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Orobashi's Legacy: Part II is part of the Orobashi's Legacy World Quest Series in Inazuma. Completing this quest will clear up the Tatarigami above Serpent's Head.

This quest is started at the same time as Orobashi's Legacy: Part III, and either can be completed first. Both need to be completed to unlock Orobashi's Legacy: Part IV.


  1. Search for the ward at the Serpent's Head
    • Interact with the ward
  2. Search for the missing part


  • If the Rock Pillar Warding Stone is obtained before beginning this quest, the elemental trace will still appear upon using Elemental Sight near the Narukami Pillar, but following it will lead to nothing.
  • While it is possible to collect both the Warding Stone and the Pearl before completing Part I, they cannot be submitted until Part I is complete.
  • There is a bug in the Sacred Stone Puzzle, where the lightning shot will hit the barrier but do nothing. It can be fixed by relogging into the game and reorienting the mirrors once more.

Sacred Stone Puzzle

The Sacred Stone Mound is located west from the jaws of the Serpent's Head.

  1. Find the Sacred Stone Mound (#1) and adjust its orientation once.
  2. Glide northwest to the Thunderbearer Mirror (#2) and adjust its orientation once.
  3. Drop down to the Thunderbearer Mirror (#6) directly below and adjust its orientation once.
  4. Continue northwest, climb up the cliff, and ignore the Thunderbearer Mirror (#5). No adjustment needed.
  5. Climb up another cliff and adjust the Thunderbearer Mirror's (#4) elevation once.
  6. Glide northeast across the lake to the Thunderbearer Mirror (#7) closest to the ground. Adjust its orientation once.
  7. The other Thunderbearer Mirror (#3), floating above and south of #7, does not need adjustment.
  8. Attack the Sacred Stone Mound (#1) to destroy the barrier.
    • When all parts are in their correct orientation, a cutscene will play once the Mound is activated.

For those having trouble determining the order of the Thunderbearer Mirrors, activate the puzzle by hitting the Sacred Stone Mound to observe the trajectory of the electrical current. (Using an Archer is recommended as an Aimed Shot can activate the Mound from afar, and observing the trajectory of the current may require moving around the area.)


(Interact with the ward)
Paimon: Something seems to be missing from this ward. Let's try to find it with Elemental Sight, shall we?
(Interact with the ward again)
Place: It seems that two critical components are missing from the ward.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Submit Item
(Upon picking up the Serpent's Head: Rock Pillar Warding Stone or the Serpent's Head: Rock Pillar Pearl)
Paimon: Alright, this should be it.
(Interact with ward again)
Touch Ward: The lantern has finally been repaired. The weather seems to have changed as well.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0