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Octave of the Maushiro is a World Quest in Inazuma. It is the second part of the Through the Mists World Quest series.


Start the quest by approaching Sumida's last location one day (daily reset) after completing the previous quest.

  1. Travel to Tsurumi Island
  2. Travel to Tsurumi Island
  3. Talk to Ruu
  4. Go to your destination and use the feather
  5. Talk to the illusions
  6. Try look [sic] for buried objects
  7. Go to the ceremonial site
  8. Listen in on the locals' conversations (0/3)
  9. Go to Wakukau Shoal
  10. Use the feather to search for clues
  11. Talk to the illusions
  12. Solve the mystery of the stones
    • Use the Peculiar Pinion on the Mysterious Carving to spawn an Electro Seelie.
    • Follow the Electro Seelie until it spawns another Mysterious Carving.
    • Use the Peculiar Pinion on the Mysterious Carving. Ishine Script will appear on the cliff wall.
    • Hit the stones at the previous location in the same order as the script on the cliff wall (left to right).
  13. Talk to the illusions
  14. Go to Oina Beach
  15. Use the feather to search for clues
  16. Talk to the illusions
  17. Restore the stones and solve the puzzle
    • Move the stones until they stop in front of the tiles with the same Ishine Script.
  18. Talk to the illusions
  19. Go to Autake Plains
  20. Use the feather to search for clues
  21. Talk to the illusions
  22. Continue looking for clues
  23. Use the feather to search for clues
  24. Find the missing stones (0/3)
    • Obtain Autake Slate ×3
    • Follow the 3 Seelies and pick up the respective Autake Slates. The Seelies will return to their original locations after the slates are obtained.
  25. Return the stones to their rightful place
  26. Solve the mystery of the stones
    • Hit the stones in the same order as the script on the pillar (top to bottom).
  27. Talk to the illusions
  28. Return to the ceremonial site
  29. Talk to Sumida


  • Returning to Tsurumi Island will grant the Wonders of the World achievement "Nihil Sub Caligine Novum."

