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Paimon's Bargains is a shop that offers Wishing Items, Materials, and a rotating selection of Characters and Weapons in exchange for Masterless Starglitter, Masterless Stardust, or Primogems. It resets on the 1st day of each month.

Starglitter Exchange[]

Item Masterless Starglitter


All items are exchanged for Masterless Starglitter. The shop offers 2 different characters, 5 weapons (one of each type), Character Ascension Materials, and top-quality Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials every month.


There is a fixed rotation of weapons and characters: 2 sets of weapons (Royal and Blackcliff series) every 2 months and 12 characters every 6 months:

Months Weapons Characters
January & July Blackcliff LongswordBlackcliff SlasherBlackcliff PoleBlackcliff AgateBlackcliff Warbow Blackcliff Fischl Fischl & Xiangling Xiangling
February & August Royal LongswordRoyal GreatswordRoyal SpearRoyal GrimoireRoyal Bow Royal Beidou Beidou & Noelle Noelle
March & September Blackcliff LongswordBlackcliff SlasherBlackcliff PoleBlackcliff AgateBlackcliff Warbow Blackcliff Ningguang Ningguang & Xingqiu Xingqiu
April & October Royal LongswordRoyal GreatswordRoyal SpearRoyal GrimoireRoyal Bow Royal Razor Razor & Amber Amber
May & November Blackcliff LongswordBlackcliff SlasherBlackcliff PoleBlackcliff AgateBlackcliff Warbow Blackcliff Bennett Bennett & Lisa Lisa
June & December Royal LongswordRoyal GreatswordRoyal SpearRoyal GrimoireRoyal Bow Royal Barbara Barbara & Kaeya Kaeya

Current Monthly Items[]

Note: Players cannot purchase a character whose Constellation is maxed.

Permanent Items[]

ItemItem Masterless StarglitterMonthly
Adventure Rank
Intertwined Fate Intertwined Fate5NoneNone
Acquaint Fate Acquaint Fate5NoneNone
Black Crystal Horn Black Crystal Horn2835
Ley Line Sprout Ley Line Sprout2835
Chaos Core Chaos Core2835
Mist Grass Wick Mist Grass Wick2835
Inspector's Sacrificial Knife Inspector's Sacrificial Knife2835
Fossilized Bone Shard Fossilized Bone Shard2835
Chaos Oculus Chaos Oculus2835
Polarizing Prism Polarizing Prism2835
Concealed Talon Concealed Talon2835
Deathly Statuette Deathly Statuette2835
Robust Fungal Nucleus Robust Fungal Nucleus2835
Chaos Bolt Chaos Bolt2835
Radiant Prism Radiant Prism2835
Marked Shell Marked Shell2835
Wanderer's Blooming Flower Wanderer's Blooming Flower2835
Newborn Tainted Hydro Phantasm Newborn Tainted Hydro Phantasm2835
Alien Life Core Alien Life Core2835
Operative's Constancy Operative's Constancy2835
Chasmlight Fin Chasmlight Fin2835
Slime Concentrate Slime Concentrate ×322535
Ominous Mask Ominous Mask ×322535
Forbidden Curse Scroll Forbidden Curse Scroll ×322535
Weathered Arrowhead Weathered Arrowhead ×322535
Lieutenant's Insignia Lieutenant's Insignia ×322535
Golden Raven Insignia Golden Raven Insignia ×322535
Energy Nectar Energy Nectar ×322535
Famed Handguard Famed Handguard ×322535
Spectral Nucleus Spectral Nucleus ×322535
Crystalline Cyst Dust Crystalline Cyst Dust ×322535
Rich Red Brocade Rich Red Brocade ×322535
Xenochromatic Crystal Xenochromatic Crystal ×322535
Artificed Dynamic Gear Artificed Dynamic Gear ×322535

Stardust Exchange[]

Item Masterless Stardust


All items are exchanged for Masterless Stardust, and the monthly limits reset at the same time as other exchanges.

