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Omnipresence Over Mortals is the third act in Chapter II of the Archon Quests.


  1. Sword, Fish, Resistance
  2. Those Who Yearn for the Gods' Gaze
  3. Delusion
  4. The Servant's Path
  5. Proof of Guilt
  6. Blind Loyalty, Reckless Courage
  7. Duel Before the Throne
  8. The Omnipresent God
  9. Wishes


Sword, Fish, Resistance

Meeting up with Teppei, he tells the Traveler that their appointment with Sangonomiya Kokomi is coming and sails them to Watatsumi Island. Arriving at Bourou Village, Teppei suddenly remembers about the appointment as he puts himself at ease. The two head there and find Kokomi talking with Ookubo Daisuke, the former telling the latter to keep food supplies steady and that the army is expanding. As the two walk in, Daisuke is surprised to see Teppei, and even moreso when he recognizes the Traveler as the new recruit everyone is talking about. Daisuke then excuses himself.

Teppei then asks Kokomi what she meant about the expanding army, and she tells the two that a short while ago, someone sent her a letter promising her men and supplies as long as they continued their fight against the Shogunate. While suspicious of their true motives, she nonetheless chose to ally with them for the badly needed supplies. Seeing the Traveler's potential, she also promotes them to captain of the Swordfish II spec ops group, much to Teppei's bewilderment. Kokomi hands them an appointment letter so they could get their squad's trust, while explaining that some ronin have been causing trouble for the rearguard and need to be exterminated. As Teppei asks what he could do, Kokomi promises to find something for him.

They find two members, who inspect the letter. They are skeptical of their prowess, so they have them take out a group of ronin nearby, as they don't have time for a duel. After clearing the ronin, they introduce themselves as Koutoku and Yoshihisa. Koutoku cedes position of captain to the Traveler, who then asks them if there are any other ronin to deal with. Yoshihisa states that there is a stronghold on the eastern side of the island, and Paimon encourages the Traveler to clear them out so they can't hamper the war efforts. At the area, there are three camps, and the group separates to clear them all out at once before they could scatter and regroup. With the island now secure, the Traveler returns to Kokomi for further instruction.

Kokomi thanks them for their efforts and gives them a new assignment. The ruins of Fort Mumei during the Archon Wars have been used as a supply transit between Watatsumi and Tatarasuna, but recently, supplies have gone missing and there were no reports of danger in the area. She tasks them with investigating what is going on there, but allows them to take a few days' respite. The Traveler then asks where Teppei went, and she tells them that she sent him on a naval battle against the Shogun's Navy per his wishes to fight on the front lines. The Traveler trains with their unit and meets Teppei a few days later. He is excited to see them doing well and also reveals that due to his participation in the naval battle, he has now been appointed captain of the newly formed Herring I unit. As the two share some small talk, a member of Herring I calls him over for their new mission. The Traveler and Paimon then go off to complete their own assignment.

Those Who Yearn for the Gods' Gaze

The Traveler and Paimon arrive at Fort Mumei and find some suspicious Electro Monuments. Upon activating the monuments, a Thunderhelm Lawachurl ambushes them but is easily slain by the Traveler. Paimon wonders about its appearance and the 'creepy atmosphere', but before she can urge the Traveler to go back, a slightly worse for wear and coughing Teppei arrives. He excuses his state as probably just a cold he caught at sea, and explains that he was returning from delivering supplies to the front line and stopped by the area to check out for threats. Paimon asks him if he thinks there's something strange about the area, to which he agrees and says there's something off about it. He believes it may be due to the Tatarigami being more present due to the close proximity to the remains of Orobaxi, the guardian deity of the Watatsumi ancestors who was slain by the Raiden Shogun after it invaded Yashiori Island. Furthermore, Teppei also mentions a rumor that the Shogun also lost something dear to her during the Archon War. However, he also explains that the animosity between Watatsumi Island and the Shogunate is not the reason why the resistance was formed. Rather, because the Shogun stopped Orobaxi when it attacked civilization, they must now take a stand against the shogun who has turned against the people with the Vision Hunt Decree. With the short history lesson over, they split up so Teppei can take a breather and the Traveler can report back to Kokomi.

At the shrine, the pair find Kokomi with Gorou, having a serious discussion about strange symptoms that have been found among some of the resistance's soldiers. These soldiers were ambitious types who had acquired some kind of secret weapon from their new sponsor. Gorou managed to acquire one, which the Traveler immediately recognizes as a Fatui Delusion. They are shocked to realize that their secretive ally may actually be the Fatui, but Kokomi is more concerned with stopping the use of Delusions within the group due to the risky side effects. She and Gorou decide to go to the camp themselves, while the Traveler and Paimon rush to check in on Teppei after remembering his state earlier.

