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Moshiri Ceremonial Site (Japanese: モシリ祭場 Moshiri Saijou) is a subarea of Tsurumi Island.


  • The name may be derived from the Ainu モシㇼ mosir, meaning "world" or "land".
    • The word mosir is used in terms such as ainu-mosir (Ainu: アイヌモシㇼ "the quiet earth where humans dwell") and kamuy-mosir (Ainu: カムィモシㇼ "the land where the gods reside").

Other Languages

Language Official Name Literal Meaning
English Moshiri Ceremonial Site
Màozhī Jìchǎng
Flourishing Knowledge Sacrificial Site[• 1]
Màozhī Jìchǎng
Japanese モシリ祭場
Moshiri Saijou[!]
Moshiri Sacrificial Site[• 2]
Korean 모로시 제장
Morosi Jejang
Moroshi Sacrificial Site[• 3]
Spanish Lugar Ceremonial Moshiri Moshiri Ceremonial Site
French Site cérémoniel de Moshiri Moshiri Ceremonial Site
Russian Алтарь Мосири
Altar' Mosiri
Moshiri Altar
Thai Moshiri Ceremonial Site
Vietnamese Tế Đàn Moshiri Moshiri Altar
German Moshiri-Feststätte Moshiri Celebration Site
Indonesian Moshiri Ceremonial Site
Portuguese Local Cerimonial Moshiri Moshiri Ceremonial Site
  1. ZH: Based on Japanese words that would yield the same pronunciation as the Ainu-based Japanese name. Its meaning is unrelated to the original name in Ainu.
  2. JA: "Moshiri" may derive from Ainu モシㇼ mosir, "land."
  3. KO: It is uncertain where "Moroshi" derives from.

Change History

Released in Version 2.2