1. Talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt
  2. Talk to Katheryne in Liyue Harbor


(Talking to Katheryne in Mondstadt)
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Any new Commissions?
Katheryne: Greetings, Adventurer. The tales of your deeds are now known to all in Mondstadt.
Katheryne: Continue in this fashion and you are destined to become one of the great Adventurers of our age.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Got anything for me to do?
Katheryne: If you wish to become a great Adventurer, there comes a time when you must move beyond the places you know.
Katheryne: Now you have amassed such a wealth of adventuring experience, perhaps it is time for you to explore somewhere new.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png But Mondstadt is all I know...
Katheryne: That is because your adventures this far have all been limited to the Mondstadt area.
Katheryne: But all that is about to change. Soon, you will be able to venture into the world beyond.
Katheryne: Take this letter and deliver it to Liyue Katherine.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png ...There's a Katheryne in Liyue too?
Katheryne: Yes. I'm sure you will have no trouble finding her.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png Should I call you "Mondstadt Katheryne" in future, then?
Katheryne: If it helps advance your adventuring career, call me whatever you like.
Katheryne: Anyway, once Liyue Katheryne has this letter, she will be your point of contact there for all your adventuring needs.
Katheryne: Of course, whenever you are back in Mondstadt I will still be delighted to be of service.
Katheryne: I would ask that you refrain from opening the letter en route. If anything were to fall out, it could cause complications.
Katheryne: Adventurer! The time has come for you to take the next step towards the stars and the abyss. Ad astra abyssosque!

(Talking to Katheryne in Liyue)
Katheryne: Welcome to the Liyue branch of the Adventurer's Guild. Ad astra abyssosque!
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I suspect this is for you...
Katheryne: A letter? For me? Oh... So, you're an Adventurer from Mondstadt?
Katheryne: What's this – a Dandelion? Why is there a Dandelion in the envelope?
Katheryne: Adventurer, did you place a Dandelion in this envelope to try and prove you are from Mondstadt?
Katheryne: There's really no need. There is more than enough information contained in this letter to establish your identity and background.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png It wasn't me.
Icon Dialogue Talk.png I bet it was Katheryne...
Katheryne: Katheryne? ...Oh, you must mean Mondstadt Katheryne.
Katheryne: Why did she put a Dandelion in with the letter? Very odd... A Dandelion isn't much use to an Adventurer, now, is it?
Katheryne: Not that it really matters, of course.
Katheryne: This letter from the Mondstadt Aventurers' Guild says that you are a highly experienced Adventurer.
Katheryne: If that's true, I'm sure you are ready to take on Commissions from the Liyue Adventurers' Guild.
Katheryne: A whole new world of wild adventure awaits you. Ad astra abyssosque!

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