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Nameless Ruins is a subarea in The Chasm: Underground Mines, Liyue

There are massive mounds of solid dark mud at the floor of the ruins (which do not act like actual Dark Mud), and at the roof of the cave is an upside-down ruin that contains a water pool.

There is a purple barrier around the Upside-Down City that can only be removed in The Grave of the Guarded, which is part of the Chapter II: Act IV - Requiem of the Echoing Depths Archon Quest.




Common Enemies

Elite Enemies

Local Specialties

Hidden Exploration Objectives

Points of Interest

Name Description Image
Ancient Bells Ancient devices used to disperse the fog around the Nameless Ruin's main structure, there is one to the northwest and another to the southeast of the main structure.
Upside-Down City A structure with architecture that somewhat resembles that of Khaenri'ah, containing a water pool that makes the people of Khaenri'ah feel more at peace. Upside-Down City.png


  • The statues around the inverted pool are the same as the ones in front of the Dainichi Mikoshi, whether they are tied by lore or simply reused assets is currently unknown.
  • The architecture of the buildings in the Nameless Ruins are almost identical to the ones found in Enkanomiya with identical geometric and triangular shapes, strips of gold, vertical sliding doors and pillar designs.

Video Guides

Unlock Waypoint in Nameless Ruins Guide

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
EnglishNameless Ruins
Wúmíng Yíjì
Nameless Ruins
Wúmíng Yíjī
Mumei Iseki[1]
Nameless Ruins
Korean무명의 유적
Mumyeong-ui Yujeok
Nameless Ruins
SpanishRuinas DesconocidasUnknown Ruins
FrenchRuines anonymesAnonymous Ruins
RussianБезымянные руины
Bezymyannyye ruiny
Nameless Ruins
ThaiNameless Ruins
VietnameseDi Tích Vô DanhNameless Ruin
GermanNamenlose RuineNameless Ruin
IndonesianNameless Ruins
PortugueseRuínas DesconhecidasUnknown Ruins

Change History

Released in Version 2.6


  1. Map, Label: Nameless Ruins (Japanese)