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Naganohara Fireworks is a location in Hanamizaka, Inazuma City, Inazuma that is owned by Yoimiya and her family, the Naganohara Family.

According to Takami, "they are the oldest and one of the best fireworks shops in all of Inazuma." They also run the Naganohara Fireworks Show, and Yoimiya even had The Crux ship fireworks overseas to spread the Naganohara Fireworks all over Teyvat.[1]



Naganohara Fireworks Bulletin Board: Fire Brigade Notification!
Naganohara Fireworks Bulletin Board: This is a fire hazard warning! Miss Yoimiya, please refrain from any further risky behavior!
Naganohara Fireworks Bulletin Board: Otherwise, we will have to report you to the Yashiro Commissioner again!

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  • The name "Naganohara Fireworks" may be inspired by the large fireworks show on top of Lake Suwa (Japanese: 諏訪湖 Suwa-ko) in Nagano Prefecture in Japan.

Change History

Released in Version 2.0



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