Video Guides

Octave of the Maushiro Guide


(Approaching Sumida)
Sango: Really now, asking me to walk all this way. If this wasn't about "a once-in-a-century find..."
Sumida: Eh? We've only walked a few steps away from Bantan Sango's storefront, haven't we?
Sango: It's not a storefront.
Sumida: Eh...?
Sango: Bantan Sango is my house of wisdom. The world comes to Bantan Sango, not the other way around.
Ryuuji: There it is. No. 7 of the lines that President Sango wishes she could say someday.
Ryuuji: But since cases tend to come to her, she's never had a chance to say it...
Sango: H—Hey, you don't have to say so much, Ryuuji!
Roald: *cough* Anyway, regarding Tsurumi Island...
Sumida: Ah, you're here. Let me introduce you. This is the renowned (Traveler)...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You can, uh, skip the "renowned" bit.
Paimon: And Paimon's Paimon!
Roald: Ah, so this is the legendary (Traveler)..
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg And I'm "legendary" too?
Roald: Well, your deeds have far surpassed the domain of your average adventurer, that's for sure — indeed, your adventures are what all adventurers' dreams are made of!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So then, about Tsurumi Island...
Sumida: Right. Let's get to the point. The reason I've asked everyone to gather here is to exchange information about Tsurumi Island.
Sumida: My latest work...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is to unravel the secrets of the island.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is to find the answer as to why the Maushiro would disappear.
Ryuuji: It seems that we could count on you after all, (Traveler).
Roald: Agreed. You certainly do have good judgment, being able to prevent Miss Sumida from going off topic like that.
Paimon: (Paimon feels a bit sorry for Miss Sumida...)
Sumida: *whimpers* I'm sorry...
Sumida: Well, to get back to the point, out of all the people affected by incidents related to "Maushiro that should have been found going missing"...
Sumida: I was only able to find the detectives from Bantan Sango and Mr. Roald.
Ryuuji: Yes, we are aware of the request... alongside the unrelated plotlines of several different light novels, as well as the narrative you are currently working on.
Ryuuji: It is also true that we were unable to successfully retrieve the Maushiro.
Sango: Well, I'll solve the mystery for you. Ryuuji must have misplaced it.
Ryuuji: Not at all. I did lose my way many times after arriving on Tsurumi Island, but I did eventually find a Maushiro in an open area on the island.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You must be speaking of the ceremonial site...
Ryuuji: As for the details, I no longer remember them well.
Ryuuji: Every time I try to do so, it's as if there's a fog in my head that prevents me from remembering the details of what occurred on Tsurumi Island.
Sumida: Could it be that the fog that shrouds the island found its way into Ryuuji's head after he breathed too much of it in?
Ryuuji: ...
Sango: ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...
Roald: Well, here's what I experienced. At the time, I was trapped on Ritou with no way to cross the checkpoints.
Roald: This was when Miss Sumida contacted me and commissioned me to help her "go to Tsurumi Island to gather reference material and look for a Maushiro."
Roald: I had my doubts when I boarded Kama's boat, but as it turned out, he was actually able to avoid detection and bring me safely to the island after all.
Paimon: So you don't have a permit, Mr. Roald?
Roald: Shh! Keep your voice down, please!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Kama's really something, huh?
Sumida: As long as it's asked of him, Kama will get it done.
Sumida: But if you don't ask him, he won't do anything.
Roald: Like Ryuuji, I fear that I can't remember much about what occurred.
Roald: I took Kama's advice and walked through a large gateway into the fog... and I met a friendly child. There was... some sort of ceremony as well.
Paimon: A kid, you say... Was his name Ruu?
Roald: Ruu...? I don't quite remember. We did make the trip in a hurry, after all. Why, I even left my diary behind in Ritou.
Roald: The records clearly state that what civilization once existed on Tsurumi Island has been utterly destroyed, and yet there was still a child there.
Roald: I could've sworn that after a few other hurdles, I did finally get my hands on a Maushiro.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "Could've sworn"
Sango: Well, it does seem that Roald reported back to Sumida convinced that he had brought the item in question, while the truth was that he didn't have it. "Could've sworn" does seem to be the operative phrase here.
Roald: I'm very sorry. That's why I write diaries, you know? To compensate for my untrustworthy memory.
Roald: Well, I say that, but I do often lose those very diaries as well. So there you go...
Paimon: (Huh. You know what? We've discovered quite a lot of journals and diaries out in the wild. Does that mean that there's a ton of people with poor memories out there in the world?)
Sango: To be honest with you, what concerns me the most about these incidents isn't the missing Maushiro, but the fact that you met locals on Tsurumi Island at all.
Sango: According to the "Tales of Distant Seas," there can be no doubt that Tsurumi Island was utterly destroyed several millennia ago.
Sango: The monstrous bird of thunder was slain by the Electro Archon upon Amakumo Peak in Seirai Island. That was why the Asase Shrine was built — to suppress the leftover power of that giant bird.
Paimon: Wait... Is this the Thunderbird we've heard about in the past?
Ryuuji: President Sango, this doesn't have anything to do with the case...
Sango: No, it does. Although I've never gone to Seirai myself, the fallout from the Thunderbird's death resulted in the strange phenomena that can be found on Amakumo Peak. When you add this together with the existence of ley line disorders, which have since become common knowledge as well...
Sango: Only one conclusion remains, and thus it must be true — that the strange occurrences that you experienced must be related to Tsurumi Island itself!
Paimon: Huh...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You know, this is all very fascinating...
Paimon: But it won't be of any help!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, this information isn't very helpful...
Paimon: Uh, at least it's interesting. Right?
Paimon: You really do know a lot, Sango!
Sango: Of course, I am Sango of Bantan Sango Detective Agency, after all. If you wish to take on matters of all sorts, then you must have knowledge of all sorts.
Sumida: Hmm... I do also feel that this gathering hasn't resulted in any meaningful conclusions, though...
Sumida: Other than Mr. Roald and Bantan Sango, all the others I contacted believe that Tsurumi Island has some unique ley line disorder, or that it might even be haunted. None of them were willing to involve themselves any further.
Sumida: Perhaps I should take the commission back. *sigh* Maybe the writer's life is not my destiny after all...
Paimon: No, that won't do!
Paimon: After hearing you say so much about "The Chronicles of the Sea of Fog," Miss Sumida, Paimon's now very, very curious to know what happens next!
Sango: As a detective, I do not believe in such things as "destiny."
Sango: Everything happens for a reason, and all occurrences follow their own unique logic. "Destiny" doesn't come into it at all.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg As long as we can find out what happened...
Paimon: Then we can... Actually, you know what? What are we doing this for again?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg To encourage Miss Sumida, of course.
Paimon: No, that can't be it!
Roald: We're here to find the Maushiro and give it to Miss Sumida to finish the commission, aren't we?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg To find the Maushiro.
Paimon: That's right! If she cancels the commission now, we'd have run around the whole place for nothing!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's the most important bit, huh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's what you think is most important, eh, Paimon?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm also very concerned about what's happening on Tsurumi Island.
Paimon: Well, just leave it all to us, Miss Sumida!
Sumida: Hmm... You're right. It's early days yet to be giving up.
Sumida: Even the great Takizawa Kyouden muddled through life for thirty-three years before he read the...
Ryuuji: Miss Sumida, you're welcome to share your writing anecdotes next time you commission us. But for now, we shall take our leave.
Sango: Yup, I'm tired. Bantan Sango's courtyard is still the best.
Roald: And as an adventurer, I feel obligated to challenge the fog over Tsurumi Island once more. Well then, let us meet again in the island's depths, (Traveler). Ad astra abyssosque!
Sumida: Looks like I need to improve my social skills on top of my writing ones, huh...
Paimon: Aw, cheer up! Don't worry about the whole Maushiro thing. We'll get it done!
(Talk to Sumida again)
Sumida: I need to reflect on how I speak to people...

