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Orobashi's Legacy: Prologue is part of the Orobashi's Legacy World Quest Series in Inazuma.


Start the quest by talking to Kaji near Fort Fujitou.


(Talk to Kaji)
Kaji: Hello! Excuse me, outlander. Could you hear me out?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's up?
Kaji: Please don't linger on this island for too long. Recently, the Tatarigami's reach has spread wider and wider.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "Tatarigami"?
Kaji: Yes, since the people from Sangonomiya destroyed the ward that suppressed the soul of the serpent god, the Tatarigami has spread across the island...
Kaji: As you can see, the sky is now perpetually clouded and the rain won't stop. This is all because of the Tatarigami.
Kaji: Recently, one by one all the miners have fallen ill, gone insane, or fled to other islands...
Kaji: Everyone's gone. There's hardly anyone living on this island anymore.
Kaji: Ironically, due to the chaos created by the Tatarigami, the Shogunate and the rebels have not been fighting over this place quite as hard.
Kaji: Hmph! But if they had not destroyed our great Ogosho's ward, the island wouldn't have become such a mess in the first place!
Kaji: What do the Commissions or dragons or serpents have to do with me, huh? They never asked my opinion before starting their cursed war!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Then why are you still here?
Kaji: Why? Because this is my home.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What about your family?
Kaji: They are in a safe place, but thanks for your concern. They must be waiting for me to bring them back here.
Kaji: No one on the island left voluntarily. We are a family here. Anywhere else we go, we'll have to work for someone else.
Kaji: But someone had to stay and clean up the mess so that everyone else can return home eventually.
Kaji: *sigh* This is such a headache...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is there anything I can help with?
Kaji: If it were any other child offering to help me out of the blue, I'd be laughing out loud right now...
Kaji: But seeing as you're a traveler from afar who has managed to venture this deep into Inazuma, you must certainly be able to hold your own.
Kaji: I'll get straight to the point, then. The ward over there has been bothering me for a long time, maybe you could find a way to repair it?
Kaji: I'm sure that this awful weather can only be due to the wards' destruction.
Kaji: But please, be careful when you approach the ward. If you stare at it, it will release a burst of energy towards you...
Kaji: It's harmless, but very uncomfortable. It feels like it's... rejecting you.
Kaji: I think the ward is missing some components. It can probably be fixed by putting the missing parts back.
Kaji: Of course, that's just speculation on my part. I still can't say for sure what's gone wrong.
Kaji: So, if you want to help, please help me fix this ward.
Kaji: But if you can't manage it, then like I was saying — don't stick around here too long.
(Talk to Kaji again)
Kaji: How're things going? Have you finished repairing the wards already?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Not yet.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm still working on it.
Kaji: It's fine. Take your time.
Kaji: And if you don't manage it, just leave it. The most important thing is that you shouldn't stay in this place too long — it's dangerous.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Orobashi's Legacy: Prologue
Japanese オロバシの遺事·序
Korean 오로바시유사·서막
Spanish Legado de Orobashi: Prólogo
French L'héritage d'Orobashi - Prologue
Russian Наследие Оробаси. Пролог
Naslediye Orobasi. Prolog
Orobashi's Legacy: Prologue
Thai ตำนานแห่ง Orobashi: บทนำ
Vietnamese Di Sản Orobashi - Mở Đầu
German Orobashi-Vermächtnis – Prolog
Indonesian Warisan Orobashi: Pendahuluan
Portuguese Legado Orobashi: Prólogo

Change History

Released in Version 2.0