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The Outlander Affairs Agency is located in Ritou, Inazuma. As its name implies, it is the agency run by the Kanjou Commission for handling documents and requests from non-Inazuman visitors.

Because the Sakoku Decree has left outsiders stranded on Ritou, the Kanjou Commission has taken advantage of the situation to fleece people out of their money. For example, Yurika initially charged the Traveler 2 million Mora for entrance, and although Thoma was able to negotiate it down to 600, he says that this is a common practice within the agency. There is little that outlanders can do about it due to their social and economic position.[1]




Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Outlander Affairs Agency
Yuǎnguó Jiānsī
Distant Country Supervision Bureau
Yuǎnguó Jiānsī
Japanese 遠国監察
Ongoku Kansatsu[2]
Distant Country Supervision
Korean 원국감사
Won'guk Gamsa
Spanish Buró de Asuntos ExtranjerosBureau of Foreign Affairs
French Bureau des affaires étrangèresBureau of Foreign Affairs
Russian Инспекция по делам чужеземцев
Inspektsiya po delam chuzhezemtsev
Thai สำนักการต่างประเทศ
Samnak kantangprathet
Vietnamese Cục Giám Sát Ngoại QuốcForeign Country Supervision Office
German Agentur für auswärtige Angelegenheiten
Indonesian Agensi Pengawasan Orang Asing
Portuguese Agência de Assuntos ExternosAgency of Foreign Affairs