Jade Chamber utilizes plaustrite to be held up in the sky.[1]
  • In the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula, blue Plaustrite Platforms are encountered, which appear and disappear in a cyclic order.
  • In Inazuma, the platforms that some Sacred Stone Puzzle objects hover above, as well as the objects themselves, seem to be made of a similar material with the same properties, but are purple instead of green.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0


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