Ms. Bai (Chinese: 小白 Xiǎo Bái) is an NPC located in Qingce Village. She sells Cooking Ingredients, Food Recipes and Local Specialties in exchange for Mora. Her shop restocks every 3 days.

Following a certain dialogue branch for the first time gives you Tofu Tofu ×8.


Item Item Mora.png Stock
Recipe Recipe: Noodles with Mountain Delicacies 2,500 1
Recipe Recipe: Qingce Stir Fry 5,000 1
Recipe Recipe: Jueyun Guoba 5,000 1
Tofu Tofu 120 10
Almond Almond 150 10
Silk Flower Silk Flower 1,000 5
Glaze Lily Glaze Lily 50,000 3


Quests and Events


Idle Quotes


Ms. Bai: Hello, how do you do? We don't often see young people like you.
Icon Dialogue Shop.svg What do you sell here?
Ms. Bai: Would you like some tofu? I can guarantee that ours will surely satisfy you!
(Opens Shop menu)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Hello.
Ms. Bai: Just call me Ms. Bai. This is my mill... Or more accurately, this is the mill that I oversee.
Ms. Bai: Not bad at all, wouldn't you say?
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg What's with the mill?
Ms. Bai: What's with it? This was left to me by my father. When I returned, I renovated it wholesale, and now maintain it every day.
Ms. Bai: Maybe my father also once lived this kind of peaceful life... Every time I hear the sound of the water wheel, it reminds me of many things in my childhood.
Icon Dialogue Reward.svg It's not bad.
Ms. Bai: Thanks, it's always nice to get positive feedback. This is more than just a mill— the tofu we make here is the best in all of Liyue!
Ms. Bai: I know that sounds like bragging, but it's the truth. Many restaurants in Liyue Harbor order from us, and so does the Wangshu Inn!
Ms. Bai: Of course, I could talk all day but nothing beats trying it for yourself. Here, have some on the house. If you like it, maybe you can consider buying some more in the future.
(Gain Tofu ×8)
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg Young people, you say?
Ms. Bai: Yes. Most of the young folks have gone out to seek work, and they don't return. We don't get many young foreign visitors either.
Ms. Bai: Such is the allure of city life, I suppose.
Icon Dialogue Talk.svg See you.
Ms. Bai: Goodbye, and stay safe!

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Released in Version 1.0
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