Orban is an NPC located inside the Dragonspine Adventurer Camp.

Following a certain dialogue branch for the first time gives you a 3★ Black Tassel.

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Orban: What is it?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who are you?
Orban: My name is unimportant, only my work is.
Orban: Have you heard of the weapon named Cool Steel? It's the sword of the adventurer Herman, who was once famed throughout the continent. I forged it for him.
Orban: ...Though a number of people praised it quite highly, it was one of my more ordinary forging projects.
Orban: For me, the most important weapon is the next one I'm making...
Orban: That one alone deserves to be remembered as part of my legacy.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Why are you here?
Orban: For a weapon. One that is destined to be remembered by all who hear its name.
Orban: You can make as many mundane weapons as you like, and they would all be meaningless. That's the life of a blacksmith, not that of a weaponsmith.
Orban: A true forgemaster needs only to build one famous weapon.
Orban: I will use my life's worth of skill and sweat to forge that weapon. Once it is complete, all Teyvat will remember it — and me.
Orban: It is for that reason that I am here on this mountain — for it contains the materials that I have been searching for all this time.
Icon Dialogue Reward.svg Materials?
Orban: I've tried forging weapons from all kinds of materials. But each and every one of them has turned out to be completely unexceptional.
Orban: This has led me to understand the limitations of ordinary ores...
Orban: Take this polearm with you. It's just a test piece that I forged once upon a time — but for the average person, it should make a fine weapon.
(Traveler receives Black Tassel ×1)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Nothing.
Orban: If you've got nothing for me, then don't waste my time.

Change History

Released in Version 1.2


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