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The Papilio Charontis Chapter is Hu Tao's Story Quest.

Act I: Yet the Butterfly Flutters Away

The spear opens the path to the afterlife, and the butterflies bridge this world and the next.
Wangsheng Funeral Parlor has overseen countless funerals for Liyue's residents in its time, guiding people along the final journey they shall embark on in this realm.
Yes, the current guide does uphold this solemn tradition in a somewhat unorthodox fashion...
But fear not! No matter what your background might be, she is passionate about ensuring that every client receives the send-off they deserve.
  1. The Mysterious Wangsheng Parlor
  2. In Pursuit of a Phantom
  3. Friendships, Wishes, and Regrets
  4. Perfect Send-Off


Other Languages

Language Official Name
English Papilio Charontis Chapter
引蝶之章[• 1]
Yǐndié zhī Zhāng
引蝶之章[• 1]
Yǐndié zhī Zhāng
Japanese 彼岸蝶の章
Higan Chou no Shou[!]
Korean 피안 나비의 장[• 2][• 3]
Pian Nabi-ui Jang
Spanish Papilio Charontis
French Papilio Charontis
Russian Бабочка Харона
Babochka Kharona
Thai บทแห่งผีเสื้อ
Vietnamese Chương Dẫn Điệp
German Papilio Charontis
Indonesian Chapter Papilio Charontis
Portuguese Capítulo de Papilio Charontis
  1. 1.0 1.1 ZH Literal Meaning: Chapter of the Guiding Butterfly
  2. KO Literal Meaning: Pāramitā Butterfly's Chapter
  3. KO: The Story Quest chapter name differs from Hu Tao's constellation name. The additional portion (Korean: 피안(彼岸) pian, lit. "the other side") refers to pāramitā and seems to only be otherwise mentioned in the Japanese name.

Change History

Released in Version 1.3