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Paimon offers Wishing Items and a rotating selection of Characters, Weapons, and Materials in exchange for Primogems, Masterless Starglitter, or Masterless Stardust.

Purchase with Primogems

Item CostPrimogem
Intertwined Fate 160
Acquaint Fate

Masterless Starglitter Exchange


All items are exchanged for Masterless Starglitter. Paimon offers 2 different characters, 5 weapons (one of each type), Character Ascension Materials, and Common Ascension Materials every month. The selection of characters and weapons seem to be random.

Item Cost Monthly Limit Required AR
Intertwined Fate 5 None None
Acquaint Fate
4-Star Character 1 34 1
4-Star Character 2
4-Star Sword 24 3
4-Star Claymore
4-Star Polearm
4-Star Catalyst
4-Star Bow
Black Crystal Horn 2 ? 35
Ley Line Sprouts
Chaos Core
Mist Grass Wick
Inspector's Sacrificial Knife
Fossilized Bone Shard
Slime Concentrate x3
Ominous Mask x3
Forbidden Curse Scroll x3
Weathered Arrowhead x3
Lieutenant's Insignia x3
Golden Raven Insignia x3
Energy Nectar x3

Masterless Stardust Exchange


All items are exchanged for Masterless Stardust.

Item Cost Monthly Limit Required AR
Intertwined Fate 125 5 None
Acquaint Fate
Adventurer's Experience x3 8 100 10
Mystic Enhancement Ore 5 60 10
Mora x10,000 10 30 10
Mora x10,000 20 None 10
3-Star Materials
Black Bronze Horn 15 ? 25
Dead Ley Line Leaves
Chaos Circuit
Mist Grass
Agent's Sacrificial Knife
Sturdy Bone Shard
2-Star Materials
Slime Secretions 5 35 ?
Stained Mask
Sealed Scroll
Sharp Arrowhead
Sergeant's Insignia
Silver Raven Insignia
Shimmering Nectar
Heavy Horn 16
Dead Ley Line Branch
Chaos Device
Mist Grass Pollen
Hunter's Sacrificial Knife
Fragile Bone Shard
1-Star Materials
Slime Condensate x3 5 15 ?
Damaged Mask x3
Divining Scroll x3
Firm Arrowhead x3
Recruit's Insignia x3
Treasure Hoarder Insignia x3
Whopperflower Nectar x3
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