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Snippet from the manga prologue

Murata, also known as the God of War and the Lady of Fire,[1] is mentioned in the prologue chapter of the Manga. She is the current Pyro Archon and the member of The Seven who presides over Natlan.[2]

Vennessa and her tribe are considered the Children of Murata or the Muratans.



A pilgrimage for a wish; a battle to earn a name...
Burnt to cinders for a dream.
If the intention yet remains, achieved —'s truth he has.

Murata, in the description for Agnidus Agate Gemstone


Venti describes her as a "wayward, warmongering wretch"[3] and, in the manga, tells Vennessa that "Back in those days, warriors from every tribe would perform rites of combat and celebrate victories in her name. Come to think of it... She can be pretty obnoxious at times. Heheh~"[4]


Nothing is known about Murata's appearance besides the fact that she uses a female vessel. Based on Vennessa and Iansan's appearances, she — and perhaps all the people of Natlan — may have tanned skin and/or possibly red fiery hair.


Archon Quests

While describing the kites that represent The Seven in "Downtown", Zhongli says of Murata's: "war rages like a flame."


  • Her name may be a reference to the Honkai Impact 3rd character Murata Himeko, also developed by miHoYo.


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