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The Nameless Island is an unmarked island northeast of Starfell Valley.

Reaching the island grants the Wonders of the World achievement "Seeds of Stories, Brought By the Wind..."

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Crab Crab

Reaching the Island

There are several different ways to reach the nameless island:

  • Use Cryo applications (Kaeya, Qiqi, etc.) on the water to freeze it and walk to the island. Long-lasting Cryo applications are best.[Note 1]
    • All players with Kaeya can reach the island. Kaeya's Elemental Skill, Frostgnaw, is noteworthy for its Cryo application on water lasting long enough for the skill to be used again before the frozen water melts, thus allowing players to walk over water indefinitely as long as Kaeya's skill is constantly used. This is colloquially known as "ice bridging."
    • To speed up the process, Anemo-aligned Traveler can use the hold version of Palm Vortex to trigger Elemental Absorption of the frozen water and extend the ice sheet. However, caution must be used as the Traveler's application of Cryo through Palm Vortex's Elemental Absorption does not last as long as Kaeya's application of Cryo through Frostgnaw, which means that the water will be frozen for a very short period of time. When the player reaches the end of the ice sheet created by Palm Vortex, Frostgnaw should be used again right away.
  • Glide off Starsnatch Cliff.
    • Aim for the nearest rock off the coast.
    • Total gliding duration is 90 seconds and consumes a total of 270 Stamina. You will consume more Stamina if you need to correct your flight path. You will consume less Stamina if you take advantage of at least one of a number of Stamina consumption reduction bonuses, which stack additively.[1]
    • A gliding passive reduces gliding Stamina consumption by 20%. This saves 54 Stamina over the entire trip. Characters with gliding passives include Amber and Venti (passives from more than one character will not stack).
    • The Anemo Elemental Resonance reduces Stamina consumption by 15%. This saves 40.5 Stamina over the entire trip.
    • Consuming Barbatos Ratatouille reduces gliding Stamina consumption by 15/20/25% for the next 15 minutes. This saves 40.5/54/67.5 Stamina over the entire trip.
    • If you run low on Stamina, replenish 40 - 100 stamina using a Stamina-restoring food item like Northern Smoked Chicken (CD: 300 sec). The delicious variant of Rice Pudding and Oncidium Tofu from Inazuma restores 100 stamina.
    • Gliding with Xiao allows you to cover distance in mid-air without using stamina by using Lemniscatic Wind Cycling. For best results, wait for all of his skill charges, then use them consecutively but with as much of a delay between them as you can without falling. This way, you will recharge some Stamina before you start gliding again. This saves about 100 Stamina over the entire trip with C0 Xiao (up to 2 consecutive skill uses); the exact amount depends on your timing.
    • At full (240) Max Stamina, you can reach the island using any single bonus above.
    • All players with Amber can reach the island via gliding, even if they have not yet upgraded any Statues of The Seven. New players who have only 100 Max Stamina must perfectly aim for the rock off the coast and use the following bonuses:
      • 20% gliding stamina reduction from a character such as Amber
      • 25% gliding stamina reduction from Delicious Barbatos Ratatouille (recipe obtainable from talking to Vind)
      • Replenish at least 50 Stamina during the flight when stamina is low with any non-Suspicious stamina-replenishing food (Northern Smoked Chicken food item is purchasable from Brook)[Note 2]
    • Certain character passives can also save Stamina, but the amount saved is negligible due to only applying for a fraction of the trip.[Note 3]


Change History

Released in Version 1.0


  1. The amount of time that an element lasts on any entity depends on the source of the element as well as any Elemental Reactions that are triggered, including Frozen. This follows Gauge Unit Theory.
  2. Replenishing only 50 Stamina by consuming a Normal quality dish leaves almost no room for error. To account for possible corrections to the flight path, it is best either to upgrade the Statues of the Seven for higher Max Stamina or to replenish more than 50 Stamina with either a Delicious quality dish (the recipe for Noodles with Mountain Delicacies is obtainable from Ms. Bai) or Chongyun's special dish. Alternatively, the player can instead wait until Kaeya is obtained from Crash Course and then use Frostgnaw to walk to the island from the beach.
  3. For example, Diona's Passive Talent Cat's Tail Secret Menu saves up to 3.6 Stamina if Icy Paws is used before takeoff such that the paws hit something other than air, even if they hit the ground. Barbara's Passive Talent Glorious Season saves up to 5.4 Stamina if Let the Show Begin♪ is used before takeoff. In fact, technically, Barbara can save up to 7.2 Stamina can be saved due to her Passive Talent Encore, but to save that much Stamina, you must set up a Portable Waypoint at your take-off location, then use Barbara's skill and subsequently gain 5 Elemental Orbs/Particles shortly afterward, such as from Xingqiu's Elemental Skill Guhua Sword: Fatal Rainscreen, then use the Portable Waypoint and take off immediately. You must also have good loading times, because game time will start to pass again before the loading screen finishes. Realistically, this will not happen fast enough to save most of the highly negligible 1.8 additional Stamina.