(Approaching the marked area)
Paimon: Kama said that we have to pass through that big gate...
(Approaching the second marked area)
Paimon: Eh? Isn't that Ruu?
(On approaching Ruu)
Ruu: Ah...
Ruu: It's you, (Traveler) — and Paimon too...
Ruu: You went missing earlier. I thought that you'd ended up like all the others...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Others, you say?
Ruu: That's right. I met other outlanders before as well. But they all went missing, and then they never came back.
Ruu: There was a man in green, and another guy who called himself a "detective"... I wonder what's happened to all of them...
Paimon: Huh, those people sure sound like Roald and Ryuuji, don't they?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg They're both fine.
Paimon: We met them both just a while back!
Ruu: That's good... I was afraid that they'd gotten lost in the fog or gotten eaten by those monsters that look like dogs...
Paimon: Nah, that won't happen! They've got the skills, y'know? Well, sorta.
Paimon: Still, we did encounter a whole lotta weird stuff after splitting up with you, Ruu...
Paimon: We don't know where the Maushiro we found's gone either.
Ruu: The Maushiro? You should still have it on you, I think. I can feel its power on you.
Paimon: What?
Ruu: I once heard Grandpa Mata say...
When darkness blanketed the world, the Thunderbird dispersed a mysterious fog to defend Tsurumi Island.
But the people within the fog could not see the sun, the moon, or the stars, nor could they see their relatives, friends, children, or the Wen Kamuy they had domesticated and raised. Then, the Thunderbird, like a blazing violet comet, took flight from the hollow Mt. Kanna.
When the first priests heard the sharp sound of wings piercing the skies, they picked up the plumes of the Thunderbird. When they blew upon these sturdy feathers, they would hear a melodious sound. Thus, people used this to communicate their location to others through the fog and to guide those who were lost to them. Even later on, people would use wood to imitate these sounds...
Paimon: ...So the Thunderbird's feathers were the original "Maushiro"
Ruu: That's right. I can feel that same sort of... power from you, I guess?
Paimon: Huh, speaking of feathers, Paimon's reminded of something...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Back at Amakumo Peak...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The commission to Seirai Island...
Paimon: Ohh, that's right! That did happen.
Paimon: Huh? Looks like something's shining..."
Paimon: Wow...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's pretty amazing.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg That's kinda spooky.
Ruu: Yup. These feathers are the best kind of Maushiro around.
Paimon: That said, Paimon doesn't think this is what Miss Sumida's looking for...
Ruu: Man-made Maushiro do not have this kind of power, but since this is the "original form" of such Maushiro, it should have some special abilities. Perhaps it can even see the spirits of the dead.
Paimon: That's kinda hard to believe — well, Paimon says that, but we've done all kinds of weird stuff many times before anyway...
Ruu: Come with me!
Ruu: Try using that feather of yours over here!
(After activating the Mysterious Carving with the Peculiar Pinion)
Paimon: Uhh, Paimon's getting nervous... It's like that time with Dusky Ming...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Dusky Ming wasn't a bad girl.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, then we've got nothing to be afraid of, right?
Paimon: Huh. You're right. Paimon's sorry, Dusky Ming!
Ruu: Ah, it's Big Brother Kama. I wonder how he's doing now.
Paimon: Eh? Kama?
(Talk to Ruu again)
Ruu: I wonder how Big Brother Kama's doing...

