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Mt. Aocang (Chinese: 奥藏山 Àocáng-shān) is a subarea in Minlin, Liyue. It is the home of the Adeptus Cloud Retainer.

Cloud Retainer's Abode

In front of the lake, there is a set of stairs leading up to a sealed cave. The mysterious barrier reads:
(Jueyun Karst is where the adepti dwell, so perhaps this is the abode of one. But there seems to be no way to enter...)
This barrier is removed during Custodian of Clouds, allowing you to enter Cloud Retainer's Abode.

In the middle of the lake, a stone table is set up with seats for Cloud Retainer, Guizhong, and Rex Lapis.

Observe the Stone Chair: (There are three stone chairs around the stone table, and each one has a line of text engraved on it...)
Observe the Stone Chair: (There is a wine jar in front of the chair on the south-west side. Engraved on this chair is: "Here sits Retainer.")
Observe the Stone Chair: (There is a bowl and a pair of chopsticks in front of the chair on the north side. Engraved on this chair is: "Here sits Guizhong.")
Observe the Stone Chair: (There is nothing on the table in front of the chair on the south-east side. Engraved on the chair is: "Here sits Rex.")

Notable Features


On the northwest side of Mt. Aocang, two Eyes of the Storm can be found.


Item Specialty Notes
Qingxin Qingxin
White Iron Chunk White Iron Chunk

Ruins Treasure

Near the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern domain is a Ruins Treasure. From a distance, you can see a pillar of light above it. This ruins treasure is related to the one in Guyun Stone Forest, and tells the story of the disciple who received a Vision.

  • The ruins treasure puzzle has a set order of completion. If you attempt to activate a monument out of order, the description reads:
To the one who views this monument: Seek ye first the monuments in the mountain, and only then return to the one erected here.
Any who earnestly seeks to resolve my perplexion should seek first the monuments in the mountain, and view them in order.

First Ruins Treasure

My fellow disciple and I trained in the martial arts from childhood. Our quest was to fight the forces of evil and protect all that is sacred in this world. But this was no easy task without the aid of a Vision.
We two sought refuge here to train ourselves further and to seek the Visions that we desired. We erected this monument in testament to our endeavors.

Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Touch the monument.
  • Use Elemental Sight to see glowing blue trails. Follow them to the next ruins treasure.
  • Note: You must defeat all the Anemo Slimes that spawn at the glowing blue trails.
  • The reward is an Exquisite chest.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Leave for Now.

Second Ruins Treasure

Visions... They truly hail from a realm beyond. People say that they are a gift from the divine, but none can say who will receive one and why.
Ancient texts hold that the divine looks down with compassion on the mortal realm, and bestows Visions upon the worthy to help them fight against evil and protect the world. But I... I no longer burn with a desire to banish monsters. I just want to communicate with them. To understand them.
This Vision... It is of no use to me.

Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Touch the monument.
  • Reach the target location within 60 second(s).
  • A path of stone platforms and wind tunnels will spawn. One platform has a clover pinwheel requiring an Anemo character to activate a wind current. Alternatively, you can also glide to the left and scale the cliff. The reward is an Exquisite chest.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Leave for Now.

Third Ruins Treasure

I was fortunate enough to receive my Vision. But still, there was doubt in my mind: Is it truly within the power of mere mortals to one day cleanse the world of the monsters that have long plagued it? And how different from mankind are these monsters to begin with, save in outward appearance? Is it not so that just like us, they, too, speak; they, too, build; and they, too, feel love and hate, joy and grief...
I hereby inscribe my mind's greatest perplexion onto this monument. O, reader in the far-flung future, will you be the one to resolve this riddle?

Are monsters truly evil by nature?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Yes
Are mortals and adepti truly good by nature?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Yes
We who would protect our way of life, are we but making blind judgements on good and evil based on what our small minds can conceive?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg No
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Yes

Your answers to the above will affect whether you must fight for the Exquisite Chest or not.

Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Result
Yes Yes Yes No Fight
No Yes
No Fight
No Yes Yes No Fight
No Fight
No Yes

(Interact with the Ruins Treasure again, No Fight)
Future reader, I know not whether you bear the answers to my questions.
Anyone who reads these words must surely be of the same nature as I.
If it is of interest to you, I have buried what few treasures I own by the pool. Retrieve them with my blessing.
But please never forget these questions three. I pray that there will come a day when you are equipped to answer them.

(A fourth Ruins Treasure spawns in the middle of the lake)

These preceding questions three, I approached my fellow disciple and asked them of he. But he chastised me, accusing me of abandoning my duty, and marched off furiously. May the true answers to these three questions bring peace to the world. In my time, I have sought the wisdom of ancient texts from all corners of the world, I have hidden myself here in quiet meditation, and I have studied the language of monsters; all this I have done in the hope of understanding their true nature. I erect this monument to be my witness when the one comes who can resolve these questions once and for all.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Touch the monument
  • The reward is an Exquisite Chest.

(Interact with the Ruins Treasure again, Fight)

(Traveler): Monsters wreak havoc all across this world, and we who seek to protect it would do well to remember: Monsters deserve nothing more than the merciless slaughter they will get!
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Touch the monument
  • Defeat all enemies within 90 second(s)
    • Defeat the Stonehide Lawachurl to receive an Exquisite Chest.

Other Interactables

A stone tablet can be found on the mountain above the stairs leading to Cloud Retainer's abode, near a Windmill Mechanism.

Read: "Tranquility of mind and purity of heart — the Free Adeptus, The Unfettered — performs no action and sets no rule. Their presence is beyond mere mortals."

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Mt. Aocang
Deep-Hiding Mountain[• 1]
Japanese 奥蔵山
Sino-Japanese reading of Chinese name
Korean 오장산
Sino-Korean reading of Chinese name
Spanish Montaña AozangAozang Mountain
French Mont AozangMt. Aozang
Russian Гора Аоцан
Gora Aotsan
Mt. Aocang
Thai Mt. Aocang
Vietnamese Âu Tàng Sơn[• 2]
German Aocang-BergAocang Mountain
Indonesian Mt. Aocang
Portuguese Montanha AozangAozang Mountain
  1. ZH: Refers to the deeply hidden wonders of the mountain.[1]
  2. VI: From Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese name. 奧 áo has been replaced by âu.

Change History

Released in Version 1.0
Version 1.5
  • Mt. Aozang was respelled to Mt. Aocang.

Version 1.2

  • January 14, 2021 - Fixes an issue with the Story Quest "Afterword" whereby the quest may not trigger or progress as expected.

Version 1.0

  • Mt. Aozang was released.


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  2. Japanese voiceline in The Illuminated Beast of the Sea of Clouds.