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This was once a ritual site close to the skies, but a frigid nail that descended from the firmament buried it into the mountainside.
The frigid air has created the unique environment within. You must conquer the cold to pass this trial.

Peak of Vindagnyr is a Domain entrance located on Dragonspine's peak, unlocked by completing the World Quest In the Mountains. Clearing this domain gives Artifacts. Challenge domains with higher levels to get better rewards.

Rewards for Discovery[]

Adventure EXP 50
Primogem 5

Ley Line Disorder[]

The following Ley Line Disorders are applied in this domain:

Level Ley Line Disorder
I–IV Characters in the challenge will continuously accumulate Sheer Cold, and will lose HP after Sheer Cold reaches its limit.
The platforms in this challenge will intermittently switch between the Subzero and Warm statuses.
The areas affected by the Warm status will diminish Sheer Cold. The areas affected by the Subzero status will accelerate Sheer Cold's accumulation

Challenge Features[]

Each level in this domain has the following Challenge Features:

Level Challenge Features
  • The areas affected by the Warm status will diminish Sheer Cold. Pyro attacks will effectively remove Cryo from opponents.


Peak of Vindagnyr offers the following Artifact Sets.

GamblerArtifact set Set Gambler

In order to enter the higher levels of the domain, you must have a certain Adventure Rank (AR). For more information regarding Artifact distribution, see Loot System/Artifact Drop Distribution.

Level AR Party
Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Artifacts
3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars
I 30 59 100 1,850 15 6 + 39% 71%
II 35 69 100 2,025 20 5 + 68% 1 + 42%
III 40 80 100 2,200 20 4 + 97% 1 + 77.5% 35.5%
IV 45 90 100 2,525 20 3 + 55% 2 + 48.5% 1 + 6.5%


Elegiac Rime I
Defeat 15 opponent(s) within 600 second(s)
Elegiac Rime II
Defeat 10 opponent(s) within 600 second(s)
Elegiac Rime III
Defeat 8 opponent(s) within 600 second(s)
Elegiac Rime IV
Defeat 2 opponent(s) within 600 second(s)


No.Soundtrack NameAlbumPlayed In
55Endless EchoesCity of Winds and IdyllsForsaken Rift, Lost Treasure of Arcadia, Peak of Vindagnyr, Secret Ingredient (Domain), Temple of the Wolf, Deep Within the Temple of the Wolf, Deserted Ruins of Eya, Deserted Ruins of Thermadon
Event Gameplay


  • The domains are all named "Elegiac Rime," in reference to the Ley Line Disorder that inflicts Sheer Cold and covers various floor tiles with an effect that increases the Sheer Cold. "Elegiac" is the adjective form of "elegy," a song of mourning, while "rime" is a type of ice formed when water freezes very quickly upon contact with an object.
  • This is the only domain with a tilted domain entrance.

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishPeak of Vindagnyr
Fēndéní'ěr zhī Dǐng
Peak of Vindagnyr
Fēndéní'ěr zhī Dǐng
Findoniiru no Choujou
Peak of Vindagnyr
Korean빈다그니르의 정상정상
Bindageunireu-ui Jeongsang
Peak of Vindagnyr
SpanishPico de VindagnyrPeak of Vindagnyr
FrenchPic de VindagnyrPeak of Vindagnyr
RussianПик Виндагнира
Pik Vindagnira
Peak of Vindagnyr
Thaiยอดสูงสุดแห่ง Vindagnyr
Yot Sung-sut haeng Vindagnyr
Highest Peak of Vindagnyr
VietnameseĐỉnhĐỉnh VindagnyrPeak of Vindagnyr
GermanVindagnyrs GipfelVindagnyr's Peak
IndonesianPeak of Vindagnyr
PortuguesePico de VindnrPeak of Vindagnyr
TurkishVindagnyr TepesiVindagnyr's Peak
ItalianPicco di VindagnyrPeak of Vindagnyr

Change History[]

Version 2.7
  • The domain name was corrected from Elegaic Rime to Elegiac Rime.

Version 2.2

  • Peak of Vindagnyr was updated to minimize the frequency of long absences of Warm platforms.

Version 1.2

  • Peak of Vindagnyr was released.