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In the old language of Inazuma, "Nazuchi" means "to be caressed by the loving hands of the divine."
However, this shallow shoal has seen far too many battles and slaughters during its time.

Expedition description

Nazuchi Beach (Japanese: 名椎の浜 Nadzuchi no Hama) is a location in Yashiori Island, Inazuma.


In the ancient language of the Inazuma ancestors, "Nazuchi" means "to be tenderly caressed by the hands of the gods." Ironically, Nazuchi Beach has been ravaged by war since a thousand years ago and has become a place for scavengers and pirates, with few inhabitants.

In-game Archive

A beach connecting Kannazuka and Yashiori Island, Nazuchi Beach has been ravaged by war for almost a thousand years. In recent years, it has been a place of interest for both the Tenryou Commission and Watatsumi Army, with weapons scattered all over the place. Both ground and naval engagements have taken place here, and third-party affiliates such as criminals have made the area a prime spot for looting what remains on the battlefield.

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Item Specialty Notes
Dendrobium Dendrobium
Electro Crystal Electro Crystal

Other Interactables

Note: The Pirate's Diaries are simply labeled "Pirate's Diary" in-game; the numbers labeled below are for wiki convenience and does not necessarily reflect their actual relative chronological order.

Pirate's Note

Pirate's Note: (A wrinkled note with rough handwriting.)
Pirate's Note: "...We've been entrusted with looking after the lad named Chouji. Uncle Onitaka told us to take care of him before setting sail..."
Pirate's Note: "...We'll bring him here once that samurai on the broken boat has been dealt with."
Pirate's Note: "...It's too cruel that he's been separated from his mother and has been forced to live alone..."

Pirate's Diary #1

This is found near the Pirate's Note, in some ship ruins.

Pirate's Diary: (This diary looks newer. Perhaps someone took it as spoils of war.)
Pirate's Diary: "...Most of the Shogunate samurai stragglers wandering across the island have been dealt with. We need to use them to send a warning to the others..."
Pirate's Diary: "...We should mark our borders with their personal effects. That'll show those Shogunate numbskulls that they shouldn't get too close..."

Pirate's Diary #2

This is found on the land in the southeastern side of ship ruins, below the teleport waypoint.

Pirate's Diary: (This old diary seems to have seen a lot of use. It's full of traces of wear-and-tear.)
Pirate's Diary: "...A miner came here, and he looked awful. We let him stay here for a few days and he recovered decently..."
Pirate's Diary: "...It seems that his wife and his son are still on the island, but he rejected our offer to help him find them. Instead, he thanked us and just left. What a strange man..."
Pirate's Diary: "...Brother Takano has a high fever that won't abate. Many of us have been awakened by nightmares in the middle of the night. Everyone's on tenterhooks, and we're not feeling too great. Is it a seasonal thing?"

Pirate's Diary #3

This is found near the Pirate's Note on a rock, in the same ship ruins.

Pirate's Diary: (An aged sailing log, all torn and falling apart.)
Pirate's Diary: "Uncle Onitaka is going to send people to Sumeru... Every camp must help to raise money for the journey... "
Pirate's Diary: "...There was naval battle a few days in the eastern sea. It might be good opportunity to scavenge some loot..."
Pirate's Diary: "...I pray that Uncle Onitaka has a safe trip... Even though we, who have abandoned the Shogun, have no god to pray to any longer..."

Pirate's Diary #4

This is found on the west side of the big ship ruins on a rock.

Pirate's Diary: (This well-preserved diary bears the scent of the sea-breeze.)
Pirate's Diary: "...We tied up two spies from the Shogun's army and threw them into the sea. We should all stay sharp. This is no place of peace..."
Pirate's Diary: "...We should focus on robbing outlanders and their ships. Most outlanders who can enter Inazuma are rich and unwary..."
Pirate's Diary: "...They're far easier targets than Shogunate ships..."
Pirate's Diary: "If the war between the Shogunate and Sangonomiya continues, and we continue to plunder, perhaps the great age of piracy might soon be revived. We shall be like Domeki 500 years ago.

Pirate's Diary #5

Pirate's Diary: (This diary is soaked, but parts of its contents are still readable.)
Pirate's Diary: "...Gonrokurou also vowed not to return to the army. He will bring his wife and kids here once things get better..."
Pirate's Diary: "...It's real funny. Not long ago, we were still enemies fighting each other sword-to-sword — fighting for our precious lords and false ideals..."
Pirate's Diary: "...To no longer be bound by complex morality or by hierarchy and obligation. To breathe the free air for the first time, and to receive freedom's fruit in turn..."
Pirate's Diary: "...Brothers, let's unite. Even in the face of the Raiden Shogun's wave-sundering blade..."

Incomplete Notes

Incomplete Notes: (Most of the diary's pages have been torn out. It looks like the pirates didn't want them to fall into the hands of outsiders.)
Incomplete Notes: "...Uncle Onitaka set sail to send a woman away. According to her, the situation on the island is very bad indeed..."
Incomplete Notes: "...A ship was stranded in the thunderstorm last night. It was a Sangonomiya ship, and it was badly damaged..."
Incomplete Notes: "...It looks like the Shogunate won the naval battle last night. Well, when two fight each other, the third party wins..."
Incomplete Notes: "...There was a samurai on the broken boat. Tough as nails, too. We've lost a few brothers, and even Kai was... We'll get him for sure..."



Soundtrack Name Soundtrack No. Played In
Caress of the Spirit 50 Jinren Island; Nazuchi Beach; Fort Mumei
Stranded Wish 51 Nazuchi Beach; Fort Mumei



  • The ancient meaning of the name Nazuchi may be based on one of the many supposed etymologies of the Shinto deities Ashinazuchi (Japanese: あしづち Ashi-nadzuchi, "Foot-Caressing Spirit") and Tenazuchi (Japanese: づち Te-nadzuchi, "Hand-Caressing Spirit"); whose names are thought to symbolize them affectionately caressing their daughters' hands and feet.[1]
    • Ashinazuchi and Tenazuchi play a major role in the myth surrounding the legendary serpent Yamata no Orochi, which seems to have inspired the story of Orobashi.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Nazuchi Beach
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Japanese づち はま
Nadzuchi no Hama[3]
Caressing Spirit Beach[1]
Korean 나즈치 해안
Najeuchi Hae'an
Nazuchi Coast
Spanish Playa NazuchiNazuchi Beach
French Plage de NazuchiNazuchi Beach
Russian Побережье Надзути
Poberezh'ye Nadzuti
Nazuchi Coast
Thai Nazuchi Beach
Vietnamese Bờ NazuchiNazuchi Shore
German Nazuchi-StrandNazuchi Beach
Indonesian Nazuchi Beach
Portuguese Praia NazuchiNazuchi Beach

Change History

Released in Version 2.0