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You wouldn't exactly describe the Iudex of Fontaine as "approachable." It's hard to say whether it's just in his nature, or because he has secrets to hide.

—Description from the Official Website[1]


The Chief Justice of Fontaine, known as the Iudex, is renowned for his unassailable impartiality.

—In-game character attributes and profile page text

In accordance to his role as the Chief Justice, Neuvillette takes the court and trials very seriously, handing out verdicts with impartiality. He is notably perceptive, being able to hear Paimon's whispers and is able to deduce the additional details from the evidence provided to him during a trial. He utilizes the Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale to make the final decision, honoring its request regardless of his own feelings on the matter as per protocol.

Due to his position and ties to the Hydro Archon, he is popular among Fontaine's people as a symbol of justice and honor. As a member of the Seven Sovereigns, Neuvillette is unfamiliar with human customs and feelings, using the court to help him process and understand them. He rarely spends his time out in public, as he does not enjoy unwanted attention, and in the few times he speaks to humans, he appears to be aloof, though honest in his words. However, when interacting with Melusines, he is extremely friendly, seen as the ideal father by them; likewise, he is fiercely protective of them, considering them the pride of Fontaine and investigating matters himself should he hear of a Melusine being bullied or threatened. This stems from his failure to protect his friend and subordinate, Carole, when she was driven to death due to Fontainian's prejudice, and Neuvillette being forced to sentence his other friend, Vautrin, for carrying out a revenge killing for Carole, he had since resolved to prevent such tragedy from happening ever again.

When he was initially reincarnated, Neuvillette was left with many questions about himself, leading to him accepting a position as the Iudex. His time overseeing trials led him to experience a plethora of human experiences and emotions, which was secretly prepared by Focalors in the hopes that his newfound perception would save the people of Fontaine from a looming prophecy that would exterminate them. Upon learning the full extent of Focalors' deception, he admitted that she was devious and was both saddened and shocked by her self-sacrifice. Indeed, having seen humanity positively, Neuvillette used his fully restored powers to save the people and left aside fragments of his power in the form of Visions for those worthy of them.

Neuvillette opposes the Heavenly Principles, and by extension The Seven, as they usurped the authority of the Dragons that once ruled Teyvat. This appears to be more of a professional standpoint than a personal matter, as he expresses surprise at the current status of some Archons, like Barbatos, while respecting Lesser Lord Kusanali for her duties.

Despite his appearance, Neuvillette enjoys water and is an avid taster, being able to discern the properties of where the water came from and how it's prepared; as a result, this also extends to him liking food with plenty of sauce. He does not like deep fried food and grilled food with no sauce, especially taking great offence to Charcoal-Baked Ajilenakh Cakes.


Neuvillette uses the tall male model. He has pale skin, dark blue-shaded slit eyes, pointed ears, and waist length white hair with a single lock that has a blue underside. He also has what appears to be two bright, blue horn-like accessories at shoulder length.

Official Introduction

Someday, when they return, their true ordeal shall begin.

Xbalanque, One Entombed With the Primal Fire

"Given that our previous behind-the-scenes editorial on the Hydro Archon earned us the honorable epithet of 'tabloid journalism' from our dear Monsieur Neuvillette, this time we'll be focusing on the mysterious Iudex himself. We know little indeed of his true character, and sadly our multiple requests for an interview were all turned down. Instead, we have decided to reach out and draw upon the wisdom of the masses. In the pursuit of the truth, all anonymous submissions and attestations of manifestly questionable veracity have been filtered out. We were rather intrigued, however, by the following letter written in a particularly adorable script:


"If the Darknight Hero really does exist, he's probably just someone in disguise. When he gets up in the morning to brush his teeth, it's the real him. Only in the dead of night does he become the Darknight Hero. But not (Monsieur) Neuvillette. The Chief Justice IS the real him. For us Melusines, our ideal of the perfect father — that's also the real him. The only person that isn't really him is the one that goes by the name of Neuvillette."

From this, we can safely surmise... that Neuvillette must be the only male Melusine! Granted, the Melusines actually appeared much later than when Neuvillette took up his post. But in the face of such ironclad evidence, there's bound to be some way of explaining this!"