(Talking to "Kama")
"Kama": ...I'll bury this here. This is where we met each other, after all.
"Kama": I'll leave the Maushiro that I couldn't pass to you then over here.
"Kama": If I wish to bid this... whatever this place is, farewell, I can't bring anything with me — that's what you told me before you left.
Ruu: *sigh* So he's left Tsurumi Island already...
Ruu: I hope he's doing alright...
Ruu: ...
Ruu: Well! Today's the day of the ceremony, so we shouldn't dwell on unhappy things!
Ruu: I've made an agreement with Kapatcir that I'll go see her soon. Everyone's going to help me get ready, too, so I've gotta go.
Ruu: Thanks for helping me out with the Perches! With your help, the ceremony is sure to go great this time!
Paimon: Hehe, of course!
Ruu: Hmm... If you don't mind, could you help me look for Grandpa Mata at the ceremonial site?
Ruu: Even though our perch problem has been solved, there are other things we need help with. The ceremony is a very important event, after all. Lots of preparations need to be done first.
Paimon: Huh, is that so? The last time we went to make an offering at the Perch, he was gone.
Ruu: Gone? No, this is such an important ceremony. There's no way he'd leave it half done. I mean...
Ruu: Ah, it's nothing. In any case, please help me out!
Paimon: *sigh* What do you think, (Traveler)?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Sure.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'm fine with it.
Ruu: Thanks, you two!
Ruu: Well then, let's meet again later!
Paimon: Speaking of which... (Traveler), let's try digging up the spot where that Kama buried some stuff just a moment ago!
(Digging in the spot)
Paimon: This... This is...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg This is the Maushiro.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, it's easier to carry than before, that's for sure.
Paimon: Huh... Does that mean that the commission's complete?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Probably.
Paimon: Anyway, since we gave Ruu our word, let's head over to the ceremonial site and have a look.
Paimon: No take-backsies with kids, remember? Paimon doesn't wanna become a lousy adult!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You count as an adult?
Paimon: Well, compared to being a kid, Paimon sure is closer to being an adult...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I mean, Dusky Ming's a kid, but she's pretty old, you know?
Paimon: Ugh, counting's hard. Let's just skip the details, shall we?
Paimon: Well, since we gave Ruu our word, let's head over to that altar.

(Upon reaching the ceremonial site)
Paimon: Eh? There are people here?
Paimon: Well, since Ruu said so, let's see what they've got to say.
(Conversation between Abe and Una)
Abe: ...Maybe I just wish that all will go well with him...
Abe: It's been so long since I've seen him...
Una: Who knows... Now that I think about it, I pity him.
Una: Sayo left him behind and left the Sea of Fog. I'm afraid...
Paimon: Doesn't seem like we can be of any help here...
(Talk to Abe and Una again)
Una: Whatever the case, old man, just mind your own mushrooms.
Abe: Hey now, the Fluorescent Fungus are the good stuff, alright?
Abe: I'll bring some for you once the ceremony's over.
Una: Uh, well, much obliged. If not, never mind my eyes, I think my mind might be going too.
Una: Why, I can barely tell Kito and Kina apart at this point.
Una: ...Whatever the case, don't concern yourself too much with what happened to the Kama family...
Abe: I know, I know.
(Conversation between Kina and Kito)
Kito: ...That's just weird. And the priests on the drawings up there don't look like Grandpa Mata or the others at all.
Kina: Yeah, it's super weird!
Paimon: Hey there!
Kito: I've got a guess!
Paimon: They're not paying us any mind at all! Paimon's gonna get mad!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We might as well listen in...
Kina: Hah, it's time for Big Brother Kito's wild guesses! Alright, what've you got this time?
Kito: These murals depict a time before the Sea of Fog. A long, long time ago, there was no fog over the world, so everyone could see what was up there!
Kito: Up there, they could see these round- and pointy-shaped things, and these mountain-like things! That's why these ancient murals look the way they do!
Kina: That's some imagination you've got there, Kito!
Kito: Hehe.
Kina: But not a word of this to Grandpa Mata or Granny Una! We'll be in for an earful otherwise...
Kito: Yup, I know!
Paimon: "Round- and pointy-shaped things"... Are they talking about the moon and stars depicted here on the mural? The fog's so thick here, it's no wonder that they couldn't see 'em.
Paimon: So the children of Tsurumi Island thought this way, huh. Paimon wonders what else they believed?
(Talk to Kina and Kito again)
Kito: Hmm. You know what? I have another guess.
Kina: Ooh, look at you, Big Brother Kito, you've got two guesses in a row!
Kito: Shh... Shh!
Kito: (I wonder... Does Grandpa Mata also not know about what happened so long ago?)
Kina: (Wow! Now that's an exciting thought.)
Kito: (Just think about it, Kina... He said that a long, long time ago, when the darkness fell, the Great Thunderbird protected us using the Sea of Fog.)
Kito: (But if it was that long ago, Grandpa can't have seen that for himself, whether it be the sights up there, or the outside world itself...)
Kito: (I think that even the belief that the Great Thunderbird is protecting us with this fog might be fake!)
Kina: (That's mighty bold of you, Kito! But... you might be right!)
(Conversation between Chise and Mata)
Mata: I hope that... No, the Great Thunderbird will surely be pleased with the ceremony this time...
Mata: After all, this is the only child that she has shown favor to in all these years..
Chise: Eminent Priest, Ruu has yet to arrive.
Mata: ...This is the final day. Let him wander for a little while longer.
Chise: But the Great Thunderbird has already returned to Mt. Kanna!
Mata: Is that so? Then truly, our time is limited...
Paimon: Is there anything we can help with? Ruu's our friend.
Mata: Well then. Wakukau, Oina, Autake...
Mata: Please look for him in these places. I believe that you might find him there.
Paimon: Leave it to us! We'll find Ruu for sure!
Chise: Wakukau Shoal, Oina Beach, and Autake Plains...
Chise: Forgive my forwardness, but I do not think these are places where a child should go...
Mata: That is true. But these are his favorite spots.
Chise: It was at Autake Plains that Ruu encountered the Great Thunderbird, wasn't it?
Mata: Yes. When we were together, he would often talk about the times he went fishing with Ipe by the shore at Wakukau, and how he would pick seashells at Oina with Sayo and the Kama family's boy.
Chise: Sayo... That loudmouth. She always talks about the world outside the Sea of Fog. We should've left her outside the fog with nothing but three days' rations, just like our forebears used to do.
Chise: If we had, Kama wouldn't have ended up like that, either...
Mata: This is all past tense now. There's nothing more to be said.
Mata: I must continue making preparations for the Thunderbird's descent. I leave the rest to you.
Chise: As you wish.

