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Mystic Enhancement Ore is a Weapon Enhancement Material that gives 10,000 Weapon Experience. It is primarily obtained through Forging. It can also be obtained through other means such as the current Battle Pass, Chests, Random Events and Scheduled Events.

For reference, to reach the daily 300,000 Weapon Experience forging cap, it takes 30 Mystic Enhancement Ores (120 crystal chunks) or 150 Fine Enhancement Ores (450 white iron chunks) or 750 Enhancement Ores (1,500 iron chunks), or a combination of all three.


Two different recipes are available to forge Mystic Enhancement Ore.

Limited Recipe

The following recipe yields one Mystic Enhancement Ore and up to 5 stacks can be ordered per forge queue slot. It shares the daily 300,000 Weapon Experience forging cap with Enhancement Ore and Fine Enhancement Ore.

Icon Forging Small.png Forging

Unlimited Recipe

The following recipe yields six Mystic Enhancement Ores, 50 Adventure EXP, and 10 Companionship EXP. It is not included in the daily forging cap so this recipe can be used as long as the player has the required materials. Only one stack can be ordered per forge queue slot but the short forge time makes this irrelevant.

Icon Forging Small.png Forging

Battle Pass

Battle Passes also award a significant amount of Mystic Enhancement Ores by reaching certain levels. Players can get 96 ores from the free track (Sojourner's Battle Pass) and 288 ores from the paid track (Gnostic Chorus) for a total of 384.

Level Mystic Enhancement Ore Mystic Enhancement Ore Rewards
Icon Sojourner's Battle Pass.png Sojourner's
Battle Pass
Icon Gnostic Hymn.png Gnostic Hymn
Lv. 2 3 9
Lv. 5 3 9
Lv. 8 3 9
Lv. 12 5 15
Lv. 15 5 15
Lv. 18 5 15
Lv. 22 6 18
Lv. 25 6 18
Lv. 28 6 18
Lv. 32 8 24
Lv. 35 8 24
Lv. 38 8 24
Lv. 42 10 30
Lv. 45 10 30
Lv. 48 10 30
Totals 96 288

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.1
  • Unlimited Recipe was added.

Version 1.0

  • Mystic Enhancement Ore was released.
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