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An Out of Bounds area refers to an area that is made to be impossible for players to get in to. Multiple cases of such areas exist in Genshin Impact, and the game uses various means to prevent players from entering said areas.

Normal Out of Bounds reaction

Open World

When attempting to travel out of the currently available area of the game indicated by a red border on the map, the screen will progressively gain a dark filter until Paimon appears and forces the character to travel back into in-bounds areas. While the character is forced to travel back, they cannot be controlled by the player and may therefore be forced to walk off cliffs and fall to their doom without the ability to open the Wind Glider or perform a plunge attack.

The red border will recede and allow players to access more of the map as players complete more Archon quests and as more regions are added with version updates.

Paimon's normal dialogue for entering an impassable area:

Paimon: How about we explore the area ahead of us later?[Note 1]


If a player falls or glides out of bounds in a Domain, they will be teleported back to the most recently activated Door of Resurrection and all party members will lose 10% of their HP; if no Door of Resurrection is present, they will return to the start of the domain.

Forced Out of Bounds reaction

If a player is unable to exit the Out of Bounds area they are in, for reasons such as their path back being blocked by terrain or being unable to stop moving towards the out of bounds area using exploits, the game will automatically teleport them back to an in-bounds area.

Special Out of Bounds reactions

Currently, there are two known cases of unique out-of-bounds reactions that can be triggered.

  • Attempting to reach the bottom of Decarabian's tower in Stormterror's Lair will teleport the player back to a nearby wind current, as Paimon warns them not to get close to the area. Currently, there is no way to access the bottom of the tower in the open world.
    • Paimon will say "Watch out! Don't go near there!"
  • Attempting to reach the Skyfrost Nail area before completing In the Mountains by scaling Dragonspine will result in Paimon remarking that it's far too cold, before the player is forced to teleport away. This no longer happens once the area is unlocked.
    • Paimon's will first say "S—S—So cold..." and then "M—Maybe we... Sh—Should look for another way up the mountain..."


  1. While the voiceline is present from Venti's story quest, it is not actually played if the voice language is set to English.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.2
  • The special Out of Bounds reaction in Dragonspine was added.

Version 1.0

  • Genshin Impact was released with Out of Bounds areas.