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The Raiden Shogun's judgment has descended, and the Fatuus Signora shall trouble the Seven Nations no longer.
Yet the memories of climbing the steps of Tenshukaku and engaging her in duel before the throne are still fresh in your mind.
Relive your memories of this duel, and you may learn something new.

Narukami Island: Tenshukaku is a Trounce Domain unlocked after completing Archon Quest Chapter II, Act III: Omnipresence Over Mortals. Players can relive the battle with Fatui Harbinger Signora and receive bountiful rewards.

Boss Description

Signora, the Eighth of the Fatui Harbingers.
Unlike other Fatui who use the authority granted by Delusions, her Delusion is meant to shackle a flame that will devour everything. As opposed to a weapon used to kill, it might be more fitting to consider this a tool of imprisonment.
And it was the embers of that flame, which had accumulated over many long years, that would break through the frosty seal of the Delusion and apply a warped rogue upon her.

The crimson dawn was reflected in her pupils, and at last, she unfolded her flaming wings and flew towards the light.
"But that light is not the dawn, dear Rosalyne. That is a sea of flame that will consume everything."
A voice spoke to her amidst the light.

Yet it mattered not, for she knew in her heart that the flames had devoured her long ago.


  • Trounce Domains contain unusually powerful opponents. After successfully completing the challenge, you can obtain abundant rewards.
  • Players can complete this domain as many times as they want, but can only collect rewards once per week by using 30 Original Resin to open the Ley Line Blossom for the first three Weekly Bosses, and 60 Original Resin subsequently. Rewards are refreshed with Weekly World Reset.

Ley Line Disorder

The following Ley Line Disorders are applied in this domain:

  • Depending on the combat phase you are in during the battle against Signora, the battlefield will enter a Sheer Cold or Blazing Heat state. While you are on the field, Sheer Cold or Blazing Heat will accumulate, and you will start to continuously lose HP once they hit their limit. The rate at which Sheer Cold or Blazing Heat accumulates will increase if you are hit by Signora's attacks of the corresponding type, or if you are standing on the corresponding Frosted Floor or Embered Earth.
  • Hearts of Flame and Eyes of Frost will appear during this battle. They can help decrease the Sheer Cold and Blazing Heat buildup for nearby characters. Destroying these objects will not only greatly decrease the corresponding temperature state, but it can also neutralize the effects of Frosted Floor or Embered Earth nearby.


Narukami Island: Tenshukaku offers the following exclusive Talent Level-Up Materials:

Item Ashen Heart.png DL II+ Ashen Heart

The boss also drops the following Artifact Sets.

Item Berserker's Rose.png3-4★ Set Berserker
Item Instructor's Brooch.png3-4★ Set Instructor
Item Exile's Flower.png3-4★ Set The Exile

In addition there is a chance to receive Dream Solvent Dream Solvents as well as Northlander Sword BilletNorthlander Bow BilletNorthlander Claymore BilletNorthlander Catalyst BilletNorthlander Polearm Billet Northlander Billets.
In order to enter the higher levels of the domain, you must have a certain Adventure Rank (AR).

Level AR Party
Adventure EXP Mora Companionship EXP Character
Artifacts Materials
3 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars Ascension Talent
I 35 60 300 7,100 60 Shivada Jade SliverAgnidus Agate Sliver
Shivada Jade FragmentAgnidus Agate Fragment
Shivada Jade ChunkAgnidus Agate Chunk
4–5 1–2 0–1 4–6
II 40 70 300 7,600 65 3–5 2–3 1–2 4–7 1
III 45 80 300 8,000 70 Previous Rewards +
Shivada Jade GemstoneAgnidus Agate Gemstone
4–5 2–3 1–2 5–7 1–2
IV 50 90 300 8,100 70 4–5 2–3 1–2 5–8 2–3

Artifact and material drop ranges are primarily sourced from the Genshin Data Gathering team

Abilities and Attacks

Names are unofficial (except Frozen Coccoon)

La Signora

At first, Signora will utilize Cryo-based attacks via her Delusion. During this phase, Sheer Cold will accumulate, once the gauge is full, the player will lose ~1% HP per second. Halfway through the battle, the rate of Sheer Cold accelerates. Hearts of Flame are placed around the edges of the arena to counter its effects.

All of her attacks will cause Frosted Floor: the floor will become patched with ice, dealing Cryo DMG per interval. Moreover, her attacks will also amplify the accumulation of Sheer Cold should the player gets hit by them.