(After listening in on all 3 conversations)
Paimon: Hmm, looks like we've gotta go look for Ruu again, huh?
Paimon: According to what they said earlier, Ruu could be at Wakukau Shoal, Oina Beach, or the Autake Plains...
Paimon: Ugh, why are all these names so annoying to remember...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The location closest to us is...
Paimon: Seems like it should be Wakukau Shoal, right?
Paimon: Well then, guess that's where we're starting!
Paimon: Paimon feels cheated, though. Ruu asked us to come here, and now the people here want us to look for him.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Maybe we can better understand the island this way.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Who knows, Paimon? There might be treasure.
Paimon: Well, if you say so, (Traveler), let's do it!
Paimon: We've got the Maushiro already anyway... As long as it doesn't disappear for no reason again.

(Aprroaching Wakukau Shoal)
Paimon: No sign of Ruu anywhere...
Paimon: Huh, this statue's just like the last one. Let's use the feather here and see what happens.
(After activating the Mysterious Carving)
Paimon: Yikes! Just like before... Who knows if this person has any leads for us...
"Ipe": ...Oh, this? Well, the secret to fishing is patience.
"Ipe": ...
"Ipe": No, no, it's not boring at all. I love fishing.
Paimon: He sounds like he's talking to someone.
"Ipe": ...
"Ipe": The fish don't sing, but if you sing to them, I'm sure they can hear you.
"Ipe": Not that this means they wouldn't eat you too, of course!
"Ipe": ...
"Ipe": No problem. Once you're older, I'll teach you how to fish.
"Ipe": But when you grow up, you've got to teach me the secret of the Ishine Script. I mean, this is knowledge that only gets passed through the priestly families — you know, your family.
"Ipe": For example, the words on those rocks...
Paimon: This person just disappeared while talking to themselves... Let's see if there are any clues elsewhere.
(Upon failing the puzzle)
Paimon: All the lights went out... Did we do it in the wrong order?
(Upon failing the puzzle again)
Paimon: Looks like this isn't the place... But since there's a statue here too, let's see if using the feather will lead us to any clues.
(After activating the second Mysterious Carving)
Paimon: Yikes! This... is an Electro Seelie, right? Let's follow it and see what we might find.
(After following the Electro Seelie)
Paimon: These statues are all over the place. Is there some other meaning behind them...?
(After activating the Mysterious Carving)
Paimon: Those symbols on the face of the mountain might have something do with the words on those stones. Paimon thinks they called 'em "Ishine Script."
(Upon solving the puzzle)
Paimon: Wow! It appeared!
"Ipe": Huh, to think that Ishine Script had this kind of power. Perhaps it's related to the ley lines in some way... How unexpected.
"Ipe": ...
"Ipe": You're right. The previous priests did have a sense of humor, huh?
"Ipe": ...Why do I like fishing? Hmm, let me think about it for a moment...
"Ipe": If I had to put my finger on it, it's because fishing makes me feel like this ocean and the rest of the world are connected. That way, this island doesn't feel so small, even though we can't escape the Sea of Fog.
"Ipe": And... Uh, how should I say this? I guess I've also fished up all kinds of interesting stuff along the way.
"Ipe": Like for example, the knowledge that you love to sing in secret.
Paimon: Oh, is he talking to Ruu?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, if people can talk to dragons...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Then the ability to talk to nonexistent people isn't too strange.
Paimon: Th—That's true, yeah... We've really seen a lot of weird stuff while traveling together, huh?
"Ipe": C'mon, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. You sing pretty well! I feel luckier just listening to you, you know?
"Ipe": ...
"Ipe": You wanna sing for Makiri? Sure, but I mean, why d'you need to ask me?
"Ipe": ...
"Ipe": Alright then. If you're going to Oina Beach, say hi to Kama and the others for me.
"Ipe": Careful now, if you get lost in the fog, just play the Maushiro. I'll come find you for sure.
Paimon: Well, let's head over to Oina Beach and see what we can find!