When they finally find him, Teppei seems to have aged significantly in the short time they were away. He tells them about the contributions he has made to the war effort and says that he could do even more if he was stronger. When the Traveler asks him about his 'secret weapon', he reveals that he got it from some people who claimed to be with their sponsor shortly after the Traveler became the captain of Swordfish II. They claimed that it would answer his call so long as he has the will to be stronger, like a Vision. The Traveler corrects him and tells him the weapon was actually a Delusion, which drains the user's life force. Teppei realizes that this must be the reason he's been feeling more tired and having a sense of dread and laments that he didn't receive the favor of the gods. Despite seemingly accepting his fate, he still tries to comfort the Traveler by saying he'll be right as rain after he takes a rest, even telling to bring back their uniforms once they're ready so they can change together. As Teppei's breathing gets weaker and weaker before he passes, the Traveler vows revenge on the Fatui.


Kokomi and Gorou arrive outside the training ground and meet with the Traveler. She has enacted a ban on the Delusions; while most only a loss of vitality, a few others had died. Gorou states that the soldiers will continue to use the Delusions despite the ban. Kokomi decides to head to the front lines to address the situation, but the Traveler insists on going instead to get revenge on the Fatui. Kokomi is concerned for their safety, believing that they would be unable to handle the situation alone and suggests forming a strike team as support. Gorou advises her against this, as the reckless confiscation of the Delusions are likely to get the Fatui's attention. Kokomi brainstorms where the Fatui are making the Delusions, as the Sakoku Decree would prevent them from importing them into Inazuma. She then guesses that the factory is somewhere on Yashiori Island and the Traveler immediately makes their way there.

As the Traveler clears the facility, they realize that the Kanjou Commission has been collaborating with them due to the Crystal Marrow stocks inside. The Fatui desperately try to hold them off for the "Lord Harbinger". The Harbinger is soon revealed to be Scaramouche, but he claims that he is not the mastermind of the events in Inazuma, only simply following orders. He states that the Delusions make for a powerful market for the weak, such as Teppei, which angers the Traveler. They then collapse, with Scaramouche revealing that the facility is infested with the energy of the old gods who sense their anger. Before the Traveler blacks out, they spot Yae Miko confronting Scaramouche.

The Servant's Path

The Traveler comes to at the Grand Narukami Shrine. Miko explains that the Traveler is the only one who can save Inazuma and Ei, the Raiden Shogun. She states that the person they saw at the ceremony is a vessel and that Ei is actually the sword used in the Musou no Hitotachi art. But because the Traveler also manifested inside her realm, she believes that Ei has taken an interest in them. She also believes that if they can defeat her in the plane, she would repeal the Vision Hunt Decree and sends them off for specialized training.

Arriving at an abandoned shrine at the base of the mountain, Miko reveals a mechanism that allows the Traveler to fight the Shogun based on her memory of her at the time. She also reveals herself to be a fox servant of Ei, but because she believes Ei is acting childish, it is up to her to bring her back to reality. After finishing the training, Miko states that she has a guest to greet at the shrine. The guest is none other than Kujou Sara, who immediately orders the Traveler's arrest, but Miko reminds her that no violence is allowed at the shrine. Sara begrudgingly orders her troops to stand down and leave per Miko's request. Miko tells her that the Vision Hunt Decree is a lie and that the Fatui are pulling the strings, but Sara is not convinced, so Miko states that she'll give her the evidence in three days. Sara accepts, stating that if the evidence is nonexistent or false, Miko will have to apologize for her baseless slander and that the Traveler would be coming with her.

Proof of Guilt

As Sara leaves, Miko reveals that they can get their evidence by "awakening the professional" at Chinju Forest. The professional is none other than Sayu, and Miko tells Paimon that she is a member of the Shuumatsuban. Miko tells the Traveler to go into town to collect evidence, which they are unsure of, but she reminds them of the Yashiro Commission. They arrive at Komore Teahouse and find Thoma still hiding inside, asking them to bring Ayaka to the teahouse. Once she arrives, the Traveler explains their activities. Ayaka found it odd that the Shogun never inquired about the war against the resistance, but only Kujou Takayuki has access to the documents. Even then, it is heavily guarded, but a distraction should help, upon which Thoma remembers Yoimiya. They meet with Yoimiya and ask for a firework; she gives them an extra-large one and asks them to let it know how it went.

The Traveler meets up with Sayu before setting the fireworks off by the Statue of the Omnipresent God and fleeing back to teahouse. Sayu soon returns, having taken everything she deemed suspicious before going off to sleep. As Ayaka looks at the papers, she finds a document for the latest war report and another for collaboration with the Fatui. She gives them to the Traveler and Paimon tells them to return to the shrine.

Returning to the shrine, Sara asks Miko for the evidence. The Traveler arrives with them, which Sara reads. She is disgusted to see that there is no mention of the war in the official report, and after looking at the collaboration letter, becomes enraged as she storms off to confront her adoptive father. The Traveler and Paimon prepare to follow her, but Miko states that if they want to reach Ei, they'll have to recreate the scenario as with their first encounter. She also gives them an omamori as a farewell gift, telling them to use it wisely.

Blind Loyalty, Reckless Courage

Returning to town, Sara discovers the two have followed her. She nonetheless accepts them witnesses until she gets answers from her adoptive father, but warns them that if they've deceived her she'll charge them with an extra crime. Heading inside, she forcefully removes all of the guards, prompting Takayuki to come out and scold her. Sara asks him if what she saw is true, which he does not deny, stating that the Fatui were means to preserve the clan's power, as they would be no match for the Shogun herself. He also reveals that she is meeting with Signora at Tenshukaku, much to the Traveler and Paimon's surprise as they realize she is the mastermind behind everything in Inazuma.

