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Mt. Hulao (Chinese: 琥牢山 Hǔláo Shān) is an area in Minlin, Liyue. The large pieces of amber found along the mountain are formed by flowers Mountain Shaper planted to keep out intruders. These plants, called karst crawlers, are mostly hidden underground and will produce amber to trap anything that steps on it.[1] Breaking the amber will reveal what was trapped inside— either treasure or enemies.

In front of the pond, there is a sealed cave. Interacting with the seal shows this dialogue:

Mysterious Barrier: (Jueyun Karst is where the adepti dwell, so perhaps this is the abode of one. But there seems to be no way to enter...)


Large Ambers

Locations of large ambers

This zone contains large pieces of amber much larger than Cor Lapis. Once you destroy it, there is a chance that something from this list will spawn:

There are exactly 10 large ambers that respawn every 12 hours.[3] You can get a maximum of 10 common chests total from this and they will count towards the chest-opening achievement Rock-Steady Treasure Hunter.



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