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Noblesse Oblige is an Artifact Set available at 4-star and 5-star rarities which can be obtained from Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern.

How to Obtain[]

Gameplay Notes[]

  • 2-Piece Bonus:
    • The 2-Piece Bonus is considered Damage Bonus and is additive with other Damage Bonus sources such as Elemental DMG% from a Goblet of Eonothem.
    • The 2-Piece Bonus does not affect any buffs provided by Elemental Bursts such as the Normal/Charged/Plunging Attack DMG Bonus from Xiao's Bane of All Evil.
    • The 2-Piece Bonus affects any damage directly caused by an Elemental Burst including the Electro DMG from Razor's Lightning Fang.
  • 4-Piece Bonus:
    • Having more than one character in your team equip 4-Piece Noblesse Oblige does not stack the ATK gained from the bonus. It only refreshes the duration.
    • However, the 4-Piece Bonus can stack with the other sources of ATK such as the 4-Piece Bonus of Tenacity of the Millelith.
    • The ATK increase also works for co-op team mates.


Item Royal Flora Royal Flora

A satin flower with a glossy finish, fit for an elegant gathering. It still looks as distinguished as it did on the day it was cast aside.

A blue lily made of silky satin
that once served as a noblewoman's headdress.

A noble who once ruled over Mondstadt left it behind.
In that legendary age, the nobles were examples for the people.
They guided their subjects with their conduct and wisdom.
They were the true representation of the people of Mondstadt.
They were noble not only in lineage,
but also in their commitment to virtues and principles.

The longevity of the nobles was cut short by their endless self-indulgence.
Ostentation gave way to devolution.

Item Royal Plume Royal Plume

A feathered hat accessory worn by the old aristocrats of Mondstadt on hunts. It still stands proudly as if no time has passed.

The feather of a falcon proudly perched on top of an old noble's hat.
Hunting with the common folk and sharing the spoils with them was an old tradition.

Commonplace were the hunts, a hobby of the ruling class of Mondstadt.
The festivities were shared with their servants and the common folk,
As a sign of the benevolence of the nobles.
All the people were eager participants in the festivities.

Hunts soon lost their meaning.
The nobles everything as their own, presuming it their right.
Proudly the feather still stood, yet faded was its color in the people's eyes.

Item Royal Pocket Watch Royal Pocket Watch

A pocket watch that once belonged to the old aristocrats of Mondstadt. Passed down from generation to generation, it has witnessed many years of history.

An exquisite pocket watch made of sapphire.
It remains functional even after all these years.

The pocket watch of a noble who once ruled over Mondstadt. The time it tells is still accurate.
Punctuality is a virtue, and this pocket watch helped the nobles stay on a virtuous path.
It was more for self-discipline than a tool to influence the common folk.
At daybreak, a worthy noble must be more vigilant than his people.
At night, he should be more thoughtful and restless than they.

Over the years, the once-strict schedule was overturned by their indolent descendants.
Their timepieces grew more extravagant, but lost their virtuous function.

Item Royal Silver Urn Royal Silver Urn

An ornamental urn that once belonged to the old aristocrats of Mondstadt. Mournful winds seem to echo within its empty interior.

An ornamental urn made of sapphire, bearing the silver insignia of a noble house.
It is exquisite and elegant, a testament to the aesthetics of the ancient nobles of Mondstadt.

A noble who once ruled over Mondstadt left it behind.
However, the extravagant treasures that once lay inside are now gone.
These luxuries were symbols of the noble's stature,
as well as the confidence, pride, and prosperity of the people of Mondstadt.

Then, the nobles fell prey to power.
They took and they spent without regard to the people.
Luxurious accessories became vanity items.

Item Royal Masque Royal Masque

A masquerade mask worn by the old aristocrats of Mondstadt. Its hollow eyes are fixated on the golden days of the past.

A silver mask inlaid with gold and gems and engraved with delicate patterns.
Delicately made, it showcases the elegance and customs of the old nobles.

The first nobles who rose up to rule Mondstadt began as heroes of humble origins.
These great chieftains and elegant princes as well as beautiful princesses and noblemen
once welcomed the people to their banquets and feasts.
In those days long past, the nobles shared their wisdom and elegance generously.

In that golden age, the nobles shared with the people their knowledge and profits.
But the later nobles were seduced by power. Their banquets were exclusively for their own pleasure.



  • Noblesse oblige is a French expression that translates to "nobility obliges." It refers to the idea that the title and privileges of nobility carry with them social responsibilities, usually towards their subjects and the commonfolk.

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Other Languages[]

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishNoblesse ObligeFrench: Nobility Commitment
Xīrì Zōngshì zhī Yí
Ritual of the Old Nobility
Xīrì Zōngshì zhī Yí
Kyuu Kizoku no Shitsuke
Discipline of the Old Nobility
Korean 왕실의 의식
Yet Wangsil-ui Uisik
Ritual of Old Royal
SpanishRitual Antiguo de la NoblezaOld Ritual of Nobility
FrenchAncien rituel royalAncient Royal Ritual
RussianЦеремония древней знати
Tseremoniya drevney znati
Ceremony of Ancient Nobility
ThaiNoblesse Oblige
VietnameseNghi Thức Tông Thất CổCeremony of Ancient Nobility
GermanAltes HofritualOld Court Ritual
IndonesianNoblesse Oblige
PortugueseAntigo Ritual RealOld Royal Ritual
TurkishAsil MinnettarlıkNoble Gratitude
ItalianNoblesse Oblige

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