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Of Mysteries and Salt is a Story Domain during the Historia Antiqua Chapter, Act I Quest "Farewell, Sweet Salt."

Trial Character


If you have difficulty climbing or jumping up, use Zhongli's skill to create a Geo construct and climb up.

  1. Go west, past some hilichurls, up the stairs using Geo constructs until you find a relic (chalice) which starts a cutscene.
  2. Go west through the newly opened door and fight some hilichurls.
  3. Go south and open the door by creating a Geo construct on one pressure plate and standing on the other plate, or by placing Geo Constructs on both plates.
  4. Go towards the second relic (ruler) and start a cutscene.
  5. Defeat Kliment, the Fatui Pyro Agent, and start a cutscene.
  6. Go south through the newly opened door and head west for the first missable chest, then glide across to the next platform.
  7. Create a Geo construct on the pressure plate and climb up the construct before gliding over to the next platform.
    • The second missable Common Chest will appear on the next platform when the pressure plate is activated.
  8. Activate the 3 Geo totems using Zhongli's tap Elemental Skill Geo Constructs or held Elemental Skill and use the unlocked device to open the door.
  9. Defeat the hilichurls and the Pyro Abyss Mage.
    • The third missable Common Chest is to the left inside the doorway on a higher platform near the fight. Grab it after the fight using a Geo construct.
  10. Go towards the last relic (sword) to start a cutscene.
    • If you haven't gotten it yet, head back to the entrance door of the room to grab the third missable common chest on a higher platform using a Geo construct.
  11. Go north through the newly opened door to catch up with Wanyan.
  12. Talk to Wanyan. Open the Precious Chest before the exit.

Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 10,000 Mora


Change History

Released in Version 1.1