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Parametric Transformer is a mysterious artifact found in the Tianqiu Treasure Trail quest.

This device can be placed down in the world, and interacted with to drop non-event items of varying qualities into the machine. The quality corresponds to the rarity (number of stars) of the item added into the device, to Quality 150. When the tool is at Quality 150 or above, the player can initiate transmutation.

A progress bar will appear over the device and the player may then use attacks that do Elemental Damage to charge it with energy. If the device is placed next to an environmental hazard that deals Elemental Damage around it, such as an Electro Crystal, then said damage will charge it as well. When the device is fully charged, it will disappear and the player will obtain various rewards. This device has a cooldown of 6 days 22 hours (rounded up to 7 days in the gadget description) after it is used.

Gauge Meter

From in-game testing, it takes around 20 hits of elemental attacks to charge up the parametric transformer fully. Each hit will charge around 5% of the parametric transformer. The gauge value of the elemental attack does not seem to matter (for example, both the 2B application from Bennett's Elemental Skill and 1A application from Diluc's Elemental Skill will charge up around 5%). The Internal Cooldown still appears to apply to the elemental attacks on the parametric transformer.

Possible Items Obtained

The player can receive 5-10 sets of items from the following groups. It has been observed that the most likely number of sets are between 5 and 7, with a rare chance of receiving 8-10 sets.[1]

It is possible to receive more than one set from the same group. The number of sets received does not appear to be affected by the quality of materials used in the transmutation.

Group Items
Item Mora.png 20K-100K Mora
Character EXP Materials
Weapon Enhancement Materials
3 Stars
Character Ascension Materials
Any one of
3 Stars
Talent Level-Up Materials
Any one of
3 Stars
Weapon Ascension Materials
Any one of
2 Stars
Character Ascension Materials
Any two of
2 Stars
Talent Level-Up Materials
Any four of
2 Stars
Weapon Ascension Materials
Any six of

Fuel Type

Rarity Counts as quantity
1 Star or 0 1
2 Stars 2
3 Stars 4
4 Stars 4

The conclusion reached after analyzing the datamined files[2] is that the fuel used gives an increased chance for receiving certain categories of rewards. Nothing is guaranteed.

The data gathered by the Genshin Data Gathering team also confirms this.[1]

However, it is still unclear how using two or more different materials affect the result.

Reward distribution based on fuel used
Character EXP & Talent Books Mora & Weapon Ascension Material Weapon EXP & Character Ascension Material
Apple Apple Raw Meat Raw Meat Electro Crystal Electro Crystal
Sunsettia Sunsettia Bird Egg Bird Egg Crystal Core Crystal Core
Mushroom Mushroom Fowl Fowl Loach Pearl Loach Pearl
Sweet Flower Sweet Flower Butterfly Wings Butterfly Wings Noctilucous Jade Noctilucous Jade
Carrot Carrot Crab Crab Cor Lapis Cor Lapis
Radish Radish Frog Frog Iron Chunk Iron Chunk
Snapdragon Snapdragon Luminescent Spine Luminescent Spine White Iron Chunk White Iron Chunk
Mint Mint Lizard Tail Lizard Tail Crystal Chunk Crystal Chunk
Pinecone Pinecone Fish Fish Magical Crystal Chunk Magical Crystal Chunk
Lotus Head Lotus Head Chilled Meat Chilled Meat Starsilver Starsilver
Horsetail Horsetail Starconch Starconch Firm Arrowhead Firm Arrowhead
Berry Berry Slime Condensate Slime Condensate Sharp Arrowhead Sharp Arrowhead
Mist Flower Corolla Mist Flower Corolla Slime Secretions Slime Secretions Weathered Arrowhead Weathered Arrowhead
Flaming Flower Stamen Flaming Flower Stamen Slime Concentrate Slime Concentrate Hunter's Sacrificial Knife Hunter's Sacrificial Knife
Matsutake Matsutake Damaged Mask Damaged Mask Agent's Sacrificial Knife Agent's Sacrificial Knife
Bamboo Shoot Bamboo Shoot Stained Mask Stained Mask Inspector's Sacrificial Knife Inspector's Sacrificial Knife
Wolfhook Wolfhook Ominous Mask Ominous Mask
Valberry Valberry Heavy Horn Heavy Horn
Cecilia Cecilia Black Bronze Horn Black Bronze Horn
Windwheel Aster Windwheel Aster Black Crystal Horn Black Crystal Horn
Philanemo Mushroom Philanemo Mushroom Chaos Device Chaos Device
Small Lamp Grass Small Lamp Grass Chaos Circuit Chaos Circuit
Calla Lily Calla Lily Chaos Core Chaos Core
Dandelion Seed Dandelion Seed Recruit's Insignia Recruit's Insignia
Jueyun Chili Jueyun Chili Sergeant's Insignia Sergeant's Insignia
Silk Flower Silk Flower Lieutenant's Insignia Lieutenant's Insignia
Glaze Lily Glaze Lily Treasure Hoarder Insignia Treasure Hoarder Insignia
Qingxin Qingxin Silver Raven Insignia Silver Raven Insignia
Violetgrass Violetgrass Golden Raven Insignia Golden Raven Insignia
Divining Scroll Divining Scroll Fragile Bone Shard Fragile Bone Shard
Sealed Scroll Sealed Scroll Sturdy Bone Shard Sturdy Bone Shard
Forbidden Curse Scroll Forbidden Curse Scroll Fossilized Bone Shard Fossilized Bone Shard
Dead Ley Line Branch Dead Ley Line Branch
Dead Ley Line Leaves Dead Ley Line Leaves
Ley Line Sprout Ley Line Sprout
Mist Grass Pollen Mist Grass Pollen
Mist Grass Mist Grass
Mist Grass Wick Mist Grass Wick
Whopperflower Nectar Whopperflower Nectar
Shimmering Nectar Shimmering Nectar
Energy Nectar Energy Nectar

Change History

Released in Version 1.3