— Seven Nations Gazette, a notorious tabloid

Character Stories

Character Details

Neuvillette is a solitary person.

Fontainians who have tried to get close to him have, without exception, been politely rejected. To this day, no one even knows his first name, since he has always asked that he be referred to by his last name.

He believes that close personal ties will lead to suspicions about the justness of one's judgments, while he must remain a symbol of absolute justice.

Of course, there will always be people who just won't give up. They will say, "Come now, Monsieur Neuvillette. Not everyone will stand trial, nor will you always have to remain in the judge's seat."

But is that really the case? If there is an answer in his heart, Neuvillette will not reveal it.

Given enough time, every river will overflow and flood. Every last Fontainian is guilty, with judgment and doom certain to one day fall upon them — this is neither metaphor nor rhetoric.

Yet, Neuvillette can share this fact with no one.

Truly, he is a lonesome person.

Character Story 1

Item Companionship EXP Friendship Lv. 2

Neuvillette is not known for his personal desires.

Curious members of the public and journalists are wont to seek high and low for him all across Fontaine when he is not sitting in the Chief Justice's seat of judgment. He may sit at a seat for specially invited guests during performances, appear by the shore when the skies are just on the cusp of weeping, or be standing within the shadows cast by the afternoon sun.

There was once a time when all believed that he was some kind of demon who existed solely to preside over trials and judge, forcing him to clarify that... Well, the gist of it was "to bear witness and judge is my great honor, but I am not a trial aficionado. Iudex is simply one of the hats I wear, and my time as a judge is but one phase of my life."

This successful clarification led him out of the frying pan, and into the fire, as they say — "Shocking News! Neuvillette Claims 'Iudex' to be 'Springboard' Post! Unspeakable Plans Next; Where Will His Ambition End?"

As for the new rumors, Neuvillette paid them no heed. Perhaps they were, in fact, right on the Mora, and he simply did not correct them out of principle? No one knows.

Neuvillette is also not much of a drinker, nor does he like Fonta — indeed, he has never even been known to have given any sincere praise to the local chefs' most renowned dishes. This has led people to suspect that his lack of consumptive desire might come down to him simply not having a sense of taste.

His response was to organize a water-tasting salon party, at which all were gobsmacked by the wide variety of flavors water from different regions could possess and floored by the Iudex's most refined tastes. Of course, the amount of authenticity present in such interactions cannot be known.

But whatever the case, Neuvillette really is devoid of selfish want.

Character Story 2

Item Companionship EXP Friendship Lv. 3

Neuvillette is a just person.

If not for that quality, he probably would not have been qualified to serve as the Iudex in the first place.

To the children, the job of the man in the judge's seat is nothing more than wearing a wig, maintaining order in the court, and being the Oratrice's messenger pigeon. In truth, however, there are many administrative affairs that he must handle in private to keep the justice system up and running.

Due to certain historical and traditional legacies in Fontaine, the Iudex also has the right to prosecute, as well as the power to enforce the law in person. This was originally intended to make it easier to maintain law and order during chaotic times, but as the system became further refined, this rule, which represented the spirit of the pioneer far more than that of the law, became maintained only symbolically. When the Iudex investigates a case or serves as the prosecutor, they must recuse themselves as judge, and have someone else take the seat. And in the few instances where he has personally investigated cases, Neuvillette has unerringly followed this rule.

One thing to note is that he has been the only Iudex in the land for a very long time, so much so that people often speculate that he must have been given an unimaginably long life due to divine favor. As such, it is well that he is nothing if not fair-minded, or such an extensive term would surely lead to problems someday.

As to what he is precisely — a familiar of the Hydro Archon, or a mysterious Hydro elemental creature, perhaps — there are a great many opinions, though Neuvillette has never once commented on such talk.

Indeed, he is a person most impartial.

Character Story 3

Item Companionship EXP Friendship Lv. 4  • UI Quest Masquerade of the Guilty

Due to a variety of reasons, Fontaine's legal codices retain all manner of odd articles from days past. Neuvillette himself contributed this clause: "A Melusine shall be addressed as 'she,' rather than 'it,' for they are people too."

