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Nutritious Meal (V.593) is a special food item that the player has a chance to obtain by cooking Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake with Sucrose. The recipe for Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake is obtained after completing a certain version of the commission Food Delivery.

Nutritious Meal (V.593) revives a character and restores 20% of Max HP, then restores an additional 1,500 HP to the target fallen character with a 120-second cooldown. Like most foods, this cannot target other players' characters in Co-Op Mode.


  • Item Crab Roe.png 1 Crab Roe
  • Item Ham.png 1 Ham
  • Item Cream.png 1 Cream
  • Item Cabbage.png 1 Cabbage
  • Creates Nutritious Meal (V.593) Nutritious Meal (V.593) ×1


    Other Languages

    LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
    EnglishNutritious Meal (V.593)
    Wǔjiǔsān-shì Yíngyǎng Cān
    Formula Five-Nine-Three Nutritious Meal[• 1]
    Wǔjiǔsān-shì Yíngyǎng Cān
    Gokyuusan-shiki Eiyoushoku
    Formula Five-Nine-Three Nutritious Meal
    Korean오구삼식 보양식
    Ogusam-sik Boyangsik
    Formula Five-Nine-Three Nutritious Meal
    SpanishComida nutritiva (versión n.º 593)
    FrenchRepas n°593Meal No. 593
    RussianПитательное разнообразие
    Pitatel'noye raznoobraziye
    ThaiNutritious Meal (V. 593)
    VietnameseCơm Dinh Dưỡng 593Nutritious Meal 593[• 2]
    GermanNahrhafte Kost Nr. 593Nutritious Diet No. 593
    IndonesianNutritious Meal (V. 593)
    PortugueseRefeição Nutritiva (V.593)
    1. Chinese: The numbers five, nine, and three are written in financial form Chinese numerals 伍,玖,叁 instead of the normal Chinese numerals 五,九,三 in everyday usage.
    2. Vietnamese: "Cơm" literally means rice, but it can also refer to a meal in this case.

    Change History

    Released in Version 1.0