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Obstacles impede movement throughout the world and domains. Aside from unscalable walls and breakable rocks that hide treasures and mines, there are additional obstacles that can limit or impede your movement when exploring a world or domain.



A barrier or seal stops a player from passing through the area. Barriers are found mainly in the overworld. Attempting to pass through a barrier results in you being knocked back. If the barrier resonates with a certain element, then it will deal elemental damage. Otherwise, it will deal no damage.

Barriers can be unlocked by completing quests, but some barriers remain permanently installed. Some barriers that surround chests need to be flown over to access the chest inside.


Bubbles are objects that can appear in domains and minigames, in Ley Line Disorders or Auras, or from attacks from certain enemies such as Hydro Abyss Mages and Large Hydro Slimes. The bubbles trap the player inside and can deal Hydro DMG on impact.

Hilichurl Structures

Hilichurl Structures refer to objects found near Hilichurl camps with a special architectural style. They can be destroyed by the player.

Dendro Vines

Dendro Vines, or thorns, are found in the Overworld and in domains. These cause Dendro DMG if one is too close. They commonly cover chests but can also obstruct paths. Thorns can easily be burnt down using Pyro.

Rock Piles

Rocks commonly cover chests and passageways. Rocks can be broken using Physical DMG or Geo attacks. Some rocks are placed over chests, while others are loosely placed over corridors.


Spiders are uncommon enemies that cover paths and corridors up and while firing projectiles at the player. They do not respond to elemental damage. Once a spider is killed, it will break the web free.

Boom Blossoms

Boom Blossoms trigger upon touching them then detonate, dealing Elemental DMG to nearby enemies and players.


Defense Mechanism

Defense Mechanisms are common around Dragonspine. These fire Cryo elements at the player dealing elemental damage. They cannot be afflicted by Elements or Elemental Reactions.


Similar to rocks, but they only respond to Pyro. Ice in subzero climate (like Dragonspine) do not even respond to Pyro and require being imbued by picking up a Scarlet Quartz to break them. Doing so will either uncover chests, a ladder, or something else.

Ice in rivers and lakes can sink, resulting in you landing in the water.


Icicles are found in caves in Dragonspine and deal damage upon impact. These can be triggered by using a bow to hit the icicle. They will fall and then respawn after a short period of time. It can knock out enemies as well.


Floating Platforms

Floating platforms made of Plaustrite can be found throughout Liyue. These will appear when triggered (such as approaching it) and disappear after some time. If a platform disappears while you are standing on it, you will fall.


Thunder Sakura

Thunder Sakuras will periodically summon electrical pulses at the player's location. The player must move, or else they will take Electro DMG.



Spikes are found inside some domains. They are red and shiny in color. If your character touches them, then you will either be teleported away from the spikes and lose a little HP or have your HP constantly drain from constant contact of the spikes (if underwater), similar to electrified Water.

  • The spikes underwater at Crash Course can be overcome by freezing the water with Cryo.
  • The domain Secret Ingredient has a Pyro monument below level with spikes surrounding it. Shoot the Pyro monument with Amber or use Xiangling's Guoba Attack to activate it and open the door.


Flamethrowers are found inside domains and shoot fire, inflicting Pyro DMG.


Lasers are extremely common inside domains. While they do not resonate with any particular element, they can drain HP over time. Lasers have to be dodged by jumping or switching to a short character. If you cross a laser, you will either fall if gliding or you will take some mild damage. If you stay in the path of a laser, you will be knocked down. If you find yourself pinned against a wall because of a laser, it is unlikely your character will survive.


Lava can only be found in certain domains. If you fall into lava, then you will respawn near the lava pool with less HP than you started, similar to falling out of bounds.