This might look strange on its face, but the more one considers it, the more it makes sense. After all, Melusines have been found all over Fontaine since near-modern times, and fighting for equal rights for them beginning with terms of address sent a powerful signal.

Indeed, Fontainians have noticed that Neuvillette displays different amounts of warmth toward Melusines and humans. Most regard this as the understated goodness in his heart having found an outlet, becoming the love of a father.

Oddly enough, this one only gets stranger the more one knows about Neuvillette.

For he is the Hydro Dragon, and in this capacity, he regards Melusines as dependents and successors, and also as the finest example of a new sort of Hydro Vishap species. Yet he is also the destroyer of the present order, the one who shall judge all gods, and the foe of humanity. So why, then, did he secure human rights for the Melusines?

You alone could ask him this question, and this was his reply: "It wasn't up to me. Melusines simply prefer being around humans, that's all."

Character Story 4

Item Companionship EXP Friendship Lv. 5  • UI Quest Masquerade of the Guilty

Neuvillette has always favored rainy days over sunny ones, as the moisture-laden air helps him relax. However, it has been a long time since he last delighted in standing under the rain.

It seems that from the time he chose to walk alongside Fontaine, he began to play the role of a strictly law-abiding normal person. Of course, normal people would not walk through the rain without an umbrella, allowing the rain to drench their hair.

It is worth mentioning that the role of Chief Justice is as much his true self as the Hydro Dragon is his essence. Only the role of "normal human" is one he must play.

It was in their solitude and guilt that humans invented a god to judge them, and in their greed and guilt that they created a god to save them. And with that god no longer present, it falls to Neuvillette to fulfill such expectations.

He has pardoned humanity, and has regained his original form.

Now, he can finally walk in the rain and enjoy it.

Indeed, he did do exactly this, and standing in the rain, he gazed into the distance, reminiscing about that day, so long ago, when he had received that letter.

Yes, a letter had found its way to him by some unknown means. The name of the recipient had been left blank, with the text only addressing him bluntly as "you."

A special you. A unique you. Neuvillette was not opposed to such a manner, but neither did he approve of it. He felt, vaguely, that the powers-that-be of the present world had no real right to judge him so.

He knew that this letter had been written by the Archon Focalors, who was inviting him to come and see Fontaine, claiming "I shall leave you a seat with the best view in the greatest theater."

Later, he would indeed come to receive that very seat — in the middle of the front row of the Opera Epiclese on the island known as Erinnyes. He would watch all manner of performances there, and the view was indeed excellent, just as Focalors had claimed.

What happened later was not made public knowledge. In all likelihood, the people had no way of understanding what it meant that the throne was shattered, or how the power of water was fully restored to its original owner. As to their being pardoned, and why they had to be forgiven in the first place, that was an even broader and more complex tale.

And thus did the curtain fall — Fontaine witnessed a happy ending to the greatest drama in history.

Or was it? A happy ending, that is. It was then that Neuvillette understood that the "seat" mentioned in the letter was not merely a chair in an opera house.

Focalors — or Furina, he should say — had given up her seat in the audience, come onstage alone, and become the heroine of the drama.

There were only ever a fixed number of seats, and for one to sit down, was for another to depart. That letter had been an invitation, issued several centuries in advance.

Well, Hydro Dragon? How do you feel about becoming a member of the human audience?

Are you enjoying this human drama?

Character Story 5

Item Companionship EXP Friendship Lv. 6  • UI Quest Masquerade of the Guilty

One as great as he should have no need for a constellation to shine over him. After all, "fate" is merely the manner in which the present ruler of this world plays with living beings.

Now that he has obtained one part of seven of the authority over the mortal realm, and reforged the throne and title of a "Fully Fledged Dragon," he is one strong enough to equal and rival "the human realm," and logic would dictate that he need not subscribe to this system known as "fate."

He can see, in the skies of destiny, how many stars contend with one another, creating a complicated, fragile world. He did not initially care much about such, for the puppet strings glossed as "divine rules" would one day be burned away by the fires of judgment. But he too was taken in by certain pleasing rhetoric.

