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This page contains unmarked story spoilers. Read this at your own risk.

Plane of Euthymia is a Story Domain encountered during Archon Quest Chapter II Act II: Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow, Act III: Omnipresence Over Mortals, and Reflections of Mortality.


In the Plane of Euthymia, the Raiden Shogun (Ei) spends most of her time meditating, while having a puppet execute daily affairs in Inazuma. The Plane of Euthymia consists of her consciousness. After seeing all the ambitions in the Statue of the Omnipresent God's enclosed Visions, she repeals the Vision Hunt Decree and disables most of her puppet's functions. Because of her isolation for centuries, the Raiden Shogun is unaware of the changes Inazuma has underwent. During the Reflections of Mortality act of the Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter, Ei realizes that even though Inazuma has changed drastically, Inazuma still is Inazuma.

Abilities and Attacks

Attack names are unofficial.

  • Cross-slash: Performs up to four Electro strikes, the last one unleashing an Electro shockwave dealing Electro DMG.
  • Lightning Prisms: Drops several Electro Prisms throughout the arena that eventually explode dealing AoE Electro DMG. Those that are destroyed do not explode.
  • Electro Burst: Triggers an explosion at her current location that deals wide-range AoE Electro DMG.
  • Musou Shinsetsu: Unleashes the Musou no Hitotachi, then performs five consecutive Electro strikes that deal Electro DMG. The fifth strike deals Electro DMG at that particular location.
  • Blink Through: Performs a random jump closer to or further away from the player.
  • Vision Hunt Decree: Locks all character's Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts, except for the Traveler's.
  • Electro Explosion: Triggers lightning strikes around the perimeter of the arena that deals massive AoE Electro DMG.
  • Cross-slash II: Performs several Electro strikes that leave a trace of Electro on the floor, dealing Electro DMG upon contact.
  • Triple Slash: Performs up to three Electro strikes in each area of the arena.


Change History

Released in Version 2.0