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Pierro, also known by his codename "The Jester,"[1] is the Director of the Fatui and the very first member as well as Harbinger of the organization.[6][7][Note 1]

He makes his first appearance during Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night's Lazzo alongside his fellow Harbingers.


Each one of us has borne witness to the absurd callousness of the foundational principles of this world.
So, let us don our masks in mockery of the world as we go forth and rewrite the rules of destiny.

—Pierro, Mocking Mask

Pierro is the Director of the Fatui and the very first member of the organization. He has personally recruited several Harbingers, including Il Dottore, Scaramouche, and Signora.[6]

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Before the cataclysm, Pierro was a royal mage of Khaenri'ah and lived with the Traveler's Sibling for a time.[7] He failed to gain favor with Khaenri'ah's ruler, King Irmin, due to being less capable than the country's sages and could not stop them from doing something that tore away the "veil of sin." This brought "divine wrath and destruction" to the nation,[8] and Pierro was presumably among the pure-blooded Khaenri'ahns cursed with immortality.[9] For this reason, he became embittered with the "foundational principles of this world" and joined the Tsaritsa's cause, establishing the Fatui[8] and becoming the first Harbinger.

Recruiting Other Harbingers[]

At some point in the past, Pierro went to the Great Red Sand in pursuit of rumors surrounding an expelled Sumeru Akademiya scholar there performing heretical acts. He found Zandik, who readily agreed to join the Fatui Harbingers after he expressed support for Zandik's goal of creating a god. Pierro proposed that Zandik take the title Il Dottore, or The Doctor, which Zandik found humorously ironic.[6]

400 years ago, Pierro and Dottore had a hand in the event known as the Tatarasuna Mystery, where Dottore infiltrated the Mikage Furnace as a Fontaine mechanic by the name "Escher" to sabotage the nation per Pierro's order. After assassinating Niwa Hisahide, Dottore offered to introduce the Kabukimono to Pierro, believing that he could become their new comrade if he proved useful. Later on, Pierro encountered a disillusioned Kabukimono and recruited him to the Fatui, where he would later become Scaramouche, the Sixth Harbinger.[7][10][11] Pierro would send Scaramouche on very important tasks, which also included trips into the Abyss,[12] and for unknown reasons told Scaramouche about his history with the Traveler's Sibling.[7]

At some point, Pierro also recruited Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, who had become the infamous Crimson Witch of Flames, to join the Fatui. He gave her the codename La Signora and bestowed her with a Cryo Delusion in order to suppress the intense flames flowing through her body.[6][2]

Over a decade ago, Pierro personally announced the Tsaritsa's decision to pardon Arlecchino for assassinating the Harbinger Crucabena, and appoint her as the new "Knave" of the Harbingers.[13][Note 2] Shortly afterwards, in a private meeting, he informed Arlecchino that she was a descendant of Khaenri'ah's Crimson Moon Dynasty, a bloodline which the succeeding Eclipse Dynasty — which Pierro belonged to — believed had gone extinct.[14][15]

When Tartaglia became a Harbinger and received his Delusion, Pierro was the one to pin it on him.[16]


Before the events of Unreconciled Stars, Pierro sent Scaramouche to Liyue, where a strange dream-inducing meteorite shower prompted Scaramouche to investigate. While investigating a particularly large meteor that fell at Musk Reef, Scaramouche makes a discovery that causes him to conclude that "The stars, the sky... It's all a gigantic hoax. A lie." Believing that Pierro had foreseen the meteorite showers and the discovery he would make, Scaramouche leaves in an irritable mood, presumably to confront the senior Harbinger.[17]

Pierro likely masterminded the Fatui's role in perpetuating Inazuma's civil war, as Scaramouche provokes the Traveler by claiming that he was "just here to follow orders" by overseeing their Delusion factory. In order to keep the two sides in a stalemate, the Fatui had Nathan infiltrate the Watatsumi Army,[18] destroy the wards keeping the Tatarigami at bay, and spread life-draining Delusions among the Watatsumi Army.[19] Meanwhile, Signora persuaded Hiiragi Shinsuke and Kujou Takayuki, two leaders of the Tri-Commission, to uphold the Vision Hunt Decree and Sakoku Decree while exempting the Fatui from their restrictions. However, during the events of Chapter II, Signora is slain by the Shogun after losing to the Traveler in a duel before the throne.[20] Pierro appears to genuinely mourn her death, putting an end to the other Harbingers' "foolish theatrics" before her funeral and later addressing the late Harbinger by her real name, Rosalyne.[21]

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  • Before his origins were confirmed, Pierro was hinted to be from Khaenri'ah based on his backstory in Mocking Mask and his Primogem-shaped pupils, a feature shared by fellow Khaenri'ahns Kaeya and Dainsleif. Since then, all other characters with those pupils have also been affiliated with Khaenri'ah's Eclipse Dynasty.


  • In commedia dell'arte, a type of Italian theater, "Pierrot" is a sad clown, pining for love of Colombina (Columbina), who usually breaks his heart and leaves him for Arlecchino (Harlequin).
    • His name was adapted into Pierro to match the actual pronunciation of Pierrot.
  • Pierro's Chinese alias (丑角) literally translates to "The Clown Role," which is a direct translation of the role of Pierro (sad clown). It can also by extension mean The Jester, The Comedian, The Fool, or The Buffoon.


Other Languages[]


LanguageOfficial Name

The Jester

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishThe Jester
Clown Role
Clown[• 1]
SpanishEl BufónThe Buffoon
FrenchLe FouThe Fool
The Jester
ThaiThe Jester
VietnameseThe Jester
IndonesianThe Jester
PortugueseBobo da CorteJester
ItalianIl GiullareThe Jester
  1. Japanese: Short for 道化師 doukeshi, "clown, the comic performer," but possibly also short for 道化役 "clown role" as in Chinese.

Change History[]

Introduced in Version 1.1
Version 1.5
  • 29 April 2021: Pedrolino was renamed to Pierro.
  • 28 April 2021: Pedrelino was renamed to Pedrolino.‍[verification needed]

Version 1.1

  • Pedrelino was introduced.


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  1. Given that only the First and Tenth of the Fatui Harbingers have not been identified, Il Capitano is very likely to be the First of the Fatui Harbingers due to Tartaglia's voice-over about him, making Pierro's Director position unranked. As such, Pierro's numerical rank, if he has one, will be left unknown until it is officially confirmed.
  2. According to The Truest Thing in Lyney's Story Quest, Felis Fuscus Chapter: Act I - The Forgotten Thief, Lyney and Lynette were House of the Hearth agents when they met Cesar ten years ago, and they were recruited after Arlecchino became a Harbinger. Given that Freminet joined while Crucabena was alive, Arlecchino's promotion is unlikely to reach the twenty-year mark.