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Pan Guan'er is an NPC in Liyue. He can be found at a teal pavilion at Jueyun Karst. He is a lumberjack, but he is unable to work since he lost his axe.

Following a certain dialogue branch for the first time gives you a 3★ Skyrider Sword.


Idle Quotes


Pan Guan'er: Are you a traveler? ...Did you my axe on your way here?
Icon Dialogue !.png Is there anything of note nearby?
(If there are Magical Crystal Ore Veins)
Pan Guan'er: You've come to the right man, my ancestors were in the mining business. As such, I can discern the quality of ore with but one look. That's why they call me "Pan Guan'er."
Pan Guan'er: I've heard that these Crystal Ores were formed under the influence of Ley Line energies. They are very hard to come by, and very few smiths know how to work them.
Pan Guan'er: In the past two days, I discovered Magical Crystal Ores nearby — true treasures, and no mistake!
Pan Guan'er: My father once told me that such ores were born from the influence of Ley Line energies, and are more valuable than Crystal Ores by far!
Pan Guan'er: I've marked the locations out on your map. If you check those spots out, you're bound to reap quite the harvest!
(Rich Ore Reserves nearby marked on the map)
(If there are no Magical Crystal Ore Veins)
Pan Guan'er: I've searched this entire area up and down looking for my axe, but I haven't seen a thing...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You lost something?
Pan Guan'er: Yes. I'm a lumberjack, I work in this area. But I lost my axe — again.
Pan Guan'er: Maybe I misplaced it when I stopped to take a break?
Pan Guan'er: But if it's genuinely lost, then as the legend says, an adeptus should bring it back to me...
Pan Guan'er: If that's the case... Maybe it would be quicker if I went looking for the adeptus instead?
Icon Dialogue Reward.svg So, have you found the adepti?
Pan Guan'er: Not yet. No adeptus has come to give me back my axe, either. How strange...
Pan Guan'er: I did in fact pick up a sword.
Pan Guan'er: But... I don't know how to use swords! Did the adeptus get something wrong?
Pan Guan'er: Well, whatever. Why don't you take this sword with you I still need to wait for my axe to come back...
(Gain 3★ Skyrider Sword ×1)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Haven't seen it, sorry.
Pan Guan'er: *sigh* ...Okay, then.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.1

Version 1.0

  • Pan Guan'er was released.


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