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Musk Reef is located off Cape Oath in Galesong Hill, Mondstadt. The main feature on the island is the portal to the Spiral Abyss.


This island can be travelled to via a time tunnel, the bluish-purple portal, found at Cape Oath. Arriving at the island via the Wormhole grants the achievement Initiating Warp Drive!.

While it is possible to fly to Musk Reef from Cape Oath, this requires a considerable amount of Stamina. Alternatively, a Cryo character can also be used to freeze the waters and cross over that way.

Pilos Peak

Before Barbatos became the Anemo Archon and reshaped the region of Mondstadt 2,600 years ago,[1] Musk Reef was part of the main continent and the summit of a great mountain. During this time, it was known as Pilos Peak. The adventurer Leonard attempted to reach the summit but failed, as recorded in his journal Of Mountains and Seas.[2]

Leonard died before being able to achieve his dream, and Mondstadt was terraformed when Barbatos used his wind to blow the snow and ice off the land. Pilos Peak was swept off its original location, while the snow and ice melted and formed the ocean. As a result, the tall mountain peak was transformed into the island of Musk Reef.[2]

Some 2,000 years later, during the Unreconciled Stars event, his constellation was summoned down as meteorites that sent those who touched it into a deep sleep. In their dreams, the victims were compelled to climb towards the summit, driven by the long-dead Leonard's dream. The meteorite core, which contained the greatest elemental energy as well as Leonard's will, fell on Musk Reef. After fighting off the Fatui that went to investigate it as well, the Traveler and Mona destroy the meteorite core and put an end to the dreams.[2]

Notable Features


Item Specialty Notes
Iron Chunk Iron Chunk
White Iron Chunk White Iron Chunk


Abyssal Domains

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  • Musk Reef and Musk Family share the same phonetic characters for "Musk" in Chinese (马斯克 Mǎsīkè), Japanese (マスク Masuku), and Korean (머스크 Meoseukeu). Since "Musk" is localized phonetically instead of using a translation of musk, it is likely that the "Musk" in Musk Reef is meant to be a proper noun.

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Released in Version 1.0