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Oculi are collectible orbs of elemental energy found all throughout Teyvat. They are usually hidden or in hard-to-reach places, but are worth the effort of finding, since when offered to the Statues of The Seven, the player will receive great rewards.

See the Interactive World Map for locations.

Oculi Icon Region
Anemoculus Item Anemoculus.png Mondstadt
Geoculus Item Geoculus.png Liyue
Electroculus 64px Inazuma
Dendroculus 64px Sumeru
Hydroculus 64px Fontaine
Pyroculus 64px Natlan
Cryoculus 64px Snezhnaya


  • Upon collecting every Oculus in a region and leveling up your Statues of The Seven to their max level, you will have one Oculus left over of each element.


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