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Oina Beach (Japanese: オイナ海岸 Oina Kaigan) is a subarea of Tsurumi Island, Inazuma.



  • The name may derive from oyna (Ainu: オィナ), which are Ainu epics about the kamuy that gave rise to humans and their culture.[1]
    • It may also refer to Ae-oyna-kamuy (Ainu: アエオィナカムィ "the god whom we pass on in our oyna", lit. "we-story-god"), the kamuy who is believed to have taught domestic skills to humankind and sometimes referred to as only Oyna-kamuy or Oyna.


Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Oina Beach
Jímíng Hǎibīn
Book Name Coast[• 1]
Jímíng Hǎibīn
Japanese オイナ海岸
Oina Kaigan
Oina Coast[• 2]
Korean 오이나 해변
Oina Haebyeon
Oina Beach
Spanish Playa Oina Oina Beach
French Plage d'Oina Oina Beach
Russian Пляж Ойна
Plyazh Oyna
Oina Beach
Thai Oina Beach
Vietnamese Bãi Biển Oina Oina Beach
German Oina-Strand Oina Beach
Indonesian Oina Beach
Portuguese Praia Oina Oina Beach
  1. ZH: Based on Japanese words that would yield the same pronunciation as the Ainu-based Japanese name. Its meaning is unrelated to the original name in Ainu. "笈" may also be translated as "a box for storing books," based on its meaning in Classical Chinese.
  2. JA: "Oina" may derive from Ainu oyna (Ainu: オィナ "stories.")

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