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Orobashi's Legacy: Part III is part of the Orobashi's Legacy World Quest Series in Inazuma. Completing this quest will clear up the Tatarigami above Jakotsu Mine.

This quest is started at the same time as Orobashi's Legacy: Part II, and either can be completed first. Both need to be completed to unlock Orobashi's Legacy: Part IV.


  1. Search for the ward in the Jakotsu Mine
  2. Repair the ward

Sacred Stone Puzzle

The Sacred Stone Mound is located on the southern cliff of Jakotsu Mine. This is right next to Chouji's starting location for Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away quest.

  1. Adjust the Sacred Stone Mound's (#1) orientation 2 times.
  2. Go east along the cliff to the Thunderbearer Mirror (#2), near 2 Lightning Strike Probes. Adjust its elevation 1 time.
  3. Glide down, ignore the Thunderbearer Mirror (#3) located on a floating rock, and land next to the Thunderbearer Mirror (#6), which is on a wooden platform with 2 boxes.
  4. Adjust the Thunderbearer Mirror's (#6) orientation 3 times. Thunderbearer Mirror (#3) does not need any adjustment.
  5. Return to the Sacred Stone Mound (#1) and glide north to the Thunderbearer Mirror (#4), which is on a platform in the middle of the chasm. Adjust its orientation 3 times and elevation 1 time.
  6. Glide north to the Thunderbearer Mirror (#7), which is on a platform with 1 box. Adjust its orientation 1 time and its elevation 1 time.
  7. There is another Thunderbearer Mirror (#5) on the ground below the Sacred Stone Mound (#1). It does not need any adjustment.
  8. Attack the Sacred Stone Mound (#1), preferably with an archer, to destroy the barrier.


(After solving the Sacred Stone Puzzle and observing the ward)
Paimon: Something seems to be missing from this ward. Let's try to find it with Elemental Sight, shall we?
(Interact with ward again)
Place: It seems that two critical components are missing from the ward.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Submit Item
(Upon collecting Jakotsu Mine: Rock Pillar Pearl)
Paimon: Found it~
(Interact with ward again)
Touch Ward: The lantern has finally been repaired. The weather seems to have changed as well.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Orobashi's Legacy: Part III
Japanese オロバシの遺事·三
Korean 오로바시유사·Ⅲ
Spanish Legado de Orobashi: Parte III
French L'héritage d'Orobashi - 3
Russian Наследие Оробаси. Часть III
Naslediye Orobasi. Chast' III
Orobashi's Legacy: Part III
Thai ตำนานแห่ง Orobashi: ตอนที่ 3
Vietnamese Di Sản Orobashi - Kỳ III
German Orobashi-Vermächtnis – Teil III
Indonesian Warisan Orobashi: Bagian III
Portuguese Legado Orobashi: Parte III

Change History

Released in Version 2.0