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Mt. Tianheng (Chinese: 天衡山 Tiānhéng Shān) is a subarea in Sea of Clouds, Liyue.


Morax raised Mt. Tianheng when he first descended upon Liyue, and there people congregated to mine ore from the mountains. These people then established Shanhui Fort (Chinese: 山辉砦). Guizhong and her people would eventually move to the plains north of Mt. Tianheng, allying with Morax[1] and Marchosius to create the Guili Assembly.[2] Guizhong and some adepti built the Guizhong Ballista to defend Tianheng Pass from external threats.

It is said that during the Archon War, a clash between Morax and another god nearly toppled Mt. Tianheng. The adeptus Skybracer sacrificed his antlers — bestowed on him by Morax's power and containing divine power — to prop up the mountain, making it even taller than before, then continued to fight until he died of blood loss and exhaustion.[3]

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Released in Version 1.0