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Ocean-Hued Clam is an Artifact Set available at 4-star and 5-star rarities which can be obtained from Slumbering Court.

Gameplay Notes[]


Item Sea-Dyed Blossom Sea-Dyed Blossom

A soft flower that has taken on the many shades of the capricious ocean. It shines with wondrous colors under the moon's silver light.

A tender flower from the ocean. Its core is adorned with pure pearls.
The songs of Watatsumi Island say that these flowers bloom in the pearl-lit depths.
Steeped in the lovesickness of the diving sea-daughters and the gentle moonlight, they would give off a pearly gleam.

When all conflicts have ceased, the sea beasts shall no longer weep for their lonesome companions,
And when the moonlight rises over Touzan, the lovely deity shall rise and sing.
"Come, sea-daughters, come and see, O people of my heart, for the moon is out tonight."
"Though Touzan might fall this night, the lightning and the storm can never hide the moon's pearly glory..."

The lonesome maiden will sing and dance upon the moon-silver waves.
The divers shall forget the pain of loss, and even the tender flowers will regain their vibrance.

Item Deep Palace's Plume Deep Palace's Plume

A down feather with the same hue as coral, said to come from a shrine maiden's ceremonial garment.

In the days when the many clans first saw the light of day, Omikami chose shrine maidens from among the people of the sea.
In the island-songs of history, the first Divine Priestess was once one of the sea-daughters who collected pearls.

She would come amongst the children, who in their meaningless conflict, lost sight of their future
And amongst the old who had lost sight of life's beauty amidst ruthless tragedy.
The Divine Priestess comforted the people using her lovely songs and gentle words,
And even amidst the stormy times, the people of Watatsumi saw hope for the first time.

This sea-born feather was said to have come from that Divine Priestess' ceremonial garb.
It was plucked by mistake by a child's tender hand, and was preserved by a fretful person.
Later, when the brave hero and priestesses rushed to their irrevocable sacrifice,
The Divine Priestess' ceremonial garment was not lost, but passed down in memory to the present day.

Item Cowry of Parting Cowry of Parting

A clean, flawless shell that comes from the bottomless ocean.

Time seems to pass exceedingly slowly in the silent, fluorescent ocean depths.
Even the bright seashells might grow forgetful as the years lengthen.

The people of Watatsumi once came forth from the darkness, and thus bade farewell to the long dreams of the deep.
They escaped the prying gaze of the Dragonheirs in the dark, walking the glimmering coral stair into the realm of daylight.
It is said that at that time, the ocean people would take a single seashell as remembrance for their clan.
And as for those who had lost theirs, they would be welcomed into a new family.

In the ancient tongue, these pure shells would become known as the Parcels of Reunion.
Two parties who embrace shall not again be parted by an outside force, though this enjoining is not itself eternal.
These seashells, therefore, were a farewell to life beneath the waves, and the beginning of a new life under the sun.

Item Pearl Cage Pearl Cage

The shining pearls that the shrine maidens of Watatsumi Island offer up shine eternally and never dim.

To the sea people, the bright pearls that Watatsumi's deity once praised are priceless treasures.
Only the Divine Priestess had the right to sing the great song themed around those pearls.

Legend has it that the rainbow-hued clams produced these flawless gems in gratitude for Watatsumi's tenderness.
In latter days, it was even said that the bloodline of the Divine Priestess was originally birthed from these pearls.
Having stepped down from her soft, vivid cradle, she and the sisters who danced with the sea and moon were greatly favored,
For out of his rejoicing and love, Omikami gave unto them beautiful gems that granted them the pure desire to pursue daylight.

In the hands of those whose veins run true with Watatsumi blood, pearls seem to gleam brighter than normal.
Perhaps this is but an ancient tale, the truth of which can no longer be verified.
But it is said that at the point of defeat, the Divine Priestess and the twin sisters exchanged their clothes and concealed themselves within the endless waves.
Only this bright pearl was lost in the rippling tumult, returning to the silent solitude of the depths.

Item Crown of Watatsumi Crown of Watatsumi

An ancient, intricate crown that was once used by a forgotten clergy member. Today, this relic has been enshrined with great ceremony by the people of Watatsumi.

Omikami once selected his clergy from amongst the people of Watatsumi, personally giving them these circlets of office.
But when the age of the martyrdom passed, and the old priesthood passed with it, these lovely crowns were sealed.

The people of the sea sing that these crowns of pearl and coral will never be stained by any dirt,
And that any who should have the fortune to receive one were recognized as rulers by Omikami.
The valiant vassal lord known as Touzannou and the twins[Note 2] who traversed the waves freely...
They all had Omikami's tender gaze and favor, and have been immortalized in the islanders' songs.
It is said that these rulers once served as the deity's auxiliaries, guiding the people of the sea to farm, fish, and hunt on their island.
But as the time of destined martyrdom came, a god would fall.

Bearing the hopes and memories that were brought up from the ocean depths, and steeped in a history and culture that are now lost,
These intricate and enchanting crowns passed with their owners into the forgotten rifts.


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  1. Like Transformative Reactions, the Sea-Dyed Foam does have a DMG multiplier based on DEF:

    However, the difference it causes is so extremely minuscule that it can usually be ignored.
  2. The Yuna twins, Mouun and Ayame.

Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishOcean-Hued Clam
Hǎi Rǎn Chēqú
Ocean-Hued Giant Clam
Hǎi Rǎn Chēqú
Kaisen Shako‍[!][!]
Ocean-Hued Giant Clam[• 1]
Korean바다에 물든 거대 조개
Bada-e Muldeun Geodae Jogae
Sea-Hued Giant Clam
SpanishPerla OceánicaOceanic Pearl
FrenchPalourde aux teintes océaniquesOcean-Hued Clam
RussianМоллюск морских красок
Mollyusk morskikh krasok
Clam of Sea Colors
ThaiOcean-Hued Clam
VietnameseXà Cừ Đại DươngOcean Conch
GermanMeeresmuschelSea Shell
IndonesianOcean-Hued Clam
PortugueseConcha Tingida Pelo MarShell Dyed by the Sea
TurkishOkyanus Renkli İstiridyeOcean-Hued Clam
ItalianMollusco oceanicoOceanic Clam
  1. Japanese: 硨磲 is used to refer to any clam of subfamily Tridacninae.

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