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Omni-Ubiquity Net is a World Quest that unlocks the ability to purchase the Omni-Ubiquity Net from Wakamurasaki.

It was released after the end of the Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog event.


  1. Talk to Sango
  2. Look for Wakamurasaki
  3. Use the Omni-Ubiquity Net to capture small animals
  4. Report back to Wakamurasaki
  5. Talk to Sango



UI Quest.png Quest Description

Sango says that her friend would like to modify the Ubiquity Net...
(Talk to Sango)
Sango: Ugh, that Wakamurasaki... I shouldn't have let her know about Kageroumaru...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What's wrong?
Sango: Oh, hello there, Traveler. Do you still remember the Ubiquity Net, by any chance?
Sango: After we settled the previous incident, I explained all that happened to a friend of mine.
Sango: Her name is Wakamurasaki, and she's... Well, she calls herself a "designer."
Sango: She was quite inspired by the manner in which you used the net.
Sango: So she's been badgering me this whole time to help her look up new techniques with which she can continue modifying the Ubiquity Net...
Sango: I couldn't deal with all that nagging, so I did find her something new in that ancient collection of mine...
Sango: If the fancy takes you, Traveler, go to her place. If I don't miss my guess, she's probably finished her modifications by now.
(Talk to Sango again)
Sango: If the fancy takes you, Traveler, go to her place. If I don't miss my guess, she's probably finished her modifications by now.

(Talk to Wakamurasaki)
Wakamurasaki: Well, that should certainly do it...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Hello there, are you Wakamurasaki?
Wakamurasaki: That's me! What do you need?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Well, I'm here about the Ubiquity Net...
Wakamurasaki: Oh, are you? ...Ohh, I remember now. You must be that Traveler! Sango told me about you.
Wakamurasaki: The way in which you operated that Net was truly impressive. Inspiring, in fact!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I've heard that you've been modifying it.
Wakamurasaki: Aye, that's right! Hehe... Sango dug up an all-new Onmyou technique for me and all!
Wakamurasaki: I used that technique to modify this net once again, and I name this new model the "Omni-Ubiquity Net"!
Wakamurasaki: According to Sango, this technique is able to detain the essence of living creatures before using certain objects as media to recreate the shape of that living being.
Wakamurasaki: She even says that the utmost achievement of such an Onmyoudou technique is to recreate a human essence!
Wakamurasaki: Such essences can answer questions and will never lie.
Wakamurasaki: I must say that such a technique would be of unbelievable help to a detective like Sango!
Wakamurasaki: You know what? I actually think that's why she told me about that technique and allowed me to make changes to the net...
Wakamurasaki: Ah, ah! But don't you go around telling anyone that. I'm only telling you this because you and Sango are friends, alright?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I—Is it really that amazing?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Were your modifications successful?
Wakamurasaki: Um, not yet...
Wakamurasaki: No matter how I modify it, this net can only be used to recreate the essences of small creatures. It has no effect on humans whatsoever.
Wakamurasaki: You know what, Traveler? Take this net with you. Who knows, seeing you in action might give me some inspiration again!
Wakamurasaki: Here, take it with you — and remember, it's the Omni-Ubiquity Net now, not just the Ubiquity Net!
Wakamurasaki: Go on, then, go catch a few lil' animals to test it out!
(Talk to Wakamurasaki again)
Wakamurasaki: Go on, then, go catch a few lil' animals to test it out!

(Talk to Wakamurasaki after capturing an animal)
Wakamurasaki: How did it go? Well?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It was a one-and-done...
Wakamurasaki: Hmm... I suppose that was inevitable...
Wakamurasaki: Like I said before, this technique can detain the essence of a small animal, but if you want to retain that essence and recreate that animal, you will need a separate medium.
Wakamurasaki: I integrated those techniques into the Net, such that it is also the essence-retention device and the recreation medium.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png That sounds... complicated...
Wakamurasaki: Well, basically, each net can only be used once.
Wakamurasaki: This is an issue that I haven't been able to solve yet, either. If the medium can't stand repeated use, the cost of this device will be way too high...
Wakamurasaki: I'll continue doing research into this net and try to fix the problem as soon as possible.
Wakamurasaki: If you still need Omni-Ubiquity Nets, you can come find me.
Wakamurasaki: And uh... even though these nets can catch small animals, they're a bit of a fuss to put together...
Wakamurasaki: So, next time you want one of these nets, you'll have to pay me a nominal fee.
Wakamurasaki: Relax! You're Sango's friend, I won't charge you too much. You'll get a good rate, I promise!

(Talk to Sango)
Sango: Did you find Wakamurasaki?
Icon Dialogue Talk.png So, here's the deal with the Omni-Ubiquity Net...
Sango: "Omni-Ubiquity Net"... You know what? It's not a bad name. Still, that technique...
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Can that technique really detain a human's essence?
Sango: Uh, no. That's not possible.
Sango: There are only records of such an onmyoudou technique existing. Any practicum has long disappeared into the mists of time.
Sango: The technique that I taught Wakamurasaki can only do that for small animals
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Wait, then why didn't you tell her?
Sango: Oh, that? I just wanted Wakamurasaki to help me spread a certain something around.
Sango: "Bantan Sango Detective Agency's president is currently asking someone to create a net using Kamuna Onmyoudou that can make people tell the truth."
Sango: The long-lost Kamuna Onmyoudou, the Bantan Sango Detective Agency, and a net that can indeed detain the essences of small creatures.
Sango: Put all three together, and you have an urban legend that both sounds impressive, and that actually has a grain of truth to it.
Sango: For most people, these urban legends are just little stories... But for criminals who already have the seed of fear in their hands, such tales are not so simple.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Ah, so that's how it is...
Sango: The other side of it is... Well, Wakamurasaki was starting to get on my nerves with that whole "find me the strongest onmyoudou technique ever!" nonsense.
Sango: I told her many, many times that such things don't exist, but she wouldn't listen! So I had no choice but to give her *something* to work with so she'd get off my back.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png What if Wakamurasaki doesn't tell anyone about this?
Sango: Im-possible. She couldn't keep a secret to save her life. Trust me, I know her waaay too well...
Sango: Either way, thanks for making the trip on my behalf. Take this. Consider it payment for the errand run.
Sango: Archon, I hope she doesn't come to bother me again. I'm a detective you know? Not some onmyouji...

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishOmni-Ubiquity Net
Sìfāng-Bāfāng zhī Wǎng
All-Directional Net[• 1]
Sìfāng-Bāfāng zhī Wǎng
Shihou Happou no Ami
All-Directional Net
Korean사방팔방의 그물
Sabangpalbang-ui geu-mul
All-Directional Net
SpanishLa red de la ubicuidad supremaThe Supreme Ubiquity Net
FrenchOmnifilet d'ubiquitéOmni-Net of Ubiquity
RussianСеть всевездесущности
Set' vsevezdesushchnosti
All-Ubiquity Net
ThaiOmni-Ubiquity Net
VietnameseThiên La Địa VõngInescapable Net[• 2]
GermanNetz der OmniubiquitätNet of Omni-Ubiquity
IndonesianOmni-Ubiquity Net
PortugueseRede OniubíquaOmni-Ubiquitous Net
  1. Chinese: Derived from the Japanese idiom 四方八方 shihou happou, "in all directions", lit. "four directions, eight directions"
  2. Vietnamese: Derived from the Chinese idiom 天羅地網 tiān luó dì wǎng, "inescapable net", lit. "nets above, snares below"

Change History

Released in Version 2.3