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The Northland Bank is a location in Liyue Harbor, Liyue. It is a Snezhnayan bank.

Inside the bank, in the back room from the right-hand stairs, a precious chest containing 200,000 Mora can be looted.


The bank was setup sometime before the Traveler arrived at Liyue. The bank is known for giving out generous loans to prospective clients. They are likely controlled by the Fatui, as the Fatui themselves have a Debt Collection division that specifically goes after clients with outstanding debts to the bank.

During normal (non-event) dialogue, Ekaterina refuses to confirm any direct ties to the Fatui (despite wearing a Fatui uniform herself), but concedes that Harbingers are some of their clients.

The Mora bags of Northland Bank have elemental energy that verifies them as one of theirs.

The Northland Bank is a major location in Chapter 1 of the Archon Quests, used as a rendezvous point for the Traveler and Childe. During "Rite of Descension," Childe has the Traveler meet him there after escaping the Millelith. The Traveler returns there during the start of "An Organization Known as Wangsheng," and goes there a final time during "The Fond Farewell" in search of Zhongli.

Mora Exchange

If you have leftover funds from Childe via the Archon Quest "Downtown" (A Huge Bag of Mora) or the Story Quest "Teucer's Terrific Tour" (Childe and Teucer's Mora Pouch), they can be exchanged for Mora. The Northland Bank shop menu can be accessed by speaking to Ekaterina.

Item Item Bag of Mora.png Stock Total
Mora Mora ×1 1 35,000 35,000
Total cost for all items


Name Role Notes
Andrei Manager Only appears inside during daytime.
Ekaterina Receptionist Appears inside during both night and daytime.
Mister Qi Only appears inside during daytime.
Nadia Guard Only appears outside during nighttime.
Vlad Guard Only appears outside during daytime.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0