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"Hunt a Cocogoat. Please and thank you."
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Perfect Shot is an Event World Quest unlocked after the Five Flushes of Fortune's conclusion. It exchanges the event gadget Kurious Kamera for the Special Kamera.

Note: This quest is still available to new players who have missed the event. They have a slightly different dialogue and their version of the quest doesn't require them to provide the Kurious Kamera.


  1. Talk to Ji Tong


(Talk to Ji Tong)
Ji Tong: Ah, hello. Just the person I wanted to speak to.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About what?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg About strong-color photography?
Ji Tong: Nope, no need. I've figured out what it was.
Ji Tong: I finally managed to track down the merchant the other day. The one who sold me it in the first place.
Ji Tong: I told him there was a problem with the Kamera he sold me, but he was having none of it.
Ji Tong: Luckily I had all the photos you took for me. Without them, I'd have had no way of convincing him.
Ji Tong: After taking a look at your photos, he finally agreed to take a look at the Kamera he sold to me.
Ji Tong: Yesterday, he came to see me and brought a bottle of some sort of potion with him.
Ji Tong: He explained that this Kamera works differently from regular models. You need to add some of this potion to it to make sure the photos turn out normal.
Ji Tong: If you don't add any, the photos turn out just like yours did. Just pages of color, rather than clear images.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Good thing that your Kamera's not broken, then.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So... problem sorted?
Ji Tong: Well... To be honest, I'm less interested in the Kamera itself now. This potion is what intrigues me...
Ji Tong: Think about it. Most people will just buy the Kamera, right? Buy it once, use it forever.
Ji Tong: But this potion is a consumable. So, once you've used it up, you have to buy more if you want to keep using it.
Ji Tong: Also, the guy says that different potions will produce photos with different effects. He's currently developing more types...
Ji Tong: Maybe... Just maybe, those bottles of potion are where the big business opportunity is.
Ji Tong: Ah, sorry. I'm rambling.
Ji Tong: Thanks for all your help. Hand me this Kamera, I'll add some potion in for you...
(After submitting the Kurious Kamera)
Ji Tong: Alright, this Kamera is yours to keep. Take care of it.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...You're just gonna give it to me?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What happens when the potion runs out?
Ji Tong: There's enough potion in there for you to get a good amount of use out of it. Once it runs out... Well, you know where to find me, right?
Ji Tong: While we're on the subject, I'm planning to talk to my contact about importing some new kinds of potions for the Kamera.
Ji Tong: If you find that's something that interests you, I hope to see you again in the future.
Ji Tong: Thought I was just buying a Kamera, turns out I was buying a whole business venture...


Change History

Released in Version 1.3