(Approaching Oina Beach)
Paimon: Ruu— Ugh, looks like he isn't here either!
Paimon: Oh well. Let's see if we can find any clues nearby...
(After activating the Mysterious Carving)
"Sayo": Hey there.
"Kama": Oh, it's you, Ruu.
Paimon: Huh, that's the weird "Kama" from before...
"Sayo": Sorry to disappoint you, but I've picked every last seashell off this beach today!
"Kama": I mean, wasn't our intention to give them to him so—
"Sayo": Hey!
"Kama": Ah.
"Sayo": Hehe, maybe I should say instead that you've come at just the right time.
"Sayo": I mean, aren't there some rocks with that... Uh, whatever you call that writing again, on them.
"Sayo": I remember you saying that the order was very important, Ruu. So if we mess the rocks' order up...
"Kama": They call it the Ishine Script. I've said this before, I don't think this is a good idea.
"Kama": And Ruu's here too. I don't think he'll let us do this, considering that he's the son of the priest and all...
"Kama": ...
"Kama": What? You wanna join in?
"Sayo": Hah! See? I always knew Ruu wasn't some stick-in-the-mud!
"Sayo": Alright then, let's do this!
The group does something inexplicable...
"Sayo": Hahaha, this is real funny, watching a future priest touch these stones just like the records say they should... and then coming up blank in the end.
"Kama": I still think this isn't right.
"Sayo": Pfft, this guy's a bore. You know what? Let's not hang out with him. Let's go ruin-delving with Kito and Kina!
"Kama": Actually, Ruu, since you're pretty friendly with those two, could you remind them to please take care of themselves?
"Kama": I, too, believe that there are green lands beyond the Sea of Fog, and humans too, and that there were people and history before the Thunderbird came, but someone needs to record the things that happened in our village.
"Sayo": Tch. You're such a killjoy.
"Sayo": You know what, Ruu? You should grow older faster.
"Sayo": If you were the priest, I'm sure you'd lead us all out of the Sea of Fog to see the outside world...
"Sayo": I wonder, can I wait for that day to come?
"Sayo": ...
"Sayo": Ah, right. Kama said that he saw you at the Autake Plains the other day.
"Sayo": You've gotta be careful over there. The fog is thickest in that area — you fall off the cliff and that's the end for you!
"Kama": Mm. If you really do have to go, take me with you.
"Sayo": That's right! Kama over here's got a brain like a rock, but he's no ordinary rock — he's got a sense of direction!
Paimon: According to them, the stones' positions may have been adjusted. Maybe it left some traces behind...
(Upon solving the puzzle)
"Sayo": You know, Ruu...
"Sayo": Would you like to come with me?
"Sayo": ...
"Sayo": I'm serious! The world outside this fog really does exist!
"Sayo": I've seen people come in from the outside. Once, there was someone who came to the island, lost their way in the fog, and injured themselves in a fall as a result.
"Sayo": That person told me all sorts of things about the outside world. He said that he came from an island on the other side of the sea. There's no fog there — only rolling green lands, a blue sky, and a golden sun.
"Sayo": He said that the Thunderbird always flies from our island to his, and it was the sight of the Thunderbird in flight that made him want to come over and see what it's like here.
"Sayo": ...
"Sayo": I know, right? I found it really mysterious, too!
"Sayo": So how about it, then? Wanna come with me? This place is just too stifling.
"Sayo": Grandpa Mata isn't a bad person, but he just isn't willing to doubt our ancestors' words. But as for me, I want to go see what the outside world is like!
"Sayo": Anyway, I hate the idea of offering people to the Thunderbird... And I'm sure the Thunderbird probably hates it too.
"Sayo": ...
"Sayo": Well, about Kama... That's true, huh. If we left him alone here...
"Sayo": But I get it. If you've decided to stay, then I'm sure this place will become a better one thanks to you!
Paimon: Still no sign of Ruu anywhere.
Paimon: They mentioned the Autake Plains, didn't they? Let's go over there first.