"In that case, why don't you just watch over the Fontainians? They were born from the Primordial Sea, after all. That makes them part of this planet's native life, too, and a form of life that requires your care."

He would never admit that he himself had become quite fascinated with the joys and sorrows of humanity. Was it not so, he would argue, that humans find their gaze stolen by the ripples from falling raindrops in puddles? And could it not be, he would explain, that King Nibelung had been wrong, and that the black void could only be opposed if all life were to band together as one?

Thus did he, in the end, come into his own "fate." The skies had left a special, ennobled place for him, one reserved for the overseers and those who could defy the world itself — that of his own reflection.

—Of course, he was born in the form of a human. But why, then, is his constellation the image of the great leviathan? Well, this leads us to a more mundane explanation for the situation, one quite separate from grave matters of the world's fate:

As the one named "Neuvillette," he would often be roped by Melusines (especially Sigewinne) into a bit of astrology via The Steambird's constellation columns or astrology guides from Sumeru. Would it really do, at that point, to tell them that he "didn't have a constellation" or that his own constellation was just "Neuvillette"?

A Fontainian Nursery Rhyme

Item Companionship EXP Friendship Lv. 4  • UI Quest Masquerade of the Guilty

"Hydro Dragon, Hydro Dragon, don't cry."

No one knows who composed this children's song, or when, but it has organically spread throughout Fontaine all the same. Neuvillette has been somewhat perplexed by this. No matter how much time he has spent with Fontainians or how much they've been through together, he still cannot quite put a finger on how people view the real him — or that is to say, the Hydro Dragon.

In addition to commanding the power of Hydro, the Hydro Dragon also had mastery over the sea that was the source of life. Before any outside life forms were ever created, all life on this planet traced its origins to the Primordial Sea. Indeed, those placid waters were worthy of the title of "birthing waters" or "amniotic fluid" given by those who came after. And the Hydro Dragon could, in turn, be regarded as this planet's original "God of Life."

Neuvillette knows all this, of course, just like he knows that all rivers meet again in the great ocean. These birthing waters might not be of any special importance to humans, but for Neuvillette, he can differentiate every drop, every minute memory. He still remembers the foreign usurper appointing their own "God of Life" to order the living. He still remembers how the usurper had made "her" to suppress the original vital force of this planet. And of course, he also knows how "she" came to commit the original sin...

Having considered all this, Neuvillette decided, then, that whoever had penned that rhyme, as well as the Fontainians who came to believe in it, must not have known the Hydro Dragon all that well, considering that they thought the Hydro Dragon could cry. What did they take said Dragon for, some sort of bleeding heart who grieved for humans and the heavens alike?


Item Companionship EXP Friendship Lv. 6  • UI Quest Masquerade of the Guilty

Neuvillette does not need a Vision to manipulate the elements. However, there were some things he learned only after regaining his complete form:

Severely wounded in the great war of vengeance, the usurper had their functions ruined, and could no longer use their absolute authority to suppress the original order of this world. To continue to subdue and control the resentments and loathing of the world, the usurper and one who came after created the Gnoses together. So it came to be that an order was made to be upheld, and thus did humans come to only possess these seven remembrances, and all fragments of the primordial were driven to devour each other.

From that day on, whenever a person's wishes reached the heavens, the seven overseers of the material realm were duty-bound to grant them a gift. Though they might know nothing of who or what wish had stepped into the threshold of the sacred, the Seven Archons still had to impart a shattered shard of their mastery to that person. And when one so gifted completed their duty... the gift the gods would receive in return would be more abundant still.

Neuvillette obeys no edict from the heavens, but he does acknowledge human will. So he too set aside parts of himself, as like unto the dragon-treasure hoards of old, awaiting valiant humans to come and claim them.


Neuvillette: Surge
Item Neuvillette: Surge Obtain:
Reward for reaching Friendship Level 10 with Neuvillette
The water's surface may seem placid as a pristine gem, but it may yet be lying in wait for an opportune moment to gush forth.


