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The Mural Room (unofficial name) is a location in Dragonspine.

The room is located within a cave near the Entombed City - Ancient Palace, sealed behind a door. In order to open this door, the Hidden Exploration Objective "Dragonspine's Glacial Secret" must be completed.


The Mural Room is known for its namesake: two large murals which are related to the establishment and prosperity of the once-flourishing nation of Sal Vindagnyr. The Snow-Tombed Starsilver, a claymore once wielded by the hero Imunlaukr, can also be found stuck on the platform in the middle of the room.

Mural 1 can be divided into two halves:

  • The right half depicts a large green mountain (likely Vindagnyr, the ancient name for the mountain of Dragonspine) with a crowned figure standing to the right of it, pointing up towards the sky. Above the mountain is a floating island, likely Celestia, with the sun behind it and with clouds or wind surrounding it.
    • To the right of Celestia are words written in the Latin Language. Reading from top to bottom, right to left, it reads Audi tace sei voltis vos discite (roughly "Listen and be silent, if you wish to learn")
  • The left half depicts one large figure (the "angel") to the far left, with its hand outstretched and a shining symbol above its hand. Two smaller crowned figures stand to the right side, facing the angel with their arms outstretched, while three small, nondescript figures stand between the angel and the crowned figures, also facing the angel with their arms outstretched.
    • Between the left and right halves of the mural are the words Fidelis angeli iuvant ("The angels help the faithful"), again written in the Latin Language.

Mural 2 depicts three green mountains, with the centermost mountain being the tallest and largest, as well as two uncolored mountains to either side of the three. The mountains are surrounded by imagery of wind. A structure, possibly a castle, sits on top of the centermost mountain, while a circle with a smaller golden circle in the middle is depicted above the structure.

Change History

Released in Version 1.2