(Approaching Autake Plains)
Paimon: Ugh, this fog's really... Huh. Isn't that the same kind of statue as the ones we saw before?
(After activating the Mysterious Carving)
Paimon: Huh, it's Ruu!
"Ruu": If I sing here, no one will discover me, right...?
"Ruu": Hmm... Maybe I should go deeper inside!
Paimon: That... That looked like Ruu!
Paimon: But something didn't quite look right, either. Perhaps there might be some clues around here.
(Approaching another Mysterious Carving)
Paimon: Ooh, looks like there's another Thunderbird statue here. C'mon, (Traveler), let's give our feather a try!
Paimon: There seem to be some missing stones over there... Let's find the matching stones and return them to their places. That should be the ticket!
(After activating the Mysterious Carving)
Paimon: Ooh, it's a Seelie! Wait, it's three Seelie all at once!
(Approaching the East stone)
Paimon: There's a rock! Still, how did it get dislodged from its original spot?
Paimon: Paimon doesn't get it...
(Picking up the South stone)
Paimon: Alrighty, we found it!
(Picking up the West stone)
Paimon: These stones seem to have... Ishine Script written on them or something. They said it was the priestly language of Tsurumi Island, right?
Paimon: So did they throw stones at each other to communicate? Reminds Paimon of hilichurls.
(Upon solving the puzzle)
??: Curious tunes, tiny human. Afraid not of thunder and storms?
Paimon: Ruu seems to be talking to someone...
Paimon: Ah, he's gone...
Paimon: And that's a swing and a miss... Strange, that looked like Ruu, but wasn't the Ruu we were looking for...

(Upon returning to the ceremonial site)
Paimon: ...
Paimon: Everyone's gone...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, what was I expecting...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I suppose this was to be expected.
Paimon: We've met bake-danuki on the other islands before... Could this all be a big trick of theirs!?
Paimon: Ooh, now Paimon's getting angry!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "Let's take stock of the situation first, shall we ?
Paimon: Well, of course!
Paimon: If we have to keep trudging through all this cloud and fog, it had better be worth it!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg So we got the Maushiro.
Paimon: Even though we don't know if it'll disappear or not...
Paimon: Hopefully, we can get it back to Miss Sumida this time!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg There's a person here who looks a lot like Kama...
Paimon: He looks like him and he's also got the name to match. Very suspicious...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Time passes strangely on Tsurumi Island...
Paimon: Hmm. Now that you mention it...
Paimon: When we spoke to Ruu, it felt really weird, like time was passing differently for him and us...
Paimon: Oh! Right, and he met Ryuuji and Roald, didn't he?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The people here can't seem to see us.
Paimon: Is that so? Hmm, Paimon did get a weird feeling as well when we tried talking to them.
Paimon: They didn't even look at us at all! So rude!
Paimon: ...That's all, right?
Paimon: Ugh, thinking is so tiring.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I was the only one doing the thinking, though.
Paimon: That's not true! Paimon tried her best!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, let's head back first.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg There's no further meaning in staying here.
Paimon: Yup, let's go back and look for Miss Sumida.
Paimon: If we meet Kama along the way, let's ask him some questions as well.