Leviathan Judicator
Leviathan JudicatorStory Chapter:

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  • Excluding the Traveler and Dainsleif, Neuvillette is the first playable character who was introduced without any known or apparent source for their elemental powers; all other characters have a Vision (or ostensibly have one), or, for the Archons, their former Gnosis.
  • Before completing Archon Quest Chapter IV: Act IV - Cataclysm's Quickening, Neuvillette's Profile section lists the source of his Hydro powers and constellation as "???" After completing it, the power source and constellation are revealed to be "Ancient Dragon's Authority" and "Leviathan Judicator," respectively.
  • Neuvillette is the first playable character who has an idle animation that causes an Element (in his case, Hydro) to be applied to himself.
  • The light source and shading of Neuvillette's Wish Art differs from that of his Card.
  • According to Furina, Neuvillette is several thousand years old.[2][Note 1]
    • Neuvillette became the Iudex of Fontaine over four hundred years ago.[3]
  • Neuvillette is one of the few currently playable characters who acknowledges that the Traveler is from another world, presumably because of his status as one of the Seven Sovereigns, their shared experiences of being outsiders to Fontaine, and his knowledge of the Traveler as the fourth Descender.[4][5]
  • The title of Neuvillette's Character Introduction, "He who looks down on all that are haughty," is likely a reference to the verse Job 41:34 in the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, which speaks about the Leviathan.[6]
  • Neuvillette is known by these aliases or titles:
    • Chief Justice of Fontaine
    • Dragon of Water
    • Hydro Dragon
    • Connoisseur of Teyvat's Natural Waters (Self-Proclaimed)[7]
  • Neuvillette was first mentioned through his comment in Nahida's official introduction.
  • Neuvillette is the second character whose Story Quest Chapter name does not derive from their Constellation, following Zhongli.
  • Neuvillette is the first and only playable character so far to be known just by their surname.
  • Neuvillette is mentioned in the description of the following Furnishing:


  • The French word and name Neuvillette can be deconstructed into three parts: neu-, derived from neuf or neuve, which means "new"; -ville-, which means "city" or "town"; and -ette, a suffix used with grammatically feminine words to indicate diminution or endearment.
    • When used as a surname, Neuville is historically often paired with the nobiliary particle de placed between the first name and surname, indicating a family's city of origin or dominion.
  • The name Neuvillette may be a reference to Christian de Neuvillette, the deuteragonist of Cyrano de Bergerac, who himself is loosely based on the real-life Christophe de Champagne, baron de Neuvillette. In the play, Christian is a fair-faced man but lacks eloquence and wit; with the help of the play's main character, Cyrano, he wins the heart of Cyrano's distant cousin Roxane, but later dies during the Siege of Arras. Nothing is known about the real-life Christophe besides his death during the Siege of Arras and his marriage to Madeleine Robineau, Baronne de Neuvillette.
  • There are three French villages named Neuvillette. One of those villages is located in the French region that is closest to Great Britain, a region directly connected to Britain via an underwater railway tunnel, the Channel Tunnel.


  1. In Chinese version, the phrase used here is 至少上千岁了吧, which translates as “at least a thousand years old”.

Other Languages

Character Title: Ordainer of Inexorable Judgment

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishOrdainer of Inexorable Judgment
Yùgào de Cháoyīn
Yùgào de Cháoyīn
Kokuyu no Shiosai
Official Notice of the Waves’ Roar
Korean훈시의 파도 소리
Hunsi-ui Pado Sori
Wave Sounds of Instruction
SpanishEl Sentenciador de lo InexorableThe Sentencer of the Inexorable
FrenchOrdonnateur du jugement inexorableOrdainer of Inexorable Judgment
RussianРаспорядитель неумолимого суда
Rasporyaditel' neumolimogo suda
Administrator of Inexorable Judgment
VietnameseTiếng Sóng Phán QuyếtThe Sound of Judgment Waves
GermanFäller des unerbittlichen Urteils
IndonesianOrdainer of Inexorable Judgment
PortugueseOrdenador das MarésOrdainer of the Tides
TurkishKaçınılmaz Yargı
ItalianSentenza ineluttabileInescapable Sentence


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