ItemItem Masterless StardustMonthly
Adventure Rank
Intertwined Fate Intertwined Fate755None
Acquaint Fate Acquaint Fate755None
Adventurer's Experience Adventurer's Experience ×3810010
Mystic Enhancement Ore Mystic Enhancement Ore56010
Mora Mora ×10,000103010
Mora Mora ×10,00020None10
Black Bronze Horn Black Bronze Horn151225
Dead Ley Line Leaves Dead Ley Line Leaves151225
Chaos Circuit Chaos Circuit151225
Mist Grass Mist Grass151225
Agent's Sacrificial Knife Agent's Sacrificial Knife151225
Sturdy Bone Shard Sturdy Bone Shard151225
Chaos Axis Chaos Axis151210
Crystal Prism Crystal Prism151210
Concealed Unguis Concealed Unguis151210
Dark Statuette Dark Statuette151225
Dormant Fungal Nucleus Dormant Fungal Nucleus151210
Chaos Module Chaos Module151210
Turbid Prism Turbid Prism151210
Sturdy Shell Sturdy Shell151210
Treasured Flower Treasured Flower151010
Scoop of Tainted Water Scoop of Tainted Water151010
Foreign Synapse Foreign Synapse151010
Operative's Standard Pocket Watch Operative's Standard Pocket Watch151010
Lunar Fin Lunar Fin151010
Dust of Azoth Dust of Azoth ×10510010
Slime Secretions Slime Secretions57010
Stained Mask Stained Mask57010
Sealed Scroll Sealed Scroll57010
Sharp Arrowhead Sharp Arrowhead57010
Sergeant's Insignia Sergeant's Insignia57010
Silver Raven Insignia Silver Raven Insignia57010
Shimmering Nectar Shimmering Nectar57010
Kageuchi Handguard Kageuchi Handguard57010
Spectral Heart Spectral Heart57010
Luminescent Pollen Luminescent Pollen57010
Trimmed Red Silk Trimmed Red Silk57010
Transoceanic Chunk Transoceanic Chunk57010
Mechanical Spur Gear Mechanical Spur Gear57010
Heavy Horn Heavy Horn51610
Dead Ley Line Branch Dead Ley Line Branch51610
Chaos Device Chaos Device51610
Mist Grass Pollen Mist Grass Pollen51610
Hunter's Sacrificial Knife Hunter's Sacrificial Knife51610
Fragile Bone Shard Fragile Bone Shard51610
Chaos Gear Chaos Gear51610
Dismal Prism Dismal Prism51610
Concealed Claw Concealed Claw51610
Gloomy Statuette Gloomy Statuette51610
Inactivated Fungal Nucleus Inactivated Fungal Nucleus51610
Chaos Storage Chaos Storage51610
Damaged Prism Damaged Prism51610
Desiccated Shell Desiccated Shell51610
A Flower Yet to Bloom A Flower Yet to Bloom51610
Drop of Tainted Water Drop of Tainted Water51610
Rift Core Rift Core51610
Old Operative's Pocket Watch Old Operative's Pocket Watch51610
Feathery Fin Feathery Fin51610
Slime Condensate Slime Condensate ×353010
Damaged Mask Damaged Mask ×353010
Divining Scroll Divining Scroll ×353010
Firm Arrowhead Firm Arrowhead ×353010
Recruit's Insignia Recruit's Insignia ×353010
Treasure Hoarder Insignia Treasure Hoarder Insignia ×353010
Whopperflower Nectar Whopperflower Nectar ×353010
Old Handguard Old Handguard ×353010
Spectral Husk Spectral Husk ×353010
Fungal Spores Fungal Spores ×353010
Faded Red Satin Faded Red Satin ×353010
Transoceanic Pearl Transoceanic Pearl ×353010
Meshing Gear Meshing Gear ×353010

Purchase with Primogems[]

ItemItem PrimogemMonthly
Intertwined Fate Intertwined Fate160None
Acquaint Fate Acquaint Fate160None


  • The Intertwined Fates and Acquaint Fates from the Stardust Exchange shop are listed in-game as having a normal cost of 125 Masterless Stardust with a sale of 40% off the cost, resulting in a cost of 75 Masterless Stardust. However, Intertwined and Acquaint Fates have never been available for purchase at a cost of 125 Masterless Stardust.

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishPaimon's Bargains
Chénhuī Duìhuàn
Dust and Glitter Exchange
Chénhuī Duìhuàn
Sutaa Koukan
Star Exchange
Korean더스트 라이트 교환
Deoseuteu Ra'iteu Gyohwan
Dust Light Exchange
SpanishGangas de PaimonPaimon's Bargains
FrenchÉchange astralAstral Exchange
RussianМагазин Паймон
Magazin Paymon
Paimon's Shop
Thaiร้านค้า Paimon
Ran Kha Paimon
Paimon Shop
VietnameseĐổi Bụi Ánh SángLight Dust Exchange
GermanRares für Staub und GlanzRarities for Dust and Glitter
IndonesianPenukaran PaimonPaimon's Exchange
PortugueseBarganhas da PaimonPaimon's Bargains
TurkishPaimon'un DükkanıPaimon's Shop
ItalianBazar di PaimonPaimon's Bazar

Change History[]

Version 4.4

Version 4.1

Version 4.0

Version 3.6

Version 3.4

Version 3.1

Version 3.0

Version 2.6

Version 2.2

Version 2.1

Version 2.0

Version 1.3

Version 1.2

  • Moved "Purchase with Primogems" to the last tab.

Version 1.0

  • Paimon's Bargains was released.