(Approaching Sumida)
Paimon: Ah, wait a moment.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Right, we need to check real quick...
Paimon: Yup! We've gotta make sure that we've still got that Maushiro.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's up?
Paimon: We've gotta make sure that we've still got that Maushiro, of course!
Paimon: If not, this trip is gonna be a wash as well!
You and Paimon confirm the contents of your luggage. The Maushiro is most certainly still there.
Paimon: Phew, that's great! It didn't go missing this time.
Paimon: Alrighty then! Back to Miss Sumida's we go!
(Talking to Sumida)
Sumida: Oh, you're back.
Sumida: I really hope you've brought the Maushiro this time... Or else...
Sumida: ...Or else my novel will never get written!
Paimon: Oh, come on! A commission of this level was a piece of cake for us!
Paimon: C'mon, (Traveler), let's show her the Maushiro we found!
Paimon: Let's finish this commission, get paid, and head over to Kiminami Restaurant for a good meal...
Paimon: ...Wait a moment.
Paimon: Paimon feels like she's had this conversation before. Is it just Paimon's imagination?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg The Maushiro...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Is in my hands!
Paimon: And it's good that it is, too!
Sumida: I... Is this it? Is this how I, Sumida, will obtain the Maushiro?
Sumida: The Maushiro... It's the key to writing "The Chronicles of the Sea of Fog (Working Title)"
(Open inventory screen)
Sumida: Ahh... So this is a Maushiro?
Sumida: You know, I can't help but feel a bit disappointed.
Paimon: Eh!?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Huh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What?
Sumida: Ah, I'm sorry. I'm just thinking that it lacks, you know, that sense of destiny.
Sumida: This is an artifact retrieved from the wreckage of a civilization from which no laughter or song has been heard for thousands of years. To think that I would get my hands on it so easily...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You're really annoying, you know that?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg If you're not satisfied, you can go to Tsurumi Island yourself.
Paimon: That's right! It took a lot of effort for us to get this! Don't you make it out to be some simple matter!
Sumida: S—Sorry!
Sumida: A—As expected of the legendary (Traveler)...
Paimon: And what about Paimon, huh?
Sumida: "And the renowned Paimon!
Sumida: I mean, you completed a commission that even famed adventurers and detectives could not, and so smoothly at that!
Sumida: Impressive! Yes, very impressive! You know, I was even thinking of changing the name of my novel from "The Chronicles of the Sea of Fog" to the "The Tales of (Traveler) and Paimon!"
Sumida: Hmm, (Traveler) and Paimon, Paimon and (Traveler)... It doesn't feel like it rolls off the tongue very well. I think my editor might reject it...
Sumida: Oh, I know! Why don't you change your names to "Fog" and "Sea" respectively?
Paimon: Eh?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg ...
Sumida: Uh, hahahaha, I was kidding, just kidding! I mean, getting back on topic, even highly-experienced outlander mercenaries couldn't get this Maushiro. It's just absolutely amazing that it came into your hands this way.
Sumida: Hmm, even "Shinzen," widely regarded as the strongest character in "The Three Young Nobles," would be no match for you.
Sumida: Of course, a small minority believe that "Hakushuusai" is stronger still, but if they read the work preceding that, "The Prison Official"...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Ugh, please, spare me the flattery.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Well, is the commission complete, then?
Sumida: ..I suppose.
Paimon: You suppose?
Sumida: Well... Truth be told, I'd like to hear about your adventures on Tsurumi Island.
Sumida: It must have taken some twists and turns for you to get a hold of the Maushiro, right? I'm sure that some of those parts might be worth writing about...
Paimon: Actually, we've got some questions that we'd like to discuss as well...
You tell Sumida about your last two days' worth of adventures.
Sumida: Huh, is that how it is...
Sumida: Even though Tsurumi Island has already been destroyed, certain people and periods of time will play back at abnormal speeds, just like wraiths might. Not to mention how the passage of time within the fog is very different from how it might pass in the outside world.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg We haven't actually talked about that yet...
Sumida: But those people are not ghosts in the traditional sense, but are instead "occurrences" being replayed over and over, and so they do not notice the visiting protagonist. Amidst all this, a mysterious boy...
Paimon: The "protagonist"?
Sumida: So those who took the commission in the past could not retrieve the Maushiro because they received a fake "Ghost Maushiro" instead.
Sumida: I see. So that's how it is. I understand now.
Sumida: Hmm, you know what? I think you two have some writing talent!
Sumida: This is very interesting indeed, but some aspects of this story are quite rigid and unconducive to the development of the setting. Still...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg "Setting"? What's that?
Sumida: Oh, don't worry about it. I think that with some time and some polish, this story will definitely sell well!
Sumida: Aratani should like this sort of story, too. Maybe I'll even get a contract with Yae Publishing House!
Sumida: Ahh, my days of professional writing are coming soon, aren't they... No, no, I haven't even decided on a pen name yet. Or maybe using my real name like Mr. Nine does might be cooler...
Sumida: ...
Paimon: Sumida's been mumbling all kinds of gibberish for a while now. Is she alright...?
Sumida: ...That's right, my commission isn't over just yet.
Sumida: Whether true or false, I still require more stories concerning Tsurumi Island...
Sumida: ...A—And if possible, I'd like to know more about him... About Kama, that is.
Sumida: I—I mean, he is my reliable partner, isn't he? We've sailed through wild storms, just like the legendary Ako Domeki Zaemon and Janome Gonbei...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You mean the time you almost died?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg You mean the time you threw up some purple goop?
Sumida: ...Uh, well, the legends do say that Ako Domeki was saved by Janome many times.
Sumida: In any case, I want to learn more about Kama.
Sumida: I—I mean, he's just got that "keeping his true power a mystery, only to join the protagonist's party in the closing phases of the story" feel to him, you know? I think it'll be well worth writing such a character into the plot.
Paimon: He certainly is very mysterious...
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I accept your commission.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg I'd like to explore Tsurumi Island further as well.
Sumida: Thank you...!
Sumida: Well then, please continue your exploration of Tsurumi Island...
(Talk to Sumida again)
Sumida: "Bwoooom!"
Sumida: ...This Maushiro makes such an odd sound...
Sumida: Uhh, how should I describe it? Would it be easier to just make some sound up like you suggested, Paimon?


Ishine Script Puzzles

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Octave of the Maushiro
Japanese マウシロの音を聴く
Korean 마우시로의 선율
Spanish Octava del maushiro
French Octave de maushiro
Russian Октава маусиро
Thai ฟังโน้ตอ็อกเทฟของ Maushiro
Vietnamese Lắng Nghe Khúc Nhạc Của Maushiro
German Oktave der Maushiro
Indonesian Oktaf Maushiro
Portuguese Ouça a oitava da Maushiro

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Released in Version 2.2