  • Hailstorm: Rains down ice in a small area, to deal Cryo DMG.
  • Ice Shards: Summons a group of ice shards in a straight line, dealing Cryo DMG.
  • Ice Flower: Imbues three ice flowers which will explode after a short period of time.
  • Frozen Wheel: Hurls in a wheel of ice shards that travels in a circular arc, dealing rapid Cryo DMG. This is usually done as a follow up to her Ice Shards attack.
  • Snowfall Strike: Signora teleports to the player character's position, releasing a small AoE burst of Cryo upon impact. She may also perform this attack if the player lingers too close to her.
  • Glacial Missiles: Signora launches five icy spears that home in on the player character one after another. This attack can be difficult to avoid due to their strong homing property.
    • To dodge this attack, keep a certain distance from Signora and walk left and right repeatedly. Dashing or sprinting is not required nor advised.
  • Tsaritsa's Benevolence: Signora conjures six icy spears that surround the player character before converging on them, dealing Cryo damage.
  • The Frozen Void: Signora marks the player character with a spearhead ice before striking it towards the player. The frigid ice will then explode in a few seconds, dealing massive DMG.
  • Frozen Cocoon: La Signora will relocate at the center of the arena in order to encase herself inside a large icicle when her HP drops critically low. During this phase, Sheer Cold will accumulate much rapidly and she will attack the player with homing icicles, lock-on target ice shards, and ice flowers. This phase is similar to the Cryo Hypostasis's Glacial Shield.
    • Crimson Lotus Moths will spawn which can be picked up. This will imbue your attacks will Pyro, dealing bonus DMG against her cocoon.
    • Using Elemental Reactions especially Melt will also help destroy her cocoon.

Crimson Witch of Embers

Now assuming her erstwhile moniker, Signora utilizes Pyro-based attacks. During this, Blazing Heat will accumulate rapidly. Once the gauge is full, the current player character will lose ~1% HP per second. Eyes of Frost will be positioned at the edges of the arena to counter its effects.

All of her attacks will cause Embered Earth: the floor will become molten for a short period of time, dealing Pyro DMG per interval. Moreover, her attacks will also amplify the accumulation of Blazing Heat should the player gets hit by them.

  • Flaming Whip: Uses a fiery whip to lash out the Traveler, dealing Pyro DMG. This attack comes in four variations:
    • A simple whip attack for close-range attack.
    • A two-lash combo with her whip.
    • A single strike in front of her.
    • A long-ranged attack which will leave out 3 flaming marks on the floor. The lashed-out floor will unleash fiery explosions as well.
  • Fireball: Signora hurls a large rolling dark fireball against the Traveler. This is usually done as a follow up to either The Witch's Wrath or Hellfire Onslaught.
  • Warp: Teleports into a designated area to reposition herself.
  • The Witch's Wrath: Signora unfurls her wings and rains down waves of molten rocks, dealing AoE Pyro DMG.
  • Hellfire Onslaught: Signora will unleash her wings to summon a flock of small hellfire butterflies in front of her.
  • Hellfire Butterfly: Signora summons a Hellfire Butterfly that homes to the player character.
  • Searing Reckoning: Signora spins herself to transform into a blazing tornado that moves around the arena. The tornado will also unleash 4 mini-tornadoes around it. At the end of the duration, Signora will spread her wings at the middle of the arena to unleash an intense heat along with another 4 mini-tornadoes, greatly accumulating the Blazing Heat status. This attack is usually done when her HP is low.

Video Guide


Like Childe's fight, Signora is more resistant towards Cryo and Pyro attacks during her respective phases. Signora starts the fight off in her Harbinger state, utilizing Cryo attacks. Her attacks will generate Sheer Cold that can accumulate quickly if the player gets hit by her attacks. To counter Sheer Cold, there are four Hearts of Flame at the corners of the arena, which slowly remove these stacks. They may also be destroyed to instantly remove all accumulated stacks and prevent Frosted Floor from occurring near them.

Upon reaching 20% of her health, Signora will encase herself similarly to the Cryo Hypostasis. She will periodically attack the player with homing ice shards or bombarding the arena to generate Frosted Floor. Pyro reactions deal more damage to the icicle, but crimson butterflies will occasionally spawn around the area to imbue the player's next attack with a strong Pyro application, much like using Scarlet Quartz on Ancient Rime. After the icicle is destroyed, the Crimson Witch phase begins.

As with Childe's fight, a cutscene will occur and Signora will reposition herself in the middle of the arena, with the player placed away. She will not attack unless the player moves up or strikes her first. In this phase, she begins utilizing Pyro attacks. The phase is similar to the previous - Eyes of Frost will appear at the same locations as the Hearts of Flame and Sheer Cold is replaced with Blazing Heat. Signora's attacks become more damaging and cover a greater range compared to the previous phase.

Upon reaching 20% of her health, Signora will transform herself into a blazing tornado as she moves around the arena, unleashing smaller tornadoes all over the room. She cannot be attacked in this state and the player will need to wait for the attack to conclude before she can be harmed again. While Signora is using this attack, it is advisable to stand next to an Eye of Frost and bring it down to low health, and destroy it immediately after the attack ends to counter the powerful Blazing Heat application and remove all nearby Burnt Floor effects.

Battle Dialogue

(The battle begins)
Signora: Haha, you're trembling... Is it the cold, or just cowardice?
(Upon defeating Signora)
Signora: I never asked for redemption... never...

