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A mansion that was set up somewhere outside the Sea of Fog. No one knows who built this place, but it seems clear that it is now nothing but a den of ravenous wolves.

Moshiri Kara is a One-Time Domain in Inazuma. It contains one level, Tutelage: Nest-Bed of Ambition.

Unlocking the Domain

  • Find and complete three time challenges scattered on the smaller islands surrounding the domain:
  • After completing the challenges, the Elemental Monuments on the main island will unlock. Activate all three with Electro to unlock the domain and gain a Precious Chest.
  • Unlocking the domain grants the Wonders of the World achievement, Moshiri Kara.

Video Guides

Unlock Guide


Defeat 22 Enemies

First Time Completion Rewards

Item Mora.png 30,000 Mora


  • According to Ainu mythology, Mosir-kar-kamuy (Ainu: モシㇼカㇻカムィ) was a kamuy (god). He is attributed to the creation of landmass, molding it to form mountains, islands and rivers. The following may also be references to the mythology:
    • The ruined arch at the left-side of the Domain entrance may be a reference to the mattock left by Mosir-kar-kamuy before departing to Kamuy-kando (Gods Realm) with the rest of the Ainu kamuy.
    • This may also imply that the Domain sits atop of a sunken Mount Optateshke, the final creation of Mosir-kar-kamuy left to be inhabited by the Ainu people. Which would explain why the Domain was left abandoned, as Mosir-kar-kamuy's work was considered finished.
    • It is unknown if Mosir-kar-kamuy has any relation with Kapatcir, seeing as both forms are in the shape of birds.

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Moshiri Kara
Japanese モシリの殻
Korean 모시리의 껍데기
Spanish Refugio MoshiriMoshiri Refuge
French Moshiri Kara
Russian Мосири Кара
Thai Moshiri Kara
Vietnamese Moshiri Kara
German Moshiri-Schale
Indonesian Moshiri Kara
Portuguese Casca de Moshiri

Change History

Released in Version 2.2