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Samurai who have fallen into banditry. Though they are called the Nobushi, they do not have a centralized organization.
They possess highly-advanced sword skills and also use crossbows to ambush opponents, using any means to win. Those who have abandoned the title of a martial artist often abandon their dignity as well.
Sometimes they even collude with the Treasure Hoarders or Fatui out of a greed for wealth — or simply to survive.

The Nobushi: Kikouban (Japanese: 野伏・機巧番) are samurai enemies.


Abilities and Attacks

  • Sword Slash: Performs a simple quick-slash at the player.
  • Sword Dash: Readies their weapon on the hilt before dash-slashing at the player. This move is always accompanied by the signature glint on the hilt, shared between all variations of Nobushi as they prepare to unsheathe.
  • Crossbow: Draws a crossbow and fires 3 bolts at the player if they are too far from the Kikouban. The shot deals Electro damage.


Some special Nobushi: Kikouban appear as mini-bosses in specific locations or quests:

  • If you break nearly all of the pots on the island where Violet Court is, one will appear with a random title:
    • "Eyes-Behind-His-Back Saizou"
    • "Ichimonji Shun"
    • "Red-Eyes Hori"
    • "Snaky Lad"
    • "Stormchaser Ushiuemon"
    • "Wild Dog Watanabe"
    • "Iesada The Frog"
    • "Flowery Soubei"
    • "Niimura Kiyokuwa"
    • "Hidemitsu of Jinren Island"
    • "Takashi the Terrible"
    • "Amanojaku Ietoshi"
    • "Sakon the Hound"
    • "Captain Ikki"

Other Media


  • Kikou (Japanese: こう) is a Japanese word that means "trick", "contrivance" or "cleverness".[2]

Change History

Released in Version 2.0