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The Pearl Galley is a luxurious ship located close to Liyue Harbor, which is for the exclusive enjoyment of its specially-invited guests.

The advertisement on the Feiyun Slope Bulletin Board and the Connoisseur Catalog on the ship indicate that the Pearl Galley is actually a floating gentleman's club, and also functions as a brothel and casino. While such industries are technically not allowed in Liyue itself, the Liyue Qixing turn a blind eye to the Pearl Galley which floats offshore.

Reaching the Pearl Galley for the first time triggers the world quest "The Ocean Pearl." It is also visited during "Shadow of Yore," the first quest in the story quest Sal Flore.

First Entrance

The first time you enter the Pearl Galley requires either gliding from a nearby mountaintop, or by freezing the water and walking on board. This uninvited entrance gets you seized by security and taken to the receptionist, Luoxia, who gives you a chance to obtain an invitation from a guest.

None of the invited guests will give you an invitation, but by talking to Qiu'ge and giving her three Qingxin flowers, she adds you to the list of performers for the ship.

Talk to Luoxia, on the second floor balcony. She reveals that this was just a test and from now on, you are have an invitation thanks to her boss, Rouran.

After finishing the quest, you can access the Pearl Galley by a Boatman. Pinghai is located at the easternmost point of the dock to the Northeast of the Adventurer's Guild office, and can always take you to the ship and back.

You also gain some other rewards for completing this quest. (Hero Wits ×2 and Mora ×30,000)

Letter Delivery

Cui'er is a worker of the boat. She asks you to deliver a letter to her boyfriend, a famous sailor named Chaoxi. She will also put in a good word for you.

Connoisseur Catalog

On one of the tables is a scroll you can interact with. The scroll reads as follows:

This is the Connoisseur Catalog. Peruse wares of beauty exquisite and bright, and demeanor elegant and gentle. Don't be shy, pick as you please.
They say "The beauty of water is in the pearls it holds." I hope you may take this bright pearl necklace to give its gentle purity a proper home.
The names of the flowers on this painted boat are:
Black Jade, White Jade, Colored Jade, Jasper Hairpin, Hidden Flower...
Artful Spring, Luminescent Gem, Colored Emerald, Intimate Rain, Young Emerald...
Love Pearl, Black Robe, Brilliant Feathers, Colored Pouch, Distant Vine...

It is not immediately obvious, but the "names of the flowers" represents women aboard the ship that can be hired as escorts.


  • Common Treasure: behind the paravent at the bow of the ship.
  • Luxurious Chest: Climb atop the second story. Use the yellow sides of the ship to reach the roof.
  • Geoculus: on the highest roof.
    • At the stern, walk from corners of the ship to access or fly directly in.


Change History

Released in Version 1.0