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Murata, also known as the Lady of Fire, was or is the God of War and the Pyro Archon among The Seven who presides over Natlan.[1][2][Note 1]

There have been at least two Pyro Archons,[3] but Murata's position in the history of Pyro Archons is unclear and there is not enough information to determine whether she is the current Pyro Archon or not. By the time Venti awoke from his slumber 1,000 years ago, Murata's status was already uncertain, as the "children of Murata" — Vennessa and her tribe — had departed from Natlan long enough that they had no knowledge of their history, let alone Murata.[1]


Two people with red hair, their faces in shadow. The caption reads "The Children of Murata, the Lady of Fire, are a hardy people blessed with a head of fiery-red hair

Snippet from the manga prologue


Back in those days, warriors from every tribe would perform rites of combat and celebrate victories in her name. Come to think of it... She can be pretty obnoxious at times.

—Venti's explanation of Murata to Vennessa, Manga Prologue: Songs of the Wind

Little is known about Murata or her reign outside of Venti and Vennessa's brief conversation about her in the Manga. According to Venti, all of Murata's people have fiery-red hair and hardy bodies;[1] Vennessa could have easily broken through the metal shackles placed on her in Mondstadt, as Mondstadt's ores lacked the "divine flame" of her homeland.[4]

Murata was the Pyro Archon before Venti's disappearance from Mondstadt, and his remarks about her indicate that the two were familiar with each other. During the end days of the Mondstadt Aristocracy 1,000 years ago, Venti was awakened by the cries of those oppressed by the aristocracy and became acquainted with Vennessa, who was then an enslaved gladiator. He immediately identified her as a Muratan and told a confused Vennessa about the god. When questioned why her elders had not taught her this, Vennessa informed him that her tribe had spent generations wandering the plains; her ancestors prioritized passing down the art of combat and over time, her tribe lost touch with their past.[1]


Nothing is known about Murata's appearance besides the fact that she used a female vessel.


  • The English localization of the Manga Prologue: Songs of the Wind deviates from the original Chinese text by using "Murata" as a personal name. In the original text, the Lady of Fire is left unnamed while Murata is only used in the demonym Muratan (Chinese: 穆纳塔人 "Murata people"), and linguistic convention indicates "Murata" is more likely to be a location or nation name than a personal name.
  • The English version of More About Venti: III seems to indicate that the current Pyro Archon is Murata, but Venti says that his description of the Pyro Archon comes from poems of "days gone by," and the original Chinese version is ambiguous as to whether he is referring to the current Pyro Archon or not.


  • Murata's name may be a reference to the character Murata Himeko from Houkai Gakuen 2 and Honkai Impact 3rd, games also developed by HoYoverse, who shares a fire theme.
    • While "Murata" is used in every localization of the Manga, the original Chinese term instead reads "Munata" (Chinese: 穆纳塔 "Mùnàtǎ"). Notably, the latter two characters have since been used as Natlan's Chinese name.


  1. The Chinese version of the Manga's Prologue chapter calls her the God of Pyro (Chinese: 火之神 Huǒ zhī Shén, lit. "God of Fire") and the God of War (Chinese: 战争之神 Zhànzhēng zhī Shén), both of which are titles affiliated with Natlan's Archon in Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail.

Other Languages

LanguageOfficial Name
Japaneseムラタ[• 1]
SpanishMurata[• 2]
VietnameseMurata[• 3]
  1. Chinese and Japanese: Extrapolated from "Muratan" (Simplified Chinese: 穆纳塔人; Traditional Chinese: 穆納塔人; Japanese: ムラタ人). She is only directly addressed as the "God of Fire" (Chinese: 火之神; Japanese: 火の神).
  2. Spanish: Extrapolated from "Muratán." She is only directly addressed as the "Lady of Fire" (Spanish: Dama de Fuego).
  3. Vietnamese: Extrapolated from "Muratan." She is only directly addressed as the "God of Fire" (Vietnamese: Thần Lửa).


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