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Safe Blasting Mechanisms 2156, aka Mountainators, are cannons in The Chasm that can be operated by the player to fire projectiles that deal AoE Geo DMG and clear certain obstacles, similar to Kamuijima Cannon in Inazuma.


The DMG dealt by Mountainator Projectiles is calculated as . This DMG is considered True DMG and is unaffected by DEF, RES, or DMG Reduction. Element Level Multipliers for each level can be found in Level Scaling/Reaction#Level Multiplier.

Level Damage
1 429
5 566
10 853
15 1343
20 2014
25 2710
30 3407
35 4227
40 5184
45 6401
50 8090
55 9965
60 12262
65 15197
70 18004
75 20773
80 23659
85 26665
90 30070
95 35293
100 41870



The Safe Blasting Mechanism 2156 cannons were developed by the Engineering Department for use in The Chasm and were nicknamed "Mountainators" by the miners. When the Chasm was sealed, the fuses and cannonballs in the underground mines were locked up into storage rooms and the keys were purposely hidden in non-obvious places, and then the entrance to the lower levels were blocked off with stone.

Originally the Chasm Exploration Team planned to use a certain demolitions expert from Mondstadt to re-open the lower levels, but, since she got grounded, the Chasm team and the Traveler instead had to use a Mountainator to clear the path.[1][2]


Other Languages

LanguageOfficial NameLiteral Meaning
"Rock Blasting Cannon"
"Mount Open Cannon"
FrenchDémontagnateurUnmountainator[• 1]
RussianТьма разложения
T'ma razlozheniya
VietnamesePháo Phá Núi
German„Bergsprenger“"Mountain Blaster"
PortugueseCanhão Demole-Montanhas
  1. French: This is a portmanteau of the prefix dé-, the word montagne (mountain) and the suffix -teur (-tor.) Dé- is a prefix indicating the undoing or reversing of the word it is associated with, equivalent to the English prefixes un- or de-. Here, it means the device is "undoing the mountain."

Change History

Released in Version 2.6


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