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Nobushi (Japanese: 野伏 Nobushi), also called Vagrants during Requests, are Common Enemies found in Inazuma. They are wandering samurai who have fallen into banditry.


Despite often appearing in groups, the Nobushi do not have a centralized organization. Depending on the temperament or the nature of their crimes, they are also known as the "homeless ones", "vagabonds", "Kairagi", "ne'er-do-wells", or even "the rioters", or just simply known collectively as "those rogues".
They are often samurai who haven fallen into banditry, and some will even ally themselves with the Treasure Hoarders or the Fatui for survival or monetary gain.

Nobushi are sometimes led by Kairagi. All Nobushi share the same set of common auto-attacks, but each one also has an attack unique to themselves.




Kairagi are tall, tougher versions of the Nobushi. Unlike the Nobushi, they are capable of infusing their blades with the respective Elements.


Some special Nobushi: Hitsukeban appear as mini-bosses in specific locations or quests:

Some special Nobushi: Jintouban appear as mini-bosses in specific locations or quests:

Some special Nobushi: Kikouban appear as mini-bosses in specific locations or quests:

  • If you break nearly all of the pots on the island where Violet Court is, one will appear with a random title:
    • "Eyes-Behind-His-Back Saizou"
    • "Ichimonji Shun"
    • "Red-Eyes Hori"
    • "Snaky Lad"
    • "Stormchaser Ushiuemon"
    • "Wild Dog Watanabe"
    • "Iesada The Frog"
    • "Flowery Soubei"
    • "Niimura Kiyokuwa"
    • "Hidemitsu of Jinren Island"
    • "Takashi the Terrible"
    • "Amanojaku Ietoshi"
    • "Sakon the Hound"
    • "Captain Ikki"



  • Sword Slash: Slashes at the player.
  • Sword Lunge: Lunges towards the player with their sword.
  • Taunt: The Nobushi will spin their katanas to taunt their opponents. They are left open while doing this.


Nobushi are not particularly tough normal enemies, but they are troublesome to defeat, much like Kairagi, as they are hard to stagger and cannot be dragged in with Anemo like most other normal mobs. All Nobushi share the same set of common attacks, using their swords to attack the players. While Nobushi do close in as with many melee enemies, they also tend to have a habit of sword lunging, making them scatter all over the place.

The Hitsukeban and Kikouban Nobushi possess unique attacks of their own which can apply Pyro and Electro respectively, the former being used at close range and the latter at long range. Jintouban Nobushi do not possess any unique attacks of their own, despite appearing to be Hydro-related.



  • Nobushi (Japanese: ぶし, "wild warrior") were brigands in Medieval Japan; specifically, they were groups of armed peasants that hid in the mountains and worked as highwaymen.[1]
  • Each type of Nobushi uses the suffix -ban (Japanese: ばん), which can mean "(one's) turn" or to "watch/guard", among other meanings. In this case, it is more of a classifier to denote the different types of Nobushi; for example, Hitsukeban (Japanese: つけばん) may be translated as "Arson-class (Nobushi)".
  • A Hitsukeban named "Ronin" appears as an antagonist in the Grus Nivis Chapter, Act I: The Whispers of the Crane and the White Rabbit.
    • A rōnin refers to a wandering samurai who has no lord or master.
  • As the Nobushi were originally heavy enemies on release, if they are defeated in a ragdoll state, they will not say any defeat quotes and fade away like other enemies as they get back up.


Change History

Released in Version 2.0
Version 2.1
  • The weight for Nobushi was reduced.
  • Nobushi will no longer jump back.
  • Optimizes the combat experience when dealing with the Nobushi's sword-drawing technique.

Version 2.0

  • Nobushi was released.