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The Mouun Shrine (Japanese: 曚雲神社 Mou'un Jinja, "Dark Cloud Shrine") is a subarea in Watatsumi Island, Inazuma.





Common Enemies

Elite Enemies

Local Specialties


Lightning Strike Probe

One of the puzzles involve three Lightning Strike Probes.

  1. Interact with the nearby Mysterious Pillar to start the puzzle.
  2. After activating the Mysterious Pillar, there will be three Electro Seelie: one of them is stationary above the Mysterious Pillar, and the other two are moving between the three lightning strike probes.
  3. You only need to manually orient one of the probes; the two Electro Seelies will orient the other two as they move around.
  4. After all three Lightning Strike Probes are oriented, follow the Electro Seelie above the Mysterious Pillar to its destination, where a chest will spawn.


(Interact with Mysterious Pillar)
Paimon: Another Electro Seelie! Looks like the Watatsumi statue can control when it appears...
(Solve the Lightning Strike Probe puzzle)
Paimon: The Electro Seelie seems satisfied. How weird...
(Follow the Electro Seelie)
Paimon: Paimon wonders if these Electro Seelie are here to protect or watch this place.


  • This shrine may be named after a historical shrine maiden of Watatsumi Island, Mouun.[1]
  • The shrine may be inspired by the Naminoue Shrine (Nanmin in Okinawan), a holy site worshiped by the kings of Okinawa (southwestern island in Japan which has a distinctive culture) both as the most sacred Shinto shrine of the Ryukyu Islands (southwestern islands) and as a sacred place to pray to Nirai Kanai, the realm of sea gods in the indigenous religion.
    • Just like the in-game shrine, the Naminoue Shrine stands on the top of a high cliff so that one can view the ocean from the shrine.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Mouun Shrine
Méngyún Shénshè
Chinese reading of Japanese name
Méngyún Shénshè
Japanese 曚雲神社
Mou'un Jinja[!]
Dark Cloud Shrine
Korean 모운 신사
Mo'un Sinsa
Mouun Shrine
Spanish Santuario MouunMouun Sanctuary
French Sanctuaire de MouunMouun Sanctuary
Russian Святилище Моун
Svyatilishche Moun
Mouun Shrine
Thai Mouun Shrine
Vietnamese Đền MouunMouun Shrine
German Mouun-SchreinMouun Shrine
Indonesian Mouun Shrine
Portuguese Santuário KurakumoKurakumo Sanctuary[• 1]
  1. PT: This localization interprets the Japanese name using the kun'yomi readings of the characters instead of the on'yomi readings.

Change History

Released in Version 2.1