Duel Before the Throne

Heading into Tenshukaku, the Traveler finds that Sara has dispatched of all of the guards. Heading inside, they find the Shogun, Signora, and an unconscious Sara. The Shogun chastises Signora for punishing one of her own, while the Traveler informs her of the Fatui's misdeeds. Signora feigns innocence in the accusations and reminds the Traveler that they're still a wanted criminal. They counter this by calling a duel before the throne, which the Shogun accepts. Signora, confident that she would win, becomes shocked when she ends up losing. The Shogun then walks towards the two, prompting the Traveler to raise their sword, but she ignores them and heads for Signora. The Harbinger protests that she has diplomatic immunity, but her plea falls on deaf ears as the Shogun executes her with the Musou no Hitotachi. She then allows the Traveler to leave Tenshukaku alive.

As the Traveler leaves Tenshukaku, they get some headaches while Paimon is worried over their silence. Upon exiting the grounds, they find the resistance, along with Gorou and Kazuha, who then stop in horror as they spot the Shogun's sigil behind them as she prepares emerge and strike them down. Kazuha, with the assistance of his friend's Vision, manages to dart to them and block the attack before he is knocked away. The rest of the group charges at the Shogun, but knowing that they are no match for her, the Traveler attacks the Shogun first, arriving at Ei's plane.

The Omnipresent God

Inside the realm, Ei reveals that she allows the Vision Hunt Decree to go on despite knowing of the Fatui's involvement as it poses no threat to her ideals of eternity. The Traveler states that they are here to demolish her notions, which Ei takes as a challenge to a duel and accepts. During the duel, Ei releases the Vision Hunt Decree, but the Traveler remembers the omamori Miko gave them and takes it out, causing her to appear in the plane. Ei is surprised to see Miko and her involvement in the plan. Miko informs the Traveler to tap into the Visions embedded on the statue, allowing them to repel the decree and defeat Ei. Ei concedes defeat but initially maintains that she is doing the right thing, to which Miko replies that she is doing more harm than good. Ei then decides to rescind the Vision Hunt Decree.

After learning the full extent of the damage caused by the Fatui, Ei has the Shogun return the seized Visions back to their rightful owners provided that they could be found or were alive and has both the Kanjou and Tenryou Commissoners arrested for their roles in the Fatui plot.


Returning to the shrine, the Traveler meets with Miko, who requested them to the shrine. Paimon is glad that they stopped the Fatui and prevented them from getting their hands on a Gnosis, but she reveals that she gave it to Scaramouche in return for the Traveler's safety. Miko explains that prior to her meditation, Ei gave the Gnosis to her as she only saw it as a sign of conflict and she had cut off all ties with Celestia. In return for saving Inazuma and knowing that their journey is not over, she allows them to ask several questions. She promises to help them look for their sibling and advises that they go to Sumeru next.


6 Achievements match the category selection:

Achievement Category Description Primogem
SWORDFISH II Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Obtain the trust of the Swordfish II squad. 5
Though Their Wishes Be Like Morning Dew... Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Find the person behind the distribution of the Delusions. 5
Fantabulous Firework Fiesta Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Set off fireworks to distract the guards. 5
Duel Before the Throne Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Emerge victorious in the duel before the throne. 5
Their Wishes Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Bring all the wishes upon the Statue of the Omnipresent God to fruition. 5
Omnipresence Over Mortals Wonders of the World Wonders of the World Complete "Omnipresence Over Mortals." 10


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishOmnipresence Over Mortals
Qiān Shǒu Bǎi Yǎn, Tiānxià Rénjiān
The Thousand-Armed Hundred-Eyed (God) and the Human Realm Under the Heaven
Qiān Shǒu Bǎi Yǎn, Tiānxià Rénjiān
Senju Hyakume no Ukiyo[!]
Fleeting World of Thousand Hands and Hundred Eyes
Korean천수백안의 세상
Cheonsubaegan-ui Sesang
The World of Thousand-Armed and Hundred-Eyes
SpanishOmnipresencia sobre los mortalesOmnipresence Over the Mortals
FrenchOmniprésence sur les mortelsOmnipresence Over Mortals
RussianВсевидящий бог, бренный мир
Vsevidyashchiy bog, brennyy mir
All-Seeing God, Mortal Coil
Phan Mue Roi Net Nai Lok La
A Thousand Hands and a Hundred Eyes in the World
VietnameseThiên Thủ Bách Nhãn, Thiên Hạ Nhân GianThe Thousand-Armed Hundred-Eyed (God) and the Human Realm Under the Heaven[※]
GermanAllgegenwart unter den MenschenOmnipresence Under the Mortals
IndonesianSang Mahahadir di Dunia FanaThe Omnipresence in the Fleeting World
PortugueseOnipresença Sobre os MortaisOmnipresence Over the Mortals

Change History

Released in Version 2.1