Unsorted Voice-Overs

Story Domains

The following Story Domains take place in the Narukami Island: Tenshukaku:


  • It was not until this boss fight that the historical figure Crimson Witch of Flames was revealed to be Signora.
    • After the transformation of second phase, she is titled "Crimson Witch of Embers" instead of "Crimson Witch of Flames," which suits her current persona.

Background Music

Phase 1

Sinus legēs ōre tū
Dare dīs dicā
Lātē ego quās astitī
Miser cadēs fītis

Docē fatue
Pavīs vincam
Vōtus pessimī pavīre
Pavīs vincam
Vōtus pessimī pavīre
Pavīs vincam
Vōtus pessimī pavīre
Pavīs vincam
Condīcam dīs
Salūs dīvī pia

English Translation
The one who takes the heart tells you.
Give up and dedicate yourself to God.
Give me generously,
End a miserable life.
Let know
to the "Fatui"
While rejoicing
In grace

Let "Fatui" know.
Let know.
Defeat and win.
Defeat evil with dedication.
To the "Fatui",
Defeat and win.
Defeat evil with dedication.
Defeat and win.
While rejoicing.
Defeat evil with dedication.
Outstanding person.
Defeat and win.
Dedicate yourself to God.
Dedicate yourself to the God who saved you.
Korean Translation
심장을 가져가는 자가 네게 말하네.
포기하고 신에게 헌신하라.
아낌없이 베풀어주고,
나의 비참한 삶을 끊어주네.


알려라, "우인단"에게.
물리쳐서 승리하라.
헌신하며 악을 물리쳐라.
물리쳐서 승리하라.
헌신하며 악을 물리쳐라.
물리쳐서 승리하라.
헌신하며 악을 물리쳐라.
뛰어난 자여.
물리쳐서 승리하라.
신에게 헌신하라.
구원한 신께 헌신하라.

Phase 2

Dīrī sitīs
Pessima sorte
Ventī parā
Līs mala sēdō
Ferus vetō
Vincam malus
Vetō nītor
Forte indūcēmur
Dīrōs ortō
ītis vincēs
Dolōs ōrō recīdō
Bonō vincō malus
Peccā dī malīs
Miser morte

aevī vītīs fortūnātus
Pārē ignīs fīniam favillīs
Cave refuga aeger vītās
Dētosta data itās
Mēns refuga dūrus
Vānīs pavīs
aliquis admonitus
Vānīs pavīs
ōse fāta
aliquis admonitus
ōse fāta ignis pavīs
Abyssī ignis dīva intellectus
Oculātō nāta hostis pavita ignis
Vetita pavīrī artem

Grātia dius
Petis parā
Dīs grātia parā

English Translation
Endure your fears,
To the evil fate.
Coming, so get ready
Fight the wicked and end it.
Resist ruthlessness,
Win, from the wicked.
Resist and fight.
Show courage.
Wicked one has appeared,
Defeat it.
Move on to victory.
Cut slick talk,
The brave defeat the wicked.
For the wicked who have broken God...
...give a terrible death!

A life that would've been forever happy,
Burning with fire and disappearing into ashes.
Everything's gone, a sad empty life.
I'm going to burn and give it up.
My heart disappears and becomes cold-hearted.
I'm committed.
Get rid of the emptiness.
I'm drying up.
At someone's suggestion.
I'm drying up.
I'm committed
Get rid of the emptiness.
Hate fate.
At someone's suggestion.
Hate fate and defeat it with this flame.
Burn the "Abyss", by God's will.
Defeat the enemy with this flame.
Hang in there, Defeat it, End it.

Hang in there,
For God.
Be prepared in pursuit.
Prepare for God.
Korean Translation
두려워도 견뎌내라,
사악한 운명에.
다가오니, 준비하라
사악한 자와 싸워서 끝내라.
무자비함에 저항하며,
승리하라 사악한 자에게서.
저항하라 분투하라.
용감함을 보이며.
사악한 자가 나타났으니,
승리로 나아가라.
교활한 말을 끊어내고,
용감한 자가 사악한 자를 무찌르네.
신을 어긴 사악한 자에게는...
...참혹한 죽음을!

영원히 행복했을 것 같던 삶은,
불에 타오르며 재로 사라지네.
모든게 사라져 공허해진 슬픈 삶을,
태워서 단념하고 나아가네.
마음은 사라져 냉혹해지고.
공허함을 없애고.

어떠한 자의 제안에 따라.
공허함을 없애고.
운명을 증오하네.
어떠한 자의 제안에 따라.
운명을 증오하며 이 화염으로 물리쳐라.
"심연"을 태워라 신의 뜻으로.
눈 앞에 나타난 적을 물리쳐라 이 화염으로.
버텨내라, 물리쳐라, 끝내라.

신을 위하여.
추구하며 준비하라.
신을 위하여 준비하라.

These are unofficial lyrics and translations sourced from the YouTube channel "Lost within".[1][2]


Change History

Released in Version 2.1
Version 2.2
  • Fixes an issue with whereby Signora may not be able to move normally while in "Blazing Heat" phase.

Version 2.1

  • Narukami Island